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Chapter 73.3

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Bai Jing continued to solve the rough stone under the respectful and admiring eyes of the crowd.

Because the edges of this piece of jadeite were quite prominent, it required careful cleaning, hence his speed wasn’t as fast as before. And taking this into consideration, it meant it would take at least ten minutes to completely clean the debris from the top of it.

However just as Bai Jing was concentrating on solving the rough stone, a middle-aged man nearby suddenly cried out in despair: “Impossible! Impossible! This rough stone is the one Gu Yun chose, it’s impossible for it to be a collapse in bet!!”

“You’re saying this rough stone no. 4055 was chosen by God Yun?”

“Haha, go fool someone else.”

Other voices also reached the ears of the people in the crowd one after the other.

‘A rough stone chosen by God Yun? What did that mean?’

The people surrounding Bai Jing looked at each other, their hearts burning with the need to listen to gossip.

Then seeing as Bai Jing would be grinding the rough stone for a while, certain individuals decided to investigate the adjacent stone-cutting machine to figure out what was going on.

The audience in the live broadcast had obviously also heard his words, because curious, they asked that the event organizers allocate some live spheres to that person.

Gu Yun’s fans on the other hand were visibly outraged. Who was this person, and what gave him the right to say that that rough stone had been chosen by their God Yun?!

Their God Yun wouldn’t have a collapse in bet that easily!

Could it be that this was some kind of conspiracy against God Yun??

With such thoughts in mind, they quickly found the camera in the corner.

[Sisters, it’s broadcast room 12.]

[Coming right away!]

[I want to see what tricks this person is up to.]

[Slandering God Yun, looking for death!]

And seeing the viewer count soar once again, the leader of the event organizers naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity and added a few extra live spheres to the middle-aged man at stone-cutting machine no.12 so the audience could see more clearly.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes slightly.

Rough stone no. 4055?

He was currently unraveling rough stone no. 4060. Unfortunately, those who had been tracking him all thought he had been interested in rough stone no. 4055.

En, he couldn’t be blamed for it being a collapse in bet, right?

The corners of the teenager’s lips hooked up slightly.

The middle-aged man who had just screamed because he had broken down was called Zhu Liang, was in his fifties, and was a businessman from the Ninth Splendid Star Planet.

He was slick in his daily dealings, adept at opportunism, and adept at reading people’s minds.

Ten years ago, he came to the jadeite emporium with the idea of making a big profit, however he unfortunately encountered a waterloo on the first day and lost millions of starcoins.

Causing him to realize that he would obviously lose everything if he relied on himself alone, so why not rely on other professionals then?

And so, starting from the second day, he specifically followed behind Stone Gamblers that had high rate of betting increases closely, maintaining a distance that was neither too far nor too close.

And after years of experience in the business world, Zhu Liang, relying on his methods of reading people’s minds over the years and judging their micro-expressions, could actually guess quite accurately.

Moreover, he wouldn’t just track one stone gambler, but would analyze the expressions and movements of several stone gamblers who had just looked at rough stones, then select the rough stones they collectively favored.

This way, the probability of what he chose being a rise in bet would increase greatly.

So, Zhu Liang specifically picked these rough stones to bid on.

As a slick businessman, he had a deep understanding of his competitors’ psychology, and most of the time, would obtain the rough stones at a slightly lower price.

And even if he couldn’t win, he would drive the prices up, making it so that those stone gamblers as well as their employers would suffer.

And he, on the other hand, made a fortune at the last jadeite emporium.

Strictly speaking, there were quite a few people like him.

However as these people hadn’t violated any rules and coupled with the event organizers turning a blind eye to them as well as them disappearing without a trace to various planets after the jadeite emporiums ended, there was still no good solution to these kinds of behaviors so far.

Making it so that the stone gamblers targeted by him could only resign themselves to their fate.

However Zhu Liang wasn’t stupid. He only dared to observe in the open bidding area and didn’t dare to offend those bigwigs in the secret bidding area.

As for Gu Yun, the temptation was just too great.

With his high rate of betting increase, who wouldn’t want a piece?

What’s more, there were about thirty to forty people following Gu Yun. When the time came, who would know who was who?

So with his narrow eyes sparkling, he stared at Gu Yun without stopping for a moment, moving with his gaze, unfortunately the other’s speed as he examined the rough stones was simply too fast, so he could only judge by how long he had lingered on a particular rough stone as well as his level of concentration as he did so.

Then he calculated. Gu Yun had looked at over twenty rough stones in total.

And among them, six rough stones had been looked at for over half a minute, ten other rough stones had been looked at for ten to thirty seconds, and the rest for less than ten seconds, a speed that was simply unmatched.

However, in the afternoon, Gu Yun went to the secret bidding area, causing him to also give up on his observing expedition and instead focus on studying these sixteen rough stones.

Then in the end, Zhu Liang selected five rough stones from the sixteen, with the one he was most confident about being rough stone no. 4055.

It was a bamboo shoot leave skin semi-mountainous stone that was about the size of a basketball that weighed around thirty kilograms.

Its surface was yellow-white, with a delicate and smooth texture, a thin crust, and when illuminated by a strong light, a green color could clearly be seen emanating from inside.

There was also a long python belt that run around the rough stone, with compact but not overly dense strip-like pine blossoms around it, indicating a relatively complete color band, showing that it had very good performance.

However, what made one uncertain was that there were relatively dense gray ringworms around the pine blossoms of this rough stone.

If the gray ringworms were scattered, then it probably couldn’t be bet on, because they would be dispersed throughout the entire rough stone; however if they were concentrated in one place and were relatively dense, then it would require a judgment based on the pine blossoms and python belt, as it meant it had some potential of it being good for betting on.

And based on his judgment of Gu Yun’s selection of rough stones yesterday, what Gu Yun liked the most were rough stones with good foundations, but that had cracks or ringworms on them, what’s more the base price shouldn’t be too high, and this rough stone no. 4055 fit the bill completely!

In the end, Zhu Liang spent a high price of 8.6 million to win this rough stone, then he also snatched two out of the other four rough stones, totaling over 15 million starcoins.

However it didn’t matter, he would soon get double the amount back. No, maybe he would even get five to ten times the amount back!!

Of the three rough stones, he saved rough stone no. 4055 for last, so that step by step, the surprise would be doubled.

Because seeing how Gu Yun valued it so much, maybe there would be a piece of top quality jadeite of the glass variety inside?

Even if it wasn’t glass variety, it was very possible that it could also be of the high ice variety or ice variety.

After all, of the seven rough stones he had gambled on yesterday, four of them had been high grade jadeites above ice variety!

Thinking this way, Zhu Liang felt an unprecedented passion surging in his chest, more excited than when he cheated opponents in business!

Haha, he was going to be rich—

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