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Chapter 47.1

Just past seven in the evening, Bai Jing officially advanced from L1 to L2.

50 matches, 50 consecutive wins, undefeated!

And all of this was accomplished in just half a day!

Those who had achieved similar results as beginners now stood, without exception, at the very top of the ranking distribution, with the lowest being at least L5.

It went without saying that the future of this teenager was similarly boundless!

When the band on his wrist vibrated slightly, Bai Jing looked down to see his latest data:

Name: Alpha

Affiliated Club: Ling Yun Club

Level: L2

Points: 5000

Number of followers (fans): 425

The 100 points given by the system would disappear automatically once one’s L1 beginner status was lost.

As for the number of followers below, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

No matter how many spectators were watching the matches, he would do his best in every game.

Having participated in enough matches today, Bai Jing left the lobby, planning to continue the next day.

Perhaps because the L1 opponents were all weak, he felt that his abilities hadn’t improved much and that it wasn’t as effective as training one on one with his coach.

After dinner, Bai Jing went online then went to the Ling Yun Club’s simulation training room.

Since he had registered his mecha battle account using [Alpha], his information was synchronized.

Hence when many of his followers noticed that he was online, they started searching excitedly for his matches in order to watch them.

Watching Alpha’s matches were far more thrilling than watching others!

Unfortunately, after flipping through many pages, they found it somewhat strange that they couldn’t find his name.

Checking his status, they saw that he was in training.

Looking at the [Ling Yun Club] marked below his name, quite a few people noted down the name to themselves then contemplated thoughtfully.

To be able to produce such an outstanding player, it meant the strength of this club probably…. wasn’t bad, right?

As soon as Coach Yao Tian saw the teenager, his tone became excited, “Alpha, I saw your matches today. You performed very well, even better than I expected!”

A 50-match winning streak was rare, even among the lowest level L1 battles in the entire arena!

What made him even happier was that he had bet on Bai Jing to win in all 50 matches and had earned a lot of starcoins.

Yao Tian didn’t bet much, only 10,000 starcoins each time.

And because the number of spectators in the L1 arena was small and because even fewer bet, it meant he could only earn a few hundred to a few thousand starcoins per match, which was better than nothing.

Unexpectedly, one of the matches earned him more than 600,000 starcoins. Hahaha, he didn’t know who was so generous as to give him so much money for free!

Today he had made a total of 700,000 starcoins, equivalent to his income of several months.

With this in mind, his gaze as he looked at Alpha became even softer.

Under his coach’s ‘loving’ gaze, Bai Jing looked at him with puzzlement, “Uhm, I met a lot of beginners, so it was just a fluke.”

Yao Tian was amused, not refuting with the fact that he himself was also a beginner who had practiced for less than a month.

“How did you find today’s 50 matches? What did you learn?”

Bai Jing: “It was okay.”

Although he didn’t gain much, he did become aware of his own problems during the matches.

Out of the 50 matches, about 40 had been won using laser beams, which meant that close combat weapons had only been effective in 10 matches.

This was an unusual probability. Generally, close combat and long range weapons complemented each other, so the difference in the kill probability between the two shouldn’t be so significant.

Moreover, the arena for the beginner matches wasn’t large, so close combat weapons should have been more effective.

Bai Jing mused, “Coach, the weak points of a mecha are the neck and the cockpit, right?”

Yao Tian: “That’s correct.”

Bai Jing: “But some players set up protective shields at these two points, making it difficult to damage them with the titanium alloy long sword. How should I deal with that?”

Laser beams were long range weapons that required accurate distance and angle and so weren’t often suitable for close combat.

However, his close combat weapon didn’t work well against intermediate mechas. Was it because of the level of the material?

Yao Tian seemed to see through his thoughts: “It’s not because of the level of the weapon.

Titanium alloy is made of a level 4 material. As long as it’s not used against a high level mecha or a well protected mecha that was made with good materials, it should be able to handle the others.”

“First, you need to leverage strength. Feel this.”

Pressing his spatial button, Yao Tian summoned his mecha, ‘Double General’ then motioned for Bai Jing to enter his mecha as well.

His voice came through the earpiece: “Set the pain synchronization level to 30% and activate the shoulders protective shield.”

Following the instructions, Bai Jing lowered the pain synchronization level from 100% then pressed the corresponding keys.

The white protective shield emitted a faint glow, appearing translucent, shielding the mecha’s shoulders like a light piece of armour.

This type of protective shield was called a ‘semi-invisible protective shield’.

Unlike the thick protective armor of a heavy mecha, it didn’t reduce the mecha’s agility. However its defense was slightly weaker, suitable for buffering attacks and buying time for one’s next move.

Yao Tian: “Next, I’ll use two different attack methods. You need to feel the difference between them. Get ready.

Remember, this is all simulated. You might feel pain, but it won’t actually hurt you.”

Bai Jing’s clear voice came through: “I understand. Coach, please go ahead.”

As soon as he finished saying this, the black mecha strode forward and when it was about five meters away from the light blue mecha, suddenly swung its long sword.

The movement was as fast as lightning, the black long sword coming closer and closer, its cold blade right in front of his eyes!

His pupils shrinking, Bai Jing instinctively wanted to dodge. However at the last moment, he restrained his impulse.

The black long sword didn’t give him a chance to dodge because with a ‘clang’, it struck the mecha’s right shoulder!


The protective shield cracked open with a long fissure and a deep mark was left on the outer shell of the mecha by the sharp blade.

At the same time, a heavy force as heavy as a thousand pounds spread from Bai Jing’s shoulder, accompanied by a tingling sensation, numbing his entire arm.

Retreating a certain distance away, Yao Tian asked through the earpiece: “How was that?”

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