My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 18.2

When Li Qingzhou returned home, Ge Yue sent a message in the evening.

Apart from talking to him about the new comic, he also talked about going to the dinner party for Old man He Zhangling’s 80th birthday.

[I’m a Martian: Qingzhou, did my uncle give you the invitation to the party? You will go, right?]

Li Qingzhou, somewhat puzzled, typed: [I haven’t seen Mr. He Jianxun, the invitation for the banquet was given to me by Mr. Liu, I’ll go.]

[I’m a Martian: prettyboyshocked.jpg, Mr. Liu? Which Mr. Liu?! You’re not referring to Uncle Liu, are you??]

[One leaf Qingzhou: It’s indeed Mr. Liu Bohuai.]

It was unknown what was going on over there, because it took a while for the message to come through.

–[I just went to ask my uncle. He said that Uncle Liu happened to be meeting you today, so he asked for the invitation.]

[Qingzhou, come with me tomorrow night.]

Li Qingzhou thought to himself, and typed: [No, Mr. Liu has invited me to attend the banquet with him.]

A large series of exclamation marks suddenly came from the other side, followed by a series of emojis of a pretty boy shocked to the point of losing his breath.

[I’m a Martian: I feel as if the Mr. Liu you’re talking about and the Uncle Liu I know are not the same person …..]

[One leaf Qingzhou: Mr. Liu treats his business partners well.]

[I’m a Martian: Rea, really……]

[One leaf Qingzhou: Hmm.]

[I’m a Martian: Anyway, I’ll come and see you after I go to celebrate my maternal great-grandfather’s birthday.]

[Great-grandfather doesn’t like to see outsiders, the banquet and stuff are all -organized- by my grandfather and uncle, also for the sake of the crowds and festivities ……]

The dinner was held in one of the He family’s large villas.

The old man would usually show up and then go upstairs to rest, and the general public wouldn’t see him at all.

Li Qingzhou expressed his understanding.

The two men talked for a while longer before ending the call.


The next evening.

Both cars arrived at the gate of the He family villa at the same time, and were then greeted by the guards and parked in the He family’s private car park.

Liu Bohuai got out of the car first and waited for Li Qingzhou until he was completely ready before entering the banquet hall with him.

As they had arrived a little early, there weren’t many people there yet.

Liu Bohuai and He Jianxun were good friends, so naturally he had to meet Old Man He Zhangling and to wish him a happy birthday.

At this moment, the members of the He family were probably all on the third floor.

Learning of Liu Bohuai’s arrival, He Jianxun came down from upstairs shortly afterwards.

He said, “Grandpa even mentioned you to me just now, saying that he had something to ask. I don’t know what it is, but let’s go, come up with me.”

Having said that, he turned to Li Qingzhou and smiled politely, “Mr. Li, excuse me, you wait here for a moment.”

Li Qingzhou nodded his head.

–The little guy in the bubble sat cross-legged, shaking from side to side as he looked this way and that. It wasn’t until he heard He Jianxun’s voice that he turned his head and waved his hand at the two men.


Liu Bohuai opened his mouth, “I’ll be back soon.”

Li Qingzhou froze for a moment, then said, “Okay.”

He Jianxun looked at Liu Bohuai in surprise.

After the two left, Li Qingzhou turned his wheelchair to go to the dining area for something to eat and by the time his stomach was a little full, the banquet hall was noticeably fuller.

He saw that the cannon fodder female counterpart Cui Ting in the original book had arrived.

Next to her stood a similar-looking young man, Cui Miao, the cannon fodder male counterpart and Cui Ting’s brother.

Qu Yufan, the gentle second male, and Qi Hao, the third male, also arrived one after another ……

Li Qingzhou stayed in the corner at the moment, not very conspicuous.

He took one last bite of sushi and calculated the time– the male the female protagonist should be arriving soon.

Sure enough, not long afterwards, as if accompanied by BGM, the two ‘protagonists’ made their grand entrance.

—The female protagonist was stunningly beautiful in her mercury dress, and the male protagonist was handsome in his three piece jewel blue suit.

The two looked as good together as a golden couple, instantly becoming the center of attention in the banquet hall.

Of course, they also attracted a lot of hostile and even hateful stares.

As he watched the female cannon fodder come forward to look for trouble, Li Qingzhou felt that without a glass of icy cold cola at hand, he couldn’t drink this scene to his fill.


Just as Cui Ting was sobbing from the blow and Cui Miao’s face turned blue and then red, Qi Hao turned his head inadvertently and spotted Li Qingzhou who was looking over from his corner.

“Eh, isn’t that the eldest young master of the Li family? Why is he in the He family’s villa?”

Not only did Qi Hao see it, he also yelled it out.

Li Qingzhou: “…….”

Why was the third male making things difficult for the villain?

Was this what happened when you secretly watched a good show…..

Expressionless, Li Qingzhou had no choice but to turn his wheelchair over.

Seeing this, Xu Mengning hurried over to push him out of habit.

Liu Xiahui, on the other hand, had a cold look on his face.

Xu Mengning asked in confusion as she pushed, “Qingzhou, when did you return to Yanjing from Xicheng….”

She didn’t know, and hadn’t even received any news at all.

Xu Mengning couldn’t help but bite the corner of her mouth.

–She kept on feeling as if Qingzhou had become a little distant from her lately…. unlike before, when the two were much closer than they were now.

Li Qingzhou said, “I’ve just come back too, I’ve been busy with the site selection for my new company recently.”

Hearing Li Qingzhou’s explanation, Xu Mengning’s heart relaxed a lot as she accepted his excuse.

She was just about to say something when she was interrupted by Cui Ting.

“Is it possible that any cat or dog can even come to the He family’s banquet nowadays?”

“I should really suggest to Uncle He that not everyone can be invited, otherwise it will bring bad luck and become an eyesore.”

The malice in Cui Ting’s words was unreservedly directed at Li Qingzhou, and also at Xu Mengning, who was beside him.

Li Qingzhou looked grimly at her and sneered, saying in a light voice: “Did Miss Cui just crawl out of a cesspool?”

“Your mouth stinks so badly, why don’t you go to the bathroom and wash it before you come out, and save yourself from k*lling others with your scent?”

“You…!” Cui Ting’s lips quivered with anger.

Cui Miao might not dare to anger Liu Xiahui, yet he couldn’t possibly be afraid of a businessman who had just come to Yanjing from Xicheng. After all the Cui family did have a certain status in Yanjing.

So Cui Miao, seeing his sister Cui Ting being bullied, looked at Li Qingzhou with contemptuous and sinister eyes and said fiercely, “Say it again if you have the guts.”

Li Qingzhou’s expression was indifferent: “Are you sick? You want me to curse your sister one more time? I don’t have that time to waste.”

The altercation here had long attracted a lot of obscure glances.

And now even more so as people gawked secretly.

Especially when they saw that the Cui family young master was about to make a move but was stopped, some people started pointing directly….

By the time Old man He Zhangling was helped down, things hadn’t settled down.

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