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Chapter 36.3

Bai Jing placed the huge rough stone with the invisible locks into his spatial button, went to the stone solving machine and took out the three rough stones from the shopping cart, intending to solve them.

Wang Ping was very relieved. Fortunately he hadn’t solved the ‘half-bet rough stone’ which had invisible locks, otherwise it would have collapsed and caused more trouble.

The little fatty was also sitting happily at the side of the stone-cutting machine.

Thanks to Jing Ge’s blessing, these ten rough stones didn’t cost him a penny, an equivalent of him getting them free of charge, so how could he not be happy?

Heh heh, this way it wouldn’t hurt when they collapsed. Bah bah, how could they collapse?

An Ge was also happy.

He looked at Bai Jing with great gratitude. He was most fortunate to have such a friend. He would definitely cherish his friendship with the two of them.

Seeing someone unraveling a rough stone, many people came back in droves and gathered around them.

Jin Mao and An Ge were no longer the same people as before who couldn’t even operate a stone solving machine. They moved quickly to secure their rough stones on the machine, which was held firmly by the mechanical grippers on either side.

The rough stone Jin Mao was about to solve was a rusty crusted rough stone, about the size of a football, rounded, with sparse dots of pine blossoms and silk python on it.

If rough stones of this kind were highly colored, then it meant they would be very good pieces, but if not, they would be rather grey in color.

Jin Mao looked carefully at the course of the pine blossoms on the surface of the rough stone. Usually the place where the python band and the pine blossoms appeared at the same time was the part of the rough stone that had jadeite, but this rough stone had silky python band that looked like grains of wood, hence it didn’t look like it would produce jadeite.

Jin Mao drew a diagonal line directly between the pine flowers and the python band which looked like it didn’t make any difference.

After pressing the button on the machine, the infrared recognition system identified the line and the laser knife automatically emitted a blue light then started to cut along the hidden line, cutting the rough stone into two.

On the cut surface, all that could be seen was a greyish-white stone with a hint of jadeite in some places, indicating that the jadeite inside was still unformed.

“What a pity. If it hadn’t been dug out in advance, perhaps jadeite could have been formed hundreds or thousands of years later.” A middle-aged man said rather regretfully as he shook his head.

The little fatty rolled his eyes directly. He wouldn’t be here hundreds or thousands of years later. Heh heh, at that time would he still care about this rough stone?

Over on another side, Bai Jing had also started to solve a rough stone.

He had three rough stones in his cart. Two of which were a sure collapse in bet and one which would produce a large piece of jadeite of the luminous green variety.

Under Wang Ping’s watchful eye, he took out one of the rough stones that was a collapse in bet.

If one bet on a collapsed rough stone but then had a rise in bet, people would come to enjoy it, but if one bet on a rough stone that was sure to produce a rise in bet but then it collapsed, afraid the effect would be greatly diminished.

So even though Wang Ping’s gaze was scorching hot, he didn’t intend to change his order of solving the rough stones.

The first rough stone was a dark ebony skin rough stone the size of two adult fists and weighing no more than four kilograms. The color was as black as lacquer, with grey ringworms on the underside which was rather scattered. At first glance, one could see clearly that it wouldn’t produce a high bet.

Bai Jing turned on the laser blade and a blue beam of light emerged like fire, cold and sharp, cutting directly along the crust.

“It’s actually showing green!” Someone shouted.

Wang Ping was delighted when he heard this. As expected of this little young master with good luck, just one cut and green was showing.

Heh heh, he had to get the firecrackers ready quickly.

“Not right, this green isn’t connected.”

“It’s the worst kind of jadeite, white on green. It’s collapsed.”

One could only see the cut in half reveal a low quality jadeite of the lowest grade, the white on green kind, only half the size of the palm of one’s hand.

The green inside was a dull grey-green color, with a little bit here and there, very haphazardly distributed, and with the poor seed water, it was equivalent to scrap which no one would ever want.

Even Bai Jing, who had never been a wasteful person, wouldn’t extract energy fluid from it as there were too many inclusions and the transparency was too poor, making it a complete waste of one’s mental power if one ever tried using it.

In the end the firecracker in Wang Ping’s hand wasn’t set off, but he wasn’t in a hurry. Weren’t there still two pieces left?

Bai Jing’s second rough stone was a water-turned sand crusted mountainous stone. It was yellowish-grey in color with a rusty tinge to the crust and also small, about six or seven kilograms in size.

White fingers gripping the handle of the black laser knife, they made a direct cut along the third part of the unsurprisingly white rough stone.

The cold, dark light made two more cuts in quick succession and then it was obvious it was a collapse in bet.

Similarly, the rough stones that An Ge and Jin Mao were solving on the other side were also collapses in bet.

Seeing that the number of people in the shop was getting smaller and smaller, Wang Ping really became nervous this time.

He even felt a little bit of regret. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have given those rough stones away for free. Not only had he lost tens of thousands of starcoins for nothing, even the stream of people was gone!

Sigh, perhaps it was just bad luck today.

Just as Wang Ping was about to lose confidence, Bai Jing put the last rough stone into the stone solving machine with the help of a handling robot.

This rough stone was about the size of a basketball, yellowish-brown in color, slightly flat with a pockmarked crust and would have looked very unimpressive had it not been for a couple of less obvious looking greyish-white python bands on it.

Especially at the uppermost corner, where the pine flowers were continuous.

As the saying went, ‘It was better to buy a line than a piece.” Meaning that instead of buying a rough stone that had pine blossoms (green) across a large surface with no jadeite inside, it was better to choose a rough stone that had thread like pine blossoms or ones that were clumped on the surface which was more likely to have jadeite inside.

When Bai Jing had been choosing this rough stone, he had seen the large green color, but with his excellent eyesight, he had also seen that the lower part of the rough stone was covered with light-colored hairy pine needle blossoms.

This was a hard-to-identify type of pine blossom. They were light in color, either yellow or green or white; it could easily produce high quality jadeite or jadeite that was fully green.

And combining all these signs together, he had felt that this rough stone had some potential and had sent his sense perception ability deep inside the rough stone.

The upper part that had large patches of pine blossoms indeed had no jadeite, but it didn’t affect the rough stone as a whole and contained at least ten kilograms of jadeite of the luminous green variety.

But the onlookers weren’t as discerning as Bai Jing, and none of them were convinced by the rough stone.

“Sigh, this rough stone…… isn’t likely to produce jadeite.”

“Yes, the pine blossoms are all connected, how come he chose such a rough stone?”

Someone lowered his voice a little: “Can’t you see, it’s just this little young master who’s bored and wants to have fun!

I just saw him buy a rough stone with invisible locks in it at 600,000 starcoins, tsk tsk. He’s really rich.”

“Ah, that piece?”

I saw it when I came here a long time ago. That big piece of rough stone had been sitting there and hadn’t been sold for a month. I didn’t expect that it would really be purchased.”

“It seems this little young master is really here to play.”


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