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Chapter 64.1

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Bai Jing walked over curiously, stood at the edge of the crowd, and saw that they were gathered around a white salt skin full bet rough stone numbered 2466.

This rough stone weighed thirty-six kilograms, was in the shape of a slanted semi-cylindrical column, and had smooth edges and a delicate skin.

And like wood grain, python-like belts ran through the entire rough stone, surrounded by clusters and clusters of tight green pine blossoms which varied in depth, almost covering the surface of the rough stone, looking like it would perform very well.

Pine blossoms meant that the rough stone only had green on the outer shell while full pine blossoms meant that the jadeite inside was almost entirely green!

And indeed, it was so.

People queued up to take turns to look at it, using strong lights to shine back and forth along the thin skin, and as their lights moved, a large area of green, bright and rich in color was visible through the skin, indicating a high possibility of it having top quality jadeite.

For example, full green jadeite or even the rare Imperial green jadeite!

Whispers started to circulate around, not loud, however because Bai Jing’s senses were now very sharp, he could faintly hear.

“Hey, why is this rough stone in the open bid area?”

“The seller probably put it in here deliberately to compete for the king bid title of the open bid area!”

“That’s right, looking at its performance, this is definitely a rare good material.”

“Number 2466, hiss, I’m afraid it’s going to fetch a sky-high price today at the open bid.”

Although each session’s king bid was in the secret bid area, that was among the several hundred thousand rough stones.

Most of the rough stones in the secret bid were good materials, hence this one wouldn’t stand out there, so it was better for it to be in the open bid area where it could maybe get the title of hidden king bid.

Moreover, auctioning it on the first day when people’s emotions were at the highest meant the price won’t be low.

Perhaps this was the reason for the saying, ‘it was better to be a head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix’.

When it was Bai Jing’s turn to observe the rough stone, he pretended to use the action of examining it and then sent his sense perception ability deep inside the rough stone.

And the moment his sense perception ability entered the skin of the rough stone, he felt a very strong active reaction– it was of the glass variety!

And judging from the color it was showing, it was the rare full green, second only to Imperial green!

As the saying went, ‘A difference in color meant a tenfold difference in price’.

And although it was somewhat exaggerated, for high-quality jadeite, the color difference indeed brought about a several-fold price difference.

Moreover the brighter the color, the higher the purity of the energy fluid extracted from it, and when it came to energy fluids above grade 6, high-quality, top-quality, and ordinary quality weren’t the same.

However after investigating, Bai Jing found that this white salt skin wasn’t all jadeite as people thought.

About ten kilograms of it was full green jadeite of the glass variety, which accounted for one-third of the whole rough stone, uniformly colored, dripping with green.

And the other parts, due to the lighter colored pine blossoms that had formed later and the broken python belts, didn’t have deep green, only a thin layer of green skin.

But even so, this rough stone could reach over 70 million!

Bai Jing glanced at the price at the bottom of the rough stone excitedly then calmed down when he saw the string of zeros.

The starting price of this white salt skin rough stone was marked at 30 million starcoins!

Then seeing so many people interested in this rough stone, Bai Jing thought about how high the bidding would go.

He recorded the number 2466 in the electronic notebook of his light brain, then made a note of a maximum price of 50 million.

If the auction price went above this, he didn’t plan to continue bidding.

Profit was one thing, but profit margin was another. With limited funds, he would prioritize higher profit margin options, even if it meant he had to choose several more rough stones.

He knew that the likelihood of him winning the rough stone with a bid of 50 million was slim to none, so he didn’t place it among the few rough stones he was closely watching.

Some sharp-eyed people saw ‘Gu Yun’ open his light brain an record something seriously.

And although they couldn’t see what he was writing, it was most likely he was recording the number of the rough stone or something like that.

Something which made people feel even more confident about rough stone number 2466, leading to a final price that was higher than expected, making it the true king of the open bid area!

After Bai Jing was done with the recording, he looked up and in the queue, saw a familiar figure whose turn it was now to observe the rough stone.

It was little fatty Jin Mao!

And beside him was a middle-aged man and a level 5 stone gambler, the latter shining a strong light carefully on every inch of the surface of the rough stone, clearly excited.

The last time they had gone to the stone gambling street, An Ge had looked at him carefully, and Bai Jing, with his keen senses immediately understood that he had recognized him.

However he hadn’t planned to keep it a secret from the two for long.

Hence after the initial shock, the little fatty accepted the fact that Jing Ge was Gu Yun and swore to keep it a secret, otherwise he would never advance to being a level 2 Stone Gambler!

Bai Jing had just smiled, trusting that they would keep quiet.

Unexpectedly, he ran into the Jin family here.

The Jin family’s robot manufacturing business wasn’t as good as it used to be before, with profits declining year by year, and now it was barely just operating.

And so Father Jin supporting his son to become a Stone Gambler was an attempt to find a new path to revive the family.

This time, Father Jin had scraped together over two hundred million in funds and hired a level 5 stone gambler in hopes that he would have a rise in bet on a few rough stones to alleviate their financial issues.

As Bai Jing walked over to him, he saw the level 5 stone gambler whispering something to Father Jin excitedly and vaguely heard ‘you definitely have to get this piece of rough stone’, but then stopped when he approached.

Little fatty looked at Bai Jing excitedly, “Jing…… Yun Ge! I didn’t expect to see you here!”

He was about to rush over to hug him when he saw the cold and stern looking Gu Yuanzhao behind him and immediately put his hands back as he said respectfully, “Your Excellency the Major General.”

The people around looked at Jin Mao with envy; what kind of luck did this kid have? He actually knew the genius Stone Gambler Gu Yun!

Even Father Jin was beside himself with excitement as he gave his son an appreciative glance. To be able to make friends with such an excellent Stone Gambler, his son was far more capable than he was!

The level 5 stone gambler Jia Kai who had been hired by the Jin family however stood aside vigilantly, feeling a strong sense of crisis.

With Gu Yun around, what need was there for him?!

Although they were both level 5 Stone Gamblers, Gu Yun was known as ‘God Yun’ and was the exclusive Stone Gambler of the Gu Conglomerate while he was just an ordinary mid-level Stone Gambler. In terms of fame and status, the two were like the difference between heaven and earth!

After Bai Jing greeted little fatty and Father Jin, he looked slightly hesitant, unsure whether to tell them not to spend a lot on the white salt skin rough stone.

Father Jin, seasoned in business for many years and quite cunning, said with a laugh, “Jia Kai, let’s go and check out the other rough stones quickly. The bidding starts this afternoon, so let’s leave these two young people to chat.”

After Jia Kai and Father Jin left, Bai Jing and the little fatty looked at several dozen rough stones and it was only after they had walked a distance away that Bai Jing said softly, “I observed the pine blossom patterns on rough stone number 2466 carefully and found that a large part of it was formed later, so it’s unlikely that the green will penetrate inside deeply,

So I suggest that Uncle Jin not invest heavily in rough stone number 2466.”

Seeing Jin Mao listening attentively, Bai Jing added, “Of course, this is just my judgment, it might not be accurate.”

Little fatty Jin Mao grinned, his small eyes curving into crescents, “Of course I believe Jing Ge, you’re God Yun, the one I admire the most!”

If they weren’t close, who would care whether he won or lost.

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