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Chapter 93.1

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Li Qingzhou met with Liu Xiahui first.

This was their first meeting since the New Year.

And the moment Liu Xiahui sat down, he went straight to the point—he wanted Sheng Qi Entertainment Company and the Li Group Corporation to collaborate, and to secure Zhou Ye as the spokesperson for the artificial intelligence robot.

Not an advertising contract, but an endorsement.

Li Qingzhou wasn’t sitting in a wheelchair this time and was instead wearing an intelligent exoskeleton support that was helping him as he sat across from Liu Xiahui.

Liu Xiahui’s eyes lingered on the exoskeleton support device.

He had been surprised when he had entered the office earlier to see Li Qingzhou standing up and walking.

Then after noticing the details, he understood.

Exoskeleton support devices were available on the market, and they were expensive from the outset.

What’s more he had seen a few—they were rather large and cumbersome,

And when worn on the body, were very noticeable. Moreover they needed to be charged every night in order to be able to support usage during the day.

However the one on Li Qingzhou was remarkably lightweight.

–Its dark black mechanical body was extremely flexible, with metal mechanics fitted snugly along the sides of the legs, and every part was streamlined just right, without any excess which would have otherwise made the device look cumbersome or heavy.

He looked at it for a while then shifted his gaze as he asked, “How is President Li considering it?”

Li Qingzhou: “While Zhou Ye’s commercial value is decent, it’s still a notch below Ji Feng’s. I’m sure President Liu understands this too.”

“Moreover Ji Feng is currently filming Director Li’s movie.”

“And once this movie is released, his commercial value might even double.”

All in all, after considering all aspects, he naturally still preferred Ji Feng.

Liu Xiahui: “But Ji Feng can’t bring about a collaboration between the Li Group Corporation and Sheng Qi Entertainment. President Li, Sheng Qi Entertainment can make some concessions.”

In Liu Xiahui’s eyes, Zhou Ye wasn’t important. Him coming here was because he valued the endorsement of the artificial intelligence robots.

However the future impact of this endorsement wasn’t certain, hence Zhou Ye was the right choice for being the spokesperson.

As if he went any higher, would mean adding more weight.

Li Qingzhou: “Sheng Qi isn’t the only entertainment company in Yanjing.”

The Ge family also owned an entertainment company.

And given his relationship with Ge Yue, if the Li Group Corporation wanted to collaborate with an entertainment company, the Ge family would undoubtedly be the first choice.

However the overall caliber of the artists under Xingyue Entertainment indeed couldn’t compare to those of the ones under Sheng Qi Entertainment Company.

Then without waiting for Liu Xiahui to open his mouth, Li Qingzhou said, “I need to think about this a bit more and so can’t give President Liu an answer right now.”

And Liu Xiahui, seemingly not wanting to finalize the deal today nodded, stood up, then turned to leave.

However before he did so, he said, “I hope Li Qingzhou will make a wise choice.”

Li Qingzhou lifted a brow but didn’t say anything.

Later, he met with Ji Feng and his agent.

They were very concerned about the filming of the advertisement as well as the endorsement, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked for leave to come back.

Hence they, Ji Feng’s studio, were willing to lower some of the conditions for the filming, for example, the price.

However Li Qingzhou didn’t give them an immediate response, only saying, “The president of Sheng Qi Entertainment also wants to secure the endorsement for the artificial intelligence robot.”

“And as you know, I have collaboration projects with the Liu Group, like the manufacturing of cars, so it’s difficult to refuse…”

He continued under Ji Feng and his agent’s anxious expressions: “But I also haven’t agreed immediately.”

Hearing this, the agent wiped the sweat that had beaded from his forehead and said, “President Li, Ji Feng came back risking offending Director Li just to film the advertisement for the Li Group Corporation.”

“Actually, it’s our fault for not deciding earlier. We should have originally had the best of both worlds, but now things have turned out like this…”

The agent sighed in his heart. He hadn’t expected that there would be this kind of stumbling block in front of Ji Feng.

They could only blame things on the fact that the Li Group Corporation’s filming of the advertisement couldn’t wait, and they had indeed also been a step late.

The agent continued, “But the Li Group Corporation was considering Ji Feng for the filming of the advertisement from the start, so we hope President Li will give us another chance.”

“After all, our previous collaboration was pleasant, and we believe this time won’t be any different.”


“It’s really so very difficult, I don’t know who to choose.”

Inside the villa, Li Qingzhou was lying on Liu Bohuai as he watched TV while enjoying his lover’s service of fruit feeding.

En, he just loved eating peeled fruit.

“Or I should just choose to collaborate with Sheng Qi Entertainment.” Li Qingzhou said.

[No matter what, Liu Xiahui is also Ah Huai’s nephew, and as an elder, I have to give my great nephew a bit of face and some benefit. Ha ha ha, when the time comes I’ll let my great nephew call me Uncle.]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his mouth, a mischievous smile on his face.

“Ah Huai, what do you think?”

After Li Qingzhou told Liu Bohuai about what was going on, he lifted his head while in his arms to ask.

And leaning down, Liu Bohuai kissed his fruit-flavored lips, “It’s your decision to make. There’s no need to specifically choose to work with Sheng Qi just because Xiahui is my nephew.”

“Choose whoever brings greater benefits to the Li Group Corporation for the filming of the advertisement.”

[Heh heh, Ah Huai is so nice, kiss.]

—The little guy in the bubble pouted his lips.

Then after he finished kissing him, said, “En, I understand.”

In the end, Li Qingzhou chose Ji Feng for the filming of the advertisement.

However the decision on who would endorse the artificial intelligence robots depended on the outcome of this filming.

If it turned out well, the endorsement would still fall to Ji Feng.

Ji Feng and his agent were extremely grateful to Li Qingzhou,

That they booked a private room at Jin Xuan Court Hotel to treat him to a meal.

And taking Fang Xiyan with him to the lunch, they returned to the company in the afternoon to sign the contract for the filming of the advertisement after they were done.

And having skipped dinner because of his busy afternoon, Li Qingzhou started to feel hungry.

However Li Hanyu called him just before he was about to get off work to tell him that she and their uncle, Zhuang Wenwei had picked their little brother up from school and that they were on their way to the Zhuang Residence.

Then she reminded him to go back home early to rest and added that they would be spending the night at the Zhuang Residence.

And after chatting with his sister for a while, Li Qingzhou hung up.

He was supposed to be going home with Liu Bohuai,

However just soon after, Liu Bohuai sent a message to tell him that a last-minute meeting had popped up, and that he would be a little late.

And as the office hours had ended, the employees began to leave one after the other.

Li Qingzhou rubbed his stomach as he handled some documents. He was a bit hungry.

Fang Xiyan had stayed back to work overtime, and so was around.

And getting a message from Li Qingzhou, he knocked then asked, “President Li, do you need anything?”

Li Qingzhou: “I remember there’s a snack street not far from our company building, right?”

Fang Xiyan nodded. There was indeed such a street nearby.

Every evening, delicious aromas would waft from that street, attracting many people.

And some of the employees who worked late would often go and buy some of the snacks from that place to eat as late night snacks, making it a popular joint.

Li Qingzhou: “Go and buy some snacks from that place, take a few more people with you.”

“And ask the staff who are still working overtime whether they want something and what they want. I’ll treat them.”

Anyways Ah Huai would be in a meeting for a while longer, so if he finished eating hurriedly, Ah Huai would not know.

He was really clever.

Fang Xiyan responded, “Okay, President Li, please wait for a while.”

Then after saying this, he turned to leave.

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