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Chapter 38.1

The next morning, sunlight streamed into the room.

Li Qingzhou opened his eyes slowly and his consciousness gradually becoming clear as well as his gaze focusing, he looked around somewhat puzzled.

This…… didn’t seem to be his room, but rather a hotel?

As Li Qingzhou looked around the room, he turned his head and saw the man sleeping next to him, Liu Bohuai.

Third Master?

Surprised, Li Qingzhou’s eyes couldn’t help but widen in shock.

How had they ended up sleeping together?

Looking at Liu Bohuai, he was unable to react for a moment.

Then, his face turned red.

–Due to the fact that he couldn’t move his legs, he always slept in a structured manner, and this time was no exception. He fell asleep on his back and naturally woke up in that same manner.

However Liu Bohuai was lying on his side facing him, the blanket covering him down to his waist, leaving his upper body’s fit physique on full display.

Seeing it up close, it indeed made one somewhat shy and embarrassed.

That’s right, last night…

Li Qingzhou turned his head back and couldn’t help but recall what had happened after the party last night.

He’d had too much to drink and Liu Bohuai had pushed him up the stairs to rest, and he had been carried to bed and then undressed…


Li Qingzhou quickly and quietly pulled back the blankets to take a look.

Fortunately, fortunately, he wasn’t completely naked.

He was wearing a hotel-provided robe, neat and comfortable, showing how good he had been taken care of after getting drunk.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but look at Liu Bohuai again, but unexpectedly met a pair of sober eyes.

“….Third Master, you’re awake.”

“Mm, good morning.” Liu Bohuai said hoarsely.

“Good morning.” Li Qingzhou replied calmly on the surface.

[Wow, his voice is really sexy, and he’s also… I’m a little shy when he looks at me like that.]

–The little guy in the bubble appeared to have just woken up, with his hair disheveled, his face red and rosy, wearing pajamas and sitting in bed, looking shy as he twisted his little fingers.

Since he was already awake, then it would be a bit awkward to continue lying in bed.

Leaning on his arm, Li Qingzhou tried to sit up.

Liu Bohuai got up first this time then helped him up. His strong arms wrapping around his waist, he picked him up easily then leaned him against the head of the bed.

After the warmth of Liu Bohuai’s body left slightly, Li Qingzhou’s slow breathing slowed down until it became normal.

He whispered, “Thank you, Third Master. I’ve troubled you.”

“There’s no need to be so formal.”

“It has to be said. Thank you for your care last night, Third Master.”

Then Li Qingzhou suddenly remembered something and turned his head to look for his phone, saying, “Right, I didn’t go home last night, at home…”

“Don’t worry, I already had Fang Xiyan notify your little sister and little brother last night that you were resting at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel, and your phone is here.”

Liu Bohuai got up and handed Li Qingzhou the phone on the cabinet.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Li Qingzhou took the phone and looked at it and sure enough, Hanyu had sent a message telling him to rest well.

He immediately replied, saying he would go home as soon as possible today.

Liu Bohuai was sitting on the bed putting on his clothes while he sent the message.

The sound of clothes rubbing against each other made Li Qingzhou lift his head and look over, then he couldn’t help but sigh—

[The muscle lines on President Liu’s back are so beautiful. I just saw a flash and didn’t have time to appreciate them carefully…]

Liu Bohuai’s hand, which was fastening a button, paused.

[Ey, where are my clothes?]

Liu Bohuai turned and said, “Are you hungry? Do you want to have breakfast first?”

“The suits we wore yesterday are already wrinkled, so while we’re at it, we can have someone bring us another set.”

As he spoke, he stood up directly from the bedside.

His shirt, which wasn’t fully buttoned, was open, revealing the enviable chest muscles and collarbone inside…

Casually sexy, seductive.

Dressing up really made one look thin, but undressing revealed some meat.

[Wow– who can withstand this?]

–The little guy in the bubble covered his face with his hands, but secretly spread his fingers and peeked through the gaps…

However Li Qingzhou’s face remained serious and composed.

Liu Bohuai turned and redialed the hotel’s customer service to order breakfast, but there was a hint of laughter in his deep eyes that he couldn’t hide.

However, when he turned back, his expression had returned to normal without a trace.

He opened his mouth, “Breakfast will be delivered in a moment, I’ll carry you down first to wash up.”

Then without giving Li Qingzhou a chance to react or refuse, Liu Bohuai picked him up from the bed in a natural manner and placed him in the wheelchair, all in one smooth motion.

By the time Li Qingzhou came to, he had already been pushed into the bathroom.

Then Liu Bohuai left thoughtfully.

Li Qingzhou: … He is too considerate of others, I can’t refuse at all, woo, I’m moved.jpg.

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