My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 58.2

Liu Bohuai asked naturally as he served Li Qingzhou some food, “How’s the production progress of the mini-game?”

Li Qingzhou, “It’s going very smoothly.”

[Xingwei, acting as an artist, has been a great help.]

Liu Bohuai: “I heard that this Mr. Zhou was introduced to you by Ge Yue, how is he?”

Li Qingzhou: “Very good.”

[Simply wonderful, he knows what I want.]

The little guy in the bubble followed this with a big thumbs up, a very approving look on his face.

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was picking a dish paused, the buddhist beads on his wrist slipping slightly. Then he said without the expression on his face changing, “He seems rather young, has he just graduated from university?”


“Good looking, very talented, and seems to have a good personality too. Does he have a girlfriend?”

Li Qingzhou, who was right in the middle of stuffing his mouth with food, his cheek bulging as he chewed, paused at his words. He looked at Liu Bohuai, “A girlfriend? Zhou Xingwei doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

[But Ge Yue told me in private that Zhou Xingwei….. likes men.]

The little guy in the bubble rubbed his chin, nodding his head in confirmation.

Why is Third Master asking this question? Could it be…. He’s taken a liking to this little milk dog?

Liu Bohuai suddenly felt that the food in his mouth didn’t taste good.


After Zhou Xingwei, Zou Ming, and Fang Xiyan finished their lunch, they thought about going upstairs to continue working.

Zou Ming checked his phone. They still had quite a bit of spare time left.

He suggested, “Why don’t we stay a bit longer and have a cup of coffee?”

Pursing his lips, Zhou Xingwei smiled, “No, I still have drafts to finish. Assistant Zou, Assistant Fang, I’ll head up first.”

Done with his polite words, he stood up.

Zou Ming, thinking that President Liu and President Li should have finished their lunch by now, nodded, “Then you go ahead, we’ll stay here for a bit.”

Being a corporate drone was tough, so rest time that was carved out, needed to be cherished and used in a leisurely manner.

The elevator ascended to the floor where Zhou Xingwei worked.

And as he approached the game studio, he couldn’t help but stop, clench his fists and take a deep breath.

He was a bit nervous because he was about to work with President Li again.

But more than that, he was excited and thrilled.

Zhou Xingwei had fallen for Li Qingzhou at first sight.

—Even though he had only caught a glimpse of Li Qingzhou’s figure in a video, he still found himself irresistibly drawn to him.

Perhaps his feelings contained admiration, but that didn’t stop his liking of Li Qingzhou from growing incessantly. Whenever he saw him, he would feel happy and nervous, and his heart would pound, ‘pu-tong, pu-tong’ non stop.

He would feel at a loss, his mind and eyes filled with President Li….

Which was why he had brazenly asked Ge Yue if he could introduce him to President Li.

Fortunately, he knew how to draw, what’s more he was very good at it.

With these thoughts, he pushed the door open with a big smile—

However as soon as the door opened a little, the smiling curve of his lips froze on his face, the way President Liu and President Li were interacting reflecting in his eyes without him wanting it to.

The two seemed to have just finished lunch not long ago, and the lunch boxes on the table had been put away.

They were away from the table, on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window— President Li was sitting in his wheelchair, close to the window, his eyes looking out.

And it seemed he had seen something interesting, because his expression softened slightly, and there seemed to be a hint of a smile between his eyebrows.

And President Liu was sitting on the armrest of the sofa, his long legs stretched out.

He was looking at the person in front of him, the gaze behind his rimless glasses one Zhou Xingwei was all too familiar with…..

The afternoon sun was warm and pleasant, slanting through the window, as if casting a dazzling golden edge on the two by the window, making even Zhou Xingwei feel that they were well matched…..

Just then, Liu Bohuai suddenly leaned in close to Li Qingzhou.

He whispered something, and Li Qingzhou turned his head, looking up obediently.

And stretching his hands, Liu Bohuai massaged his temples gently.

“President Li……” Zhou Xingwei couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Instantly, Liu Bohuai withdrew his hands, his previously gentle demeanor disappearing entirely as he turned his head to look over with an indifferent expression, causing Zhou Xingwei to shudder involuntarily.

Li Qingzhou asked, “How come you’re back so soon?”

He looked at his watch, a little surprised, then thinking that Zhou Xingwei had just arrived at the company and so was unaware of the specific time, told him, “The afternoon work shift hasn’t started yet, so you can rest a bit more.”

Zhou Xingwei gave the same reason he had given Zou Ming and Fang Xiyan earlier.

And as he spoke, he walked towards Li Qingzhou.

Seemingly a bit nervous and in a daze, he didn’t notice the chair in his path and so stumbled, his entire body lunging towards Li Qingzhou.

However Liu Bohuai immediately grabbed the back of his collar and yanked him back up with one hand.

“I’m, I’m sorry!”

Zhou Xingwei apologized to Li Qingzhou in a panic, then thanked Liu Bohuai.

Li Qingzhou said it was nothing.

[Wow, what a cute and adorable milk dog. Youthfulness is really wonderful.]

—The little guy in the bubble laughed while covering his mouth, his big eyes rolling as they landed on Zhou Xingwei with a beaming smile, then he stretched out his hand to rub his hair again in the air, as if he liked it very much.

Liu Bohuai pressed Zhou Xingwei’s shoulder, stopping him from trying to bow to thank him as he said lightly, “There’s no need.”

Zhou Xingwei gulped, feeling a sharp pain in the shoulder that was being pressed…

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