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Chapter 11.1

When Bai Jing opened his eyes again, the sky had turned dark. Fu Yan greeted him with a smile: “Little beauty, you’re finally awake? You’ve slept for three days this time.”

Bai Jing braced himself with both hands and then moving swiftly, jumped out of the medical bay.

And from the jump he had just made, he could feel a great change in his body. It was as if he was free from a heavy shell and filled with an endless sense of lightness. Moreover his senses seemed to have increased dramatically, he just couldn’t verify it at the moment.

Tapping on his light brain, Bai Jing found that his basic data had changed:


Name: Bai Jing

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Status: [Citizen of the Galactic Empire]

Genetic Rank: [C, formerly D]

Physical Rank: [Level A, formerly Level B]

Mental Power level: [A level]

Skill Designation: [None]

His genetic rank as well as his physical rank had both increased by one level, however, his mental power level hadn’t changed. This was somewhat different from what Bai Jing had thought, because he could clearly feel the increase in his perception ability.

“Congratulations, your genetic decay has been cured completely. The most amazing thing is that it triggered a mutation in your body during the healing process, causing an increase in your genetic and physical levels. This is a one in a million probability mutation.

Smiling, Fu Yan pushed the gold-rimmed glasses up on the bridge of his nose, “For the sake of my helping you heal, do you want to hug?”

“There’s no need, thanks.”

Bai Jing refused expressionlessly: “May I ask how much the treatment will cost?”

“That won’t be necessary. Young Master Gu has already paid for it.”

As soon as Fu Yan finished saying this, Bai Jing walked to the door, “Hey, little beauty, really, don’t you want to give me a hug?”

He was answered with the loud ‘bang’ of the door closing. Fu Yan rubbed his nose resentfully, “Ugh, Little beauty is just like Young Master Gu, they are both so heartless.”

Bai Jing rode the hover car home, but this time he was no longer dizzy from the blistering speed as before, having adapted to its speed.

This was the change brought about by the Special Genetic Fluid. Now, he was almost indistinguishable from any interstellar native.

Back in his small suite, Bai Jing took a nice hot shower as soon as he entered.

Although the medical bay was in sterile mode and had no contact with dirt, because of his OCD nature, he rinsed himself off carefully before changing into a clean robe.

Blow-drying his hair, Bai Jing spent 50,000 star coins to buy enough rich ingredients to pile up the whole pantry.

The preservation technology of interstellar food was so advanced that it could preserve the maximum activity of the food, so that even if it was left for several months, there wouldn’t be the slightest loss of nutrients.

And looking at the piles of ingredients, he felt an unprecedented sense of peace of mind. Food was scarce in the end times, so it was only in this way that he would feel secure.

Dinner consisted of a plate of oily roast pork and stir-fried lotus root slices. Bai Jing was extremely satisfied with his meal, which included fatty but not oily roast pork and crisp and refreshing lotus root slices.

After his dinner, he summarized his experience of gambling on rough stones in the Gu Group’s No.5 Rough Stones area a little bit, then carried out an in-depth study with the knowledge points he had noted down.

It was only later that Bai Jing discovered that the contract he had signed with the Gu Group stipulated an annual remuneration of five million starcoins, which was equivalent to the salary of a Senior Master Stone Gambler in the market, despite the fact that he wasn’t even a gambling apprentice yet.

A wisp of doubt suddenly surged in Bai Jing’s heart. Was it that Young Master Gu trusted him so much, or had…. he discovered something?

In any case, since he had signed the agreement, he had to become a Master Stone Gambler as soon as possible, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take this payment with peace of mind.

After spending two days melding his knowledge points, Bai Jing arrived at the Gu Group’s No.5 Rough Stones area early in the morning, intending to test just how far his sense perception ability had risen.

Clicking on his light brain, his personal account showed that he still had over 700,000 starcoins left, which meant he could go and see what kind of performance the higher level rough stones had and expand his horizons a bit as well.

With that in mind, he went straight to the rough stones in Zone B.

Rough stones in Zone B sold for between 100,000 and 1,000,000 starcoins and the display cases were much better than the ones in ‘Zone E’, with white marble countertops and bottom brackets under each piece of rough stone to prevent wear and tear on the material.

In addition to this, there were inductive infrared rays next to the stone tables and guards with guns to keep the materials safe.

The amount of rough stones in the Zone B area was relatively small, only one fifth of that in Zone E overall.

Bai Jing looked over them and found that there were no visible flaws on any of the rough stones, all of them being fine skinned and very good quality sandy skinned materials, with bands of pine python spread across the surface and none of them having coarse skin.

‘Five hundred starcoins per kilo of offcuts really can’t be compared to these hundreds of thousands of starcoins rough stones.’

With this in mind, Bai Jing picked a piece of white sand skin that looked like it would do well to try.

His sense perception ability quickly penetrating deep inside the rough stone, he discovered that the reaction activity wasn’t strong, which meant it might be the most common bean jadeite variety.

Unfortunately, the bean jadeite inside wasn’t very large. It was only about two or three kilograms in size. He took a look at the price tag for the rough stone numbered A12 again: 200,000 starcoins.

He averted his eyes. The price of the jadeite inside was far less than the price of the rough stone itself.

He continued to use his sense perception ability to detect the activity inside seven or eight rough stones which, according to his opinion, would all perform well and had a high probability of producing jadeite.

However, after using his sense perception ability, he found that only one had jadeite inside, and the one with jadeite wasn’t one of the better performing pieces, but rather the one he considered to be the worst.

This discovery shattered Bai Jing’s perception and made him realize that his knowledge of gambling stones was too superficial, and that looking at them with such half understanding was undoubtedly a waste of time.

Having thought this through, Bai Jing stopped trying to judge the rough stones specifically and instead focused on testing the limits of his supernatural ability.

Using his sense perception ability, he looked deeper into piece after piece of rough stone. It wasn’t until he probed the sixteenth piece that Bai Jing felt that familiar sense of dizzy feeling and hastily held onto the edge of the marble table.

When the intense dizziness passed, Bai Jing came to a final conclusion: the current limit of his sense perception ability was fifteen times, a full three percent increase!

It seemed that the ten Special Genetic Fluid had not only cured his genetic decay, it had even improved his supernatural ability dramatically.

It was just…..

He looked at the attribute panel where the mental power level was still determined to be A level and had a guess in his mind: could it be that his sense perception ability and the mental power of this era were two completely different abilities?

If that was the case, then he needed to keep this secret well and never reveal a single bit of it.

In the evening, Bai Jing followed the steps he had found on Starnet, logged on to the official website of the Gambling Guild and registered his personal information.

The authentication process of the Gambling Stone Guild was extremely strict. One had to connect to a light brain for real name authentication to ensure the authenticity of his or her mental power level.

Bai Jing sent the image of himself solving the bean jadeite to the email of the Gambling Guild and within a few minutes, he received a voicemail. Opening it, a sweet female voice sounded:

Congratulations to Imperial Citizen with ID 1053166247 —Bai Jing, who has successfully passed the primary audit for Gambling Apprentice.

Mental Power Level A, passed.

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  1. Ummm, a full three percent? If I recall his previous limit was around 10-11 stones and now it’s 15, so wouldn’t it be around 30-50% increase?

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  2. Thanks so much for the chapter!
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