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Chapter 60.3

Editor: Jodi

There were various modules in the online mecha battle hall, which included videos of players’ battles, which required payment to access.

However players at L7 and above were eligible to opt out of having their videos published.

Bai Jing recharged 100 starcoins. Each match cost 2 starcoins to watch, hence 100 starcoins could last a long time.

However recorded videos lacked the holographic features and could only be viewed on the screen, which wasn’t as exciting as watching it live.

He found numerous videos related to [Assassin] and clicked randomly on the one that had the highest views.

It was a battle where Assassin successfully advanced to the L5 level.

Her opponent was [Wild Beast], who piloted a relatively rare beast-type mecha.

The wolf-like mecha was over ten meters tall, covered in alloy with sharp claws and teeth, a robust tail, and had diamond wings on its back.

Beast-type mechas were known for their agility and their ability to shoot lasers from their wide-open mouths, making them formidable opponents.

However Assassin really lived up to her title.

Her mecha was gray-white, stood at thirteen meters and had incredibly slender lines, only about two-thirds the size of a typical mecha.

And its outer shell was very thin, making one wonder if it could withstand a poke.

Two alloy daggers hung from her waist, and she had small launchers on her knees, chest, and arms, weapons which seemingly lacked much lethality.

The only thing that appeared capable of causing harm to opponents, were the particle cannons on her mecha’s shoulders.

However, if one looked closely, they would be able to see that the particle cannons’ firing ports were small, and that each port could only fire one projectile at a time, meaning she could only fire a maximum of two at once.

And the audience clearly favored [Wild Beast], as the cheering flowed continuously.

However when the match began, they froze.

Because Assassin’s speed was simply astounding!

She had given up the excess protection and compressed the mecha’s weight to the minimum all in exchange for extreme speed.

“Clang-clang-clang.” All the audience could see were gray-white afterimages that leapt through the air continuously, like streaks of light arriving swiftly and then vanishing abruptly,

With only the sounds of sharp clashes of metal in the background that indicated that the two were engaged in a fierce battle.

The sharp claws and teeth of the beast-type mecha couldn’t touch [Assassin], but it gained wounds from the alloy daggers and dozens of flying arrows.

However these injuries were nothing more than scratches to the beast.

Because the wolf-headed mecha shook vigorously, shaking off the arrows embedded in its body, then its broad diamond wings unfolded with a swift ‘swish’ sound, propelling it into the air with its hind legs.

And this time, leveraging the agility of the beast-type mechas, it tore into Assassin’s left arm with its sharp claws, causing the thin outer shell of the mecha to split like paper.

There were large cheers from the audience, with shouts of ‘Wild Beast, bite her!’ and ‘Rip her apart with your claws!’

Opening its mouth, Wild Beast aimed its red laser cannon at [Assassin], ready to deliver a fatal blow!

However just at that critical moment, [Assassin] pulled out her alloy dagger from her waist and severed her left arm ruthlessly. Then she moved to the side quickly and, with the two particle cannons on her shoulders, aimed at Wild Beast’s back, and at the same time, the arrows that had been lodged inside it previously exploded–

Wild Beast felt the pain of the explosion throughout its limbs, joints, wings, and other parts and letting out a sudden howl, it plummeted from the air.

And as it hit the ground, [Assassin] pierced its throat with her alloy dagger, an act which was a declaration of victory in the match.

Immediately, the audience, who had been chanting Wild Beast’s name, switched it to [Assassin], and the entire arena descended into madness.

Then the video ended there.

Bai Jing continued to watch several more videos, but they mostly featured similar battle sequences.

However Assassin was exceptionally fast, and her techniques were versatile and unpredictable, making it hard for one to figure out her patterns.

The only thing that could be effective against Assassin were heavy defense-type mechas.

However because of their focus on defense, causing them to sacrifice speed and agility, they were rarely used at the L5 level.

So even if someone switched to this type of mecha specifically to counter Assassin, she had lots of ways to deal with them. She didn’t need to kill them; she could simply use her particle cannons to blast them out of the arena.

The worst-case scenario would be to fight for a full 30 minutes and then the winner would be determined based on the final damage dealt.

Such bulky heavy mechas wouldn’t even come close to touching Assassin.

Bai Jing closed the videos and took out his notebook to start analyzing.

Assassin’s strengths were obvious, with her greatest advantage being her extreme speed and versatile movements.

And in addition to her speed, she had small launchers on her knees, chest, and arms that could fire hundreds of arrows, and when combined with the shoulder-mounted particle cannons, they packed quite a punch.

Bai Jing was seriously impressed with the person who had designed this mecha– the combination of speed and small launchers didn’t add weight but actually delivered significant damage. Very clever.

However her weaknesses were also quite obvious. Assassin had poor defense, which was her biggest drawback. Hence if someone could get close to her and avoid most of the flying arrows, they would probably have a chance to win.

However there was a significant difference in their mechas. Assassin piloted a level five mecha, a maximum speed type that sacrificed other attributes. Whereas his ‘Vast Sky’, even with its attributes maximized, couldn’t match Assassin’s speed.

So how could he catch her then?

Maybe he’d have to wait until she got closer.

With a rough plan in mind and after simulating it in the training room a few times, the day of the challenge arrived.

[Challenge Match: Alpha (L3vs. Assassin (L5), starting in five minutes. Audience, please take your seats.]

The announcement echoed through the hall, and Red Wolf and his friends each paid 100 starcoins to enter VIP Room 2 which was already packed.

Looking around, it seemed almost everyone there was a fan of Assassin, as they chanted her name loudly in frantic excitement.

The group finally found seats on the outskirts, thankfully in a circular arena where their view wouldn’t be obstructed.

“I don’t know if Alpha will be able to win.” Grandfather is the most handsome whispered.

“I feel that the certainty of that happening is very low.” Another friend replied in a hushed whisper.

Because they were surrounded by Assassin’s fans, they felt a significant psychological pressure and so didn’t dare speak loudly, afraid of being sprayed to death.

“Alpha will definitely win!”

Red Wolf suddenly shouted loudly, causing the people around them to glare at him angrily.

“What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Got a problem?”

Red Wolf’s arrogant red hair and proud demeanor made it clear he wasn’t someone they could mess with.

So after just a glance at him, they averted their gazes quickly.

Grandfather is the most handsome gave him a thumbs-up, then thought to himself afterwards, ‘Wait a minute, when did Red Wolf become Alpha’s fan?

Could it be that he has a masochistic streak? Hiss.

Bai Jing pressed the confirmation button and was transported to the arena.

The arena was noticeably wider than the ones he had competed in before, and the audience space was more than ten times larger, filled with roaring cheers.

There was even a dedicated commentator on the big screen, although he wouldn’t be able to hear her during the battle.

The beautiful commentator, “Welcome, everyone, to the exciting challenge match live broadcast. I’m your commentator, Mu Zi.

Now, let me introduce our challenger – Alpha. L3 level, this month’s rookie champion. Let’s give him a warm welcome!”

Sparse applause rang out from the audience.

Mu Zi continued, “Next up, our challenged competitor — Assassin, L5, the ever victorious general. Everyone, welcome her!”

“Assassin! Assassin!”

The applause from the audience was thunderous, with shouts of Assassin filling the air.

Assassin smiled slightly as she opened her cockpit.

Her cockpit was very narrow, only enough to accommodate one person that even someone who was slightly overweight wouldn’t be able to fit. Assassin was a tall, slender woman with short hair, and she had a cool, alluring charm about her.

Both her mecha and herself were a perfect match for the name ‘Assassin’.

The countdown for the match began.

And when the countdown ended, the slender, gray-white figure shot out like lightning, moving so fast that it was hard to see.

The threads of Bai Jing’s mental power buried deeply inside his sensory helmet, which allowed him to merge completely with the sensations of his mecha.

And at the same time, he released his sense perception ability, which captured his opponent’s lightning-fast movements.


His titanium alloy blade gleamed with a chilling light as it stabbed backward, however it was dodged agilely by his opponent!

Assassin was shocked, then her expression became serious.

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