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Chapter 40.2

After the introduction of the heavy mech was finished and the mech’s appearance and weapons were shown up close once again, the scene shifted and another mech builder took to the stage.

[This is a level 2 light mech, which I have named ‘Egret’.

In order to maintain flexibility, I have incorporated a level 3 material called ‘Light Gold’ into its shell, which has reduced its weight by a fifth. At the same time, its joints are coated with a ‘polymeric ionic fluid’, which allows for greater flexibility in movement.

As for weapons, the setup is a melee lance and a long-range particle gun……]

Bai Jing frowned lightly. He didn’t know much about mechs, but after the end of the world, he was much more familiar with guns and ammunition.

This particle gun had a narrower trajectory and less penetrating power, and the killing power of its long-range attacks was weak. It seemed that in order to reduce weight and increase flexibility, the offensive power of this light mech had almost been given up.

Many people on the scene had the same opinion.

However, this ‘Egret’ model was slender, small and agile, with a pure white body that was clean and beautiful, winning the favor of many people, especially those who appreciated female aesthetics.

As a level 2 mech, being able to catch the attention of people in one or two aspects was already considered a success.

After the mech builder introduced it, many people’s price quoting machines began flashing frequently, quickly raising the price of this lightweight mech by more than a million starcoins, soon approaching the reference price.

And this was only half an hour after the auction had began!

Next up was the main event— the mech builder was about to introduce the only level 3 mech in the auction house, also the one with the highest level among the low-level mechs.

[This level 3 mech is a lightweight mech that I’ve named ‘Vast Sky’.

Light blue gold has been added to its shell that can reflect light and under certain conditions, allow it to become briefly invisible. The head and chest have been equipped with intermediate defense shields which require a level 4 energy box to be activated simultaneously.

The long-range weapon is a laser beam with a range of up to five thousand meters, and the close-range weapon is a titanium alloy long sword made of a level 4 material…]

“A level 3 mech actually using a level 4 material!”

“The invisible attribute is really great, totally unexpected. This mech builder is very good!”

“This mech’s attributes in all aspects are good and the weapon combination is also relatively balanced.”

“But if it’s to be used with a level 4 energy box, then the usual consumption is very high…”

After the mech builder had finished the introduction, the auction house buzzed with various discussions.

Obviously, this level 3 mech had piqued the crowd’s interest. Both the production materials and defense attributes could be considered top-quality in low-level mechs, and such quality mechs weren’t common.

Standing outside the window, Bai Jing looked up at the mech. The tall and arrogant mech, more than ten meters high, had a shallow blue color that seemed to flow like sea water, beautiful and elegant.

The titanium alloy long sword at the waist reflected a cold light under the light, sharp and icy, with a hardness that could reach a high level. It was said to be able to cut off a three-inch thick steel plate with one stroke without causing any damage to its blade.

The more Bai Jing looked at it, the more he liked it. What’s more he was satisfied with the mech’s qualities, matching colours and weapons.

A long-absent excitement spread from his chest then spread gradually throughout his body. At this moment, he seemed to see himself piloting this mech straight into the sky, his eyes filled with a hint of longing.

Not only him, most people here also took an interest in this attribute-excellent mech.

The numbers on the price quoting machine increased rapidly, soon exceeding the reference price of ten million and continuing to soar.

Eleven million.

Eleven point five million.

Twelve million.


Sixteen million!

In the first hour of the auction house opening, the highest price reached sixteen million!

This was very rare in terms of bidding on low-level mechs.

This price obviously exceeded the budget of many people, hence they no longer persisted in bidding on this mech. Instead, they turned to bid on the other two level 2 mechs.

In line with the mechs, the energy boxes in the store were also swept away.

Not only did Bai Jing’s energy boxes sell at an unprecedented high price, the other level 2 and level 3 energy boxes also sold for much more than their previous transaction prices.

As the people in charge, Huang Jiu and Lu Meng watched the prices on the price quoting machine rise, they were extremely excited.

In the future, when their auction house attracted attention with mechs, not only would their income increase significantly, there would also be an influx of traffic and other effects, which would cause their store’s ranking to continue to rise!

Unfortunately, it took too long to make mechs. That is, it took at least 2-3 months to have another mech auction like this.

After witnessing such a hot scene, Huang Jiu and Lu Meng decided to negotiate more cooperation with several mech builders to try to sell mechs every month!

Bai Jing looked at the numbers on the price quoting machine. Sixteen million.

After this price appeared, no one else made an offer.

After thinking for a moment, he entered twenty million on the price quoting machine.

“Heavens, twenty million!”

“This must be the limit, right?”

“I remember that last month, Skybound Auction House’s top-of-the-line level 3 mech was auctioned off for a high price of one million eight hundred thousand and I thought that was strong enough. This one is even higher!”

“Rich people….”

Bai Jing waited a minute and seeing that no one else continued to bid, logged off.

He had originally wanted to enter a bid of seventeen million starcoins, but then after thinking about it, realized that someone else might continue to raise the price, thus it would be better to just put in a high price and make the other person back down. A plan that was also a psychological tactic.

Bai Jing’s thinking was correct, because the teenager who had just bid the sixteen million starcoins had been planning to continue bidding, however after seeing the price, his eyes widened, then he could only give up reluctantly.

The teenager’s total budget for this mech was twenty million starcoins, but the budget included the cost of the energy box as well as the daily maintenance fees for the mech.

If the other person had bid seventeen million starcoins, then he might have gritted his teeth and added an extra two million starcoins, but from the bid, it was clear that the other person wasn’t short on money.

‘Forget it, I’ll just wait until next time.’ The teenager thought to himself as he gritted his teeth.

At the same time, he hated the person who had made the high bid in his heart.

Bai Jing waited until the auction was nearing an end before logging onto the online marketplace where he saw that the highest price was still the twenty million starcoins he had bid. However, he didn’t let his guard down.

This was because some people might make a last-second bid at the end of the auction countdown, in order to catch him unawares.

Placing his fair fingers on the price quoting machine, Bai Jing stared intently at the numbers on the screen with his tea-colored eyes.

“The auction for the three mechs will now enter countdown, 10, 9, 8…”

As the final second passed, Bai Jing relaxed his tense wrist, relieved that his bid remained unchanged. However, it wasn’t the same for the other two bidders of the level 2 mechs.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t I win?”

“Final price: 11.7 million… Damn it, who added an extra 200,000 starcoins at the last second!”

“Playing dirty tricks like this. If you have the guts come out and PK!”


Apart from Bai Jing’s bid remaining unchanged, the other two mechs were both sold in the final ten seconds, with the final price increasing by 20-30 million starcoins over the original, much to the frustration of the original buyers.

They had spent the entire day waiting here and victory was almost within their grasp, only to have it snatched away at the last minute. They were so angry they wished they could drag out the sneaky person responsible and give them a good thrashing!

The person in charge, Huang Jiu, shook his head helplessly in the back.

Huh, these two buyers were probably young and unaware of the tricks of the trade.

Making an offer in the final few seconds not only relaxed the vigilance of other bidders, it also allowed one to buy the mech at the lowest cost. This was a common tactic at auctions.

Of course, if the initial bid had been high enough, this wouldn’t have happened.

Looking at it this way, it seemed that master was powerful.

After Bai Jing paid his 20 million starcoins, he soon received a virtual teleportation of a spatial button, along with a mech repair kit and mech care solution.

It was also a light blue colour, as if it had a fine stream of light sprinkled on it, the same colour as that of the mech.

Holding it tightly in his hand, Bai Jing connected the virtual port in his bedroom to his light brain.

There was no way to release the mech in the room, but there was a way to do that in the simulation training room on Starnet.

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