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Chapter 46.1

“Match 635, Grandfather is the Most Handsome vs Alpha, venue 95.”

‘Grandfather is the Most Handsome’, the name of the person supporting Red Wolf, looked at the delicate, seemingly harmless teenager in front of him and started shivering in fear.

“Attack, take revenge for Red Wolf!”

“Shut up already.”

Another team member slapped this idiot teammate on the head, motioning for him to keep quiet.

Red Wolf had a short temper and was easily irritated and having just lost, his face was extremely gloomy. Everyone was being careful not to mention the recent battle, except for this fool who was being completely inconsiderate. Wasn’t he just asking for trouble?

Unexpectedly, the usually arrogant Red Wolf just gave him a cold glance without saying anything, however his face grew even paler.

‘Grandfather is the Most Handsome’ thought about the scene where the laser beam had pierced through Red Wolf’s chest and shuddered violently: “I—I forfeit!”

In order to maintain the excitement of online virtual battles, a minimum pain synchronization rate of 10% was required.

This was written in the agreement during registration, and violation of it would result in a one-year ban from competing!

He was usually terrified of pain. If his mech received ordinary attacks, he could still bear it, but this level of pain— no way, he absolutely couldn’t handle it!

Besides, there was no way he could defeat that Alpha. Even Red Wolf, the strongest among them, had been defeated!

There was no need to seek out unnecessary suffering.

‘Grandfather is the Most Handsome’ consoled himself internally, believing that he had just made the best decision and that it wasn’t because he was afraid.

The other teammates looked at him with disdain, but ‘Grandfather is the Most Handsome’ thought defiantly: Humph, just wait until it’s your turn, let’s see what you’ll choose.

He would definitely ridicule them when the time came.

Bai Jing waited in the arena for a full three minutes, but his opponent never showed up.

As a result, the system automatically declared him the winner.

In the following dozen or so matches, the light blue mech emerged victorious with just one move, relying on its extreme speed and elusive footwork to end the battles before the opponents could even react.

The entire process took only half a minute.

On the L1 level leaderboard, the ranking of ‘Alpha’ skyrocketed from the last few pages to the top ten at an astonishing speed.

As a result, more and more opponents chose to forfeit in the subsequent matches.

Two hours later, Bai Jing looked at the data displayed on his wristband:

Name: Alpha

Affiliated Club: Ling Yun Club

Level: L1

Points: 2400

There were still 2600 points needed to reach the 5000 points required for promotion to L2. It should take another two to three hours to level up.

Among the twenty or so matches, one of them had been against another member of Red Wolf’s team who had laughed awkwardly, “Ahahaha, um, I’ll forfeit too.”

He clearly wasn’t on the same level as his opponent. Going up against him would mean being beaten in various ways.

Sigh, just an hour ago, he had been looking down on his teammate for not having a backbone, and now it was his turn.

What goes around comes around.

He braced himself for ridicule from his teammates, however to his surprise, none of them ridiculed him this time.

Red Wolf and the others just watched the rapidly rising name on the leaderboard silently.

This person was just too strong, not having lost a single match so far!

Bai Jing sat in the hall, resting for two minutes when an announcement rang out along with the vibration of his wristband:

“Match 807, Thunder vs Alpha, venue 95.”

Bai Jing quickly pressed the confirmation button and entered the circular stage.

Bai Jing hoped that his opponent wouldn’t forfeit this time, otherwise he would have to wait for another three minutes. If he engaged in mech combat, however, he would only need half a minute.

Clearly, the pace of battle was faster and could also help him accumulate some experience.

Fortunately, five seconds after he arrived on the stage, his opponent appeared.

The young man standing opposite him looked rather young and a bit frail, his head lowered slightly, making it difficult to see his expression.

He pressed the spatial button on his chest and a dark green mech appeared on the stage.

The heavy mech was about thirteen meters tall and appeared quite bulky overall, however its outer shell was covered with deep and shallow scratches.

It was equipped with a low-energy particle cannon on its shoulder and wielded a black longsword as its weapon. The blade was somewhat curled and compared to Red Wolf’s heavy mech, it was like a comparison between heaven and earth.

Bai Jing recognized his opponent’s mech. It was a free, system-given mech called A1, which was the lowest level mech.

It seems his opponent wasn’t in the best of circumstances.

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