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Chapter 32.3

Someone had even counted. Gu Yun had made a total of nine rise in bets which produced high quality jadeites in eight betting wars this month.

Four of these pieces were of the highest quality, weighing more than 5 kg each and were all a nice shade of sunny green, emerald, or even full green.

Two pieces of glutinous jadeite and one piece of egg white jadeite, both uniform color and with fine texture, also in the medium to high range.

In addition, there were two ice varieties, one of which was a rare blue-water jadeite.

None of the nine jadeite pieces were under half a million starcoins, and the ice blue jadeite had even fetched a whopping six million starcoins!

This man had an uncanny eye for choosing rough stones.

Basically, in all the betting wars Gu Yun had participated in, he had never lost, no matter whether it was against an experienced second level Stone Gambler or a young Stone Gambler who was considered a genius, he was always the unquestionable winner!

At first, the Stone Gamblers gossiped mockingly about this lucky Level 1 Stone Gambler who ‘only had beauty’ going on for him.

But after a few betting wars, many of them changed their minds and were even afraid to play against him.

Because that would mean defeat!

Not everyone had the same positive outlook as the youth did.

Because of Gu Yun’s vision, many rough stones dealers, speculators, etc., were bound to come attend whenever he participated in a betting war.

Everyone knew that wherever Gu Yun was, there was good jadeite to be found. Recently quality jadeite was rare, and every auction was a fierce competition that pushed the jadeite to a high price!

Similarly, with his good looks, clean solving technique and accurate selection of rough stones, the young man had become the newest of the Stone Gamblers with a fan base of 10 million, more than what many of the famous level 3 Stone Gamblers had.

Whenever he participated in a betting war, the hall was always full, even to the point where order had to be maintained.

The fans below the stage would chant ‘Gu Yun’ like crazy, almost shattering the dome, with fervor equal to that shown to the hottest stars. At the same time, the attention paid to him on Starnet rose to the top, several times higher than that of the others.

Many brands, even the biggest names in the Empire, wanted him to endorse their products, but Bai Jing turned them all down.

He just wanted to focus on the gambling on rough stones. Other things would distract him.

Of course, ‘Gu Yun’ was a big hit, thanks to the Head of the Information Department, Liang Heng.

He had always been the one who managed his Star Realm account. From the beginning when he was unskilled to now posting a few high definition pictures of Bai Jing every day or two with the best angles and settings, he made his fans scream for more and kept the popularity high.

After eight betting wars, Bai Jing turned on his light brain and found that his designation had changed.


Name: Bai Jing

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Status : Citizen of the Galactic Empire

Genetic Rank: C

Physical Rank: A

Mental Power Level: A

[Skill Designation: Level 2 Stone Gambler]

[Accumulated points: 15]

[Rate of betting increase: 25.0%]

The normal Stone Gambler promotion was followed by a one-month observation period until the rate of betting increase had stabilized before the promotion was awarded, but Bai Jing had far exceeded the 10% rate of betting increase set as a stipulation for one to be promoted to be being a level 2 Stone Gambler, so naturally, he passed quickly.

Bai Jing was satisfied with his rate of betting increase. It wasn’t particularly high and there was still room for continued improvement.

Little did he know that the top brass at the Gambling Guild Headquarters were in a state of shock because of him.

Capital Star Planet Headquarters.

The Gambling Guild President, Vice President and several of the Guild’s core staff stood in front of the statistics screen, completely shocked to the point of being speechless as they looked at the data displayed in front of them.

It wasn’t until a minute later that there was a series of stunned gasps.

“This, it only took a month for him to be promoted to being a level 2 Stone Gambler?”

“Using one month to become a level 2 Stone Gambler isn’t the most important thing. The Du family’s girl can also do it.

The most scary thing is, his rate of betting increase has already exceeded that of a level 3 Stone Gambler’s!!”

“Bai Jing…… Hmm, that name rings a bell. Isn’t he the one who tied for first place with Du Xing Yu in the apprentice exams? I didn’t expect him to grow up so fast.

Now, it seems that Du Xing Yu won’t be promoted for at least another month or so. He has been completely outclassed.”

Vice President Yan Shuo opened his mouth, “President, we have to keep this kind of talent under wraps and bring him to the headquarters to be trained! Otherwise–“

Otherwise, if all parties got to know about him, afraid their Guild wouldn’t have a part.

The President of the Gambling Guild smiled as he stroked his beard, no hint of anxiety on his face at all.

He thought of the heir to the Gu Conglomerate who had called him yesterday with a serious look and a pleading tone, hoping that he would help cover up Bai Jing’s identity for the sake of his uncle, Master Gu Liu Bai.

According to the transaction records, the news that Bai Jing was Gu Yun was only known to him the President for the time being.

His eyes shining brightly, he had only asked: Can you guarantee the safety and growth of this child?

The answer Gu Yuanzhao gave him was that unless he died, Bai Jing would never be harmed.

The President had agreed after some thought, as the Guild had not had a level 7 or 8 Stone Gambler for a long time, moreover the serious injuries that Master Gu Liu Bai had sustained hadn’t healed yet, affecting not only the Gu Conglomerate, but also the Gambling Guild.

The Gambling Guild was the second largest organization besides the Imperial Army, and with people from all walks of life eyeing them covetously, it was high time they replenished their talents.

The Capital Star Planet was a mixed bag of forces, and without the protection of a powerful family, it wasn’t a good place for this commoner called Bai Jing to grow up!

The President of the Gambling Guild said to the core of his staff, “No one is allowed to divulge any data about Bai Jing that was seen here today. I have my own plans for him.”

The spirits of the staff in the room were shaken. They could hear the imposing authority in the President’s voice that couldn’t be denied, so they immediately shouted their agreement!

The current President of the Gambling Guild wasn’t as harmless as he appeared to be. To be able to develop the Gambling Guild into the huge organization that it was without relying on any power under the influence of the major families, both in terms of strength and skill, he wasn’t to be underestimated, hence no one dared disobey the President’s ideas.

It was just that, in one way or another, they were all connected to the major families.

Any family would love to have such a talented Stone Gambler, and this young man might be able to help their family take another big step forward.

Of course, it was still early, but it wasn’t too late for this Bai Jing to actually reach the level of being an Intermediate Stone Gambler.

It was just that the odds were still too great with him being just a level 2 Stone Gambler.

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