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Chapter 42.2

The massive centipede likewise rose to its feet, stretching out over thirty pairs of legs and spitting venom from its hook-tipped mandibles. ‘Silver Light’ dodged the attack, instantly teleporting 360 degrees behind the centipede in mid-air, its light saber reflecting a frosty white light and with a cut from behind, the head of the massive centipede was sliced off.

And the massive centipede, over 20 meters long, fell to the ground with a loud crash, sending up a cloud of dust, not even able to let out a roar before it died.

Gu Yuanzhao: “This is a level three desert centipede. Its shell has been metalized and is extremely hard— ordinary alloys can’t penetrate its body.

Its weakness is the ‘sac’ at the back of its head, you just have to attack that spot.”

A few seconds later, a sand scorpion over ten meters long suddenly attacked from behind but the silver-white mecha dodged nimbly and with a swing of its light saber, cut off its tail.

And while it was in pain, the mecha flew to the top and fired six high-energy particle cannons simultaneously, hitting its fatal spot— the eyes.

The moment the particle cannon exploded, the sand scorpion convulsed and fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

Bai Jing turned to look at Gu Yuanzhao. He remembered that he had used 24 high-energy particle cannons to deal with the alien beasts instantly. It seems the difficulty here was too low for him.

After this, alien beasts appeared one by one and later even three to five appeared together, but this was nothing for the mecha’s manipulator.

With his hands flying on the control panel, leaving only flashes behind, Bai Jing could barely see his movements with his sensitivity. ‘Silver Light’ seemed to be integrated with Gu Yuanzhao as it roamed freely in the air, moving naturally and fluidly, without any trace of it being manipulated.

Almost all the alien beasts were killed with one stroke, and the speed at which the alien beasts appeared couldn’t keep up with the speed at which the mecha eliminated them.

In between the intervals of idle time, Gu Yuanzhao explained to Bai Jing the characteristics and weaknesses of the alien beasts and Bai Jing listened attentively, gaining a lot.

Ten minutes later, the desert in front of them disappeared and the words [Congratulations on clearing the level] appeared on the light screen with a score of 100 points and a duration mark of 9 minutes and 45 seconds, ranking first.

This speed was unparalleled on Starnet, but Bai Jing knew that if it weren’t for the intervals between the alien beasts coming out, the time would have been reduced by more than half.

The most terrifying thing was that despite such high output and dexterity, Gu Yuanzhao’s expression remained unchanged and relaxed throughout.

‘He’s really strong!’ Bai Jing admired in his heart.

Was this the ability of someone at the 3S level?

The two of them came out of the cockpit and Gu Yuanzhao retrieved the silver white mecha. Seeing Bai Jing’s focused gaze, his teal eyes full of his image, his heart couldn’t help but be moved.

His large slender hand moved to the top of the teenager’s head then touched his soft, slightly curly hair tentatively.

Bai Jing reflexively wanted to retreat, but in the end he stood still and instead his eyes narrowed slightly.

There was an unfamiliar yet warm touch coming from the tips of his hair. Huh, this feeling seemed good.

Gu Yuanzhao’s lips hooked up in delight. This was the first time that the teenager didn’t reject his closeness.

Perhaps mecha was an opportunity?

Quickly, he restrained himself and quietly warned himself not to be in a hurry.

Bai Jing unconsciously touched the strands of his hair which seemed to still carry the warmth of Gu Yuanzhao’s hand. Suddenly leaving, he felt a sense of reluctance.

It was already late hence the two quickly logged out from Starnet, ready to return to their rooms for some rest.

Bai Jing’s nerves were still in a semi-excited state and so he couldn’t help but call out as he turned around: “Gu Yuanzhao.”

Stopping in his tracks, Gu Yuanzhao turned back and looked at him, his gaze especially tender under the dim lights.

Bai Jing felt a little uneasy: “Um, can you send me a copy of your usual training videos? If it’s not convenient, then—”

Gu Yuanzhao: “Of course I can.”

His videos from the battlefield were part of the empire’s top-secret information. The only two clips that had been released had been deliberately made available by the military to attract new recruits.

Even the training videos weren’t allowed to be shared outside, to avoid being targeted and hacked by hostile forces.

However if the teenager wanted it, he could make an exception.


His eyes lighting up, Bai Jing ran to the door without even putting on his shoes, his voice impatient: “Can I have them now?”

He had watched the video of Gu Yuanzhao killing the alien beasts more than ten times and every time he watched it, it made his blood boil. What’s more after the simulated battle just now, he was simply too excited!


Gu Yuanzhao looked down at the teenager’s bare feet.

They were so white that they were almost transparent and under the light, the blue veins in his ankles could be seen. His toes were rounded and were a light pink in color and being barefoot on the gray carpet like this made them look even more exquisite and elegant.

Someday— he would kiss that beautiful arch.

“Go to sleep, I’ll give them to you tomorrow.”

Gu Yuanzhao’s voice was somewhat raspy as he turned off all the lights on his way out.

Bai Jing rolled around in the dark as he held his blanket, extremely happy. He never expected Gu Yuanzhao to be so easy to talk to.

He closed his eyes and perhaps because he was too tired, within a few minutes, he fell asleep.

At the same time, Gu Yuanzhao took an hour long cold shower before coming out of the bathroom.

Thinking about the teenager’s actions tonight, he had trouble sleeping.

Perhaps Bai Jing himself wasn’t aware of it, but Gu Yuanzhao could feel that as the contact between them grew longer, Bai Jing gradually shed the ‘shackles’ of his past and was no longer heavy-hearted and suppressing himself. The smile on his face had become more frequent and he looked like an 18-year-old.

And as such, the natural charm he exuded was even more lethal and attracted him deeply.

After changing his clothes, Gu Yuanzhao stood outside Bai Jing’s door for a while before leaving in a hover car.

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  1. GYZ would be extremely pleased to know that Bai Jing is secretly very appreciative of his physique. I wonder if he’s going to use his sensory skill to more deeply analyze that body sometime. Also, poor Bai Jing, that sensory amplification is going to make their first time problematic.

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