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Chapter 41.1

The simulation training rooms for mech training provided by Starnet were mostly full, which showed the popularity of mechs.

Bai Jing’s slender and fair fingers slid down the light screen then selected one of the last few training rooms at random.

[Welcome to the Ling Yun Club. Please enter your first name and Genetic Rank and the system will automatically match you with a corresponding training room.]

Bai Jing thought for a moment then entered [Alpha] in the name column and selected [level B] in the Genetic Rank section.

He didn’t know if he would be banned from entering if he chose level C.

[Selecting the training room that matches you, please wear the sensory equipment in a timely manner.]

Seeing the prompt, Bai Jing applied the two circular chips that were paired with the virtual port to both sides of his forehead and the chips adhered to his skin firmly like magnets.

The moment the sensory connection snapped into place, Bai Jing felt like he had entered a parallel space and all his senses, touch, hearing, and smell, were incredibly realistic.

This was indeed the case.

In order to ensure the excitement of mecha battles, there were tens of thousands of particle sensors distributed on each chip and through microparticle conduction technology, ones senses were connected. All subtle feelings were transmitted to reality, making it similar to a mental body transmission.

Simultaneously, the virtual space’s operation memory and proficiency were preserved at more than 90%, with hardly any difference from real combat. Meanwhile one’s body wasn’t harmed, making it the most convenient and efficient technology.

Of course, this technology wasn’t without flaws. Because the virtual environment didn’t cause real harm, it inevitably lacked the feeling of crisis that came through in a real combat situation, hence imperial soldiers limited their frequency of use of virtual combat and focused on real combat training.

After donning the equipment, Bai Jing only felt a flash in front of his eyes then he was instantly transported to Training Room 23.

Training room 23 was an extremely wide sealed training area with a high dome.

The area was about two thousand square meters, which was equivalent to five basketball courts and its walls and floors were all pure white mechanical designs, with a very technological feel.

Bai Jing pressed the light blue spatial button in his hand and a fifteen meter tall light blue mecha appeared in the space, elegant and aloof, with the unique cold feeling that belonged to metals, and even though Bai Jing had seen it in the auction hall, he still felt a huge shock.

Its automatic scanning turned on, the tall mecha recognized its master, got down on one knee then sent Bai Jing into the cockpit at its head.

The cockpit was spacious, with room for at least four to five people, however there was only one piloting position.

After Bai Jing sat down, he began to examine the mecha’s control panel.

On the left and right sides of the hands were handles that could rotate 360 degrees and in the front control area were more than thirty touchscreen buttons. Just looking at it, one could gauge the difficulty.

A new player guide appeared on the screen.

Following the instructions above, Bai Jing put on the transparent sensory helmet at the center.

It was said to be a helmet, but it had no weight. It was semi-suspended in the air and didn’t press down on the head.

After putting it on, the sensory system was activated and Bai Jing suddenly felt a huge pressure, as if he had been placed in a double gravity field, his entire body becoming heavy.

In addition, there was a peculiar feeling, as if he was connected to the entire mecha.

[Please set synchronous sensory pain.]

The sensory helmet connected the mecha’s senses to the pilot’s nerve endings as well as synchronized it.

The higher the synchronization rate, the greater the pain and once the mecha was attacked, the pilot would also experience the same pain. In order to avoid pain, most people would adjust the synchronization rate to below 10% or even leave it at 0%.

However correspondingly, these people’s instant reactions would also slow down and their sensitivity would decrease.

Which was why the military required a synchronization rate of no less than 60% and on the battlefield, one that wasn’t less than 80% so as to enable one make a reaction in the first instance of being injured.

As in cases like those, a delay of even 0.1 milliseconds in response was fatal.

Bai Jing set the synchronization rate to 100%. As this was his first time in contact with a mecha, he wanted to try to feel the mecha’s movements. If it really became unbearable, he would reduce it gradually.

Following the moves depicted in the new player guide, Bai Jing operated the mecha to do the most basic of actions: lifting the legs and moving forward.

As soon as the left hand’s handle was pushed forward a little, the mecha lost its balance, its center of gravity becoming unsteady, causing the huge body to tilt to the right.

At the same time Bai Jing, whose senses were connected to the mecha felt a strong sense of weightlessness. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and moved the handle immediately, pulling the mecha back up.

With just this one movement, the teenager felt endless pressure, as if he had moved hundreds of pounds of heavy objects, causing his chest to feel slightly suffocated.

With this, it could be seen that operating a mecha wasn’t so easy.

Next, Bai Jing manipulated the mecha clumsily in repeating basic and tedious actions such as lifting the legs, moving forward, moving backward and lifting the arms.

At the same time, his brain worked quickly, memorizing the actions corresponding to the more than thirty buttons on the control panel.

Slowly, his actions became familiar, then proficient, and then he was able to perform basic actions smoothly and accurately without any errors. The entire process only took less than two hours.

This teenager’s learning ability was simply amazing!

[Warning, genetic rank cannot continue to operate the mecha, please stop your actions now!]

A sharp electronic voice sounded in Bai Jing’s mind, causing him to frown in discomfort.

In reality, his whole body was soaked through with sweat, the sweat on his forehead flowing down and wetting the hair that hung on his forehead. He simply looked like he had just been pulled out of water.

His face was pale and his head throbbed with dizziness, his eyes half-closed tiredly. He was clearly at the end of his rope.

This was the consequence of having a low genetic rank, a low threshold for piloting a mech. It resulted in an inability to operate them for long periods of time and as demonstrated, the now drained teenager had great difficulty even moving a finger.

As the mech was about to fall uncontrollably to the ground, a thin white thread of mental power suddenly shot out of his body and extended through his sensory helmet to the inside of the mech, stopping its rapid descent in the nick of time and restoring its balance.

At the same time, Yao Tian, the senior coach of the Ling Yun Club and Nie Bai, the owner of the club, were sitting in the monitoring room, switching the surveillance footage of the training rooms one by one to see if there were any good candidates.

The footage kept switching and the image switched right to training room 23, where Bai Jing was.

Then, the two saw from the footage that the light blue mech stood up straight in a bizarre stance, as if its action had been played backwards then quickly returned to an upright position.

What kind of operation was this?

The two men couldn’t help but look at each other in disbelief.

Yao Tian immediately rewound the video to the time when the teenager had just entered the training room and the registration showed that the teenager called [Alpha] had a level B in the genetic rank.

He frowned gently. A very common rank, just up to the standard of piloting a mech.

The video played quickly at five times the speed and within seconds it showed images of the teenager maneuvering the mech through basic maneuvers awkwardly, only to nearly fall over.

Seeing this scene, a hint of disappointment couldn’t help but appear on Yao Tian’s face. It seems that this young man named [Alpha] was still a novice who didn’t even know how to operate a mecha.

After watching over thirty training rooms, the two men’s faces became increasingly worse. They couldn’t even find a single player with slightly better technical skills among them!

Nie Bai closed the surveillance footage with a snap, his eyes gradually dimming as he said to Yao Tian in a deep voice, “Yao Tian, you’ve seen the situation in our club.

You might as well accept the invitation from Yun Lu Club. We can’t afford advanced mecha coaches here anymore.”

Yao Tian was silent for a moment before saying, “Three months. Three months from now, if, during the Cyber Mecha Tournament, the club still hasn’t found any new advance members, I’ll leave.”

Nie Bai patted his shoulders gratefully, “Sigh, thank you friend. I have wasted so much of your time.”

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