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Chapter 63.3

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Two days before the Emporium started, Gu Yuanzhao brought back two bidding devices and handed one to Bai Jing.

This device was designed as a black wristband, small and convenient to wear on the wrist, with a number engraved at the bottom.

This number served as an identity code for one to use for entering the Emporium, what’s more it was required for both open and secret bidding, as the bidding results would be claimed using this number.

Apart from the five major families, everyone entering the venue had to pay a security deposit of 1 million, and then collect a bidding device according to the order of deposit payment.

The purpose of this was to prevent people from escaping bids.

Because although those who received invitations were either the rich or the aristocratic, cases of escaping bids still occurred frequently.

Escaping a bid was the act of shouting a high price during the auction, winning the bid, but then ultimately not paying within the specified time due to one having made a mistake or regretting.

Once someone escaped a bid, their deposit wouldn’t be refunded, and they would be blacklisted by the organizers, making it so that they wouldn’t be able to attend subsequent Jadeite Summits ever again.

Gu Yuanzhao watched the teenager put the black bracelet on his slender and fair wrist, making it look even more whiter. He coughed softly, “Ah Jing, I might not be able to stay by your side all the time during the viewing period tomorrow.”

Bai Jing nodded casually as he fiddled with the bidder on his wrist, “I know, don’t worry.”

Actually, it wouldn’t be of any use even if he was around, as it wasn’t as if he knew how to gamble on rough stones.

Gu Yuanzhao’s voice became a little serious “Ah Jing, when I’m not around be careful of the level six Stone Gambler, Yan Ji.”

His investigation suggested that this person was most likely the murderer who had controlled Ying Wenfeng to commit s*ic*de.

However it was currently unclear who was behind him as the information on his light brain, just like Ying Wenfeng’s, had been wiped completely without a trace.

However records showed that his mental power level was at the S level, which indicated that he had gone through a mutation, but his exact level was still unknown.

And so he planned to take opportunity of this emporium to observe his movements closely in order to expose the aristocratic family behind him!

Bai Jing lifted his head, “Okay, I’ll be careful.”

If the other party planned to control him, he would use his mental power to resist. It wasn’t certain who would control whom!

The next day, after having a lavish breakfast at the hotel, the two arrived at the entrance of the Emporium.

To facilitate entry, ten entrances had been opened at the venue, where at present many rich businessmen as well as aristocratic families were undergoing genetic and iris verification along with the Stone Gamblers they had brought with them. At a glance, one could see that the place was crowded.

The five major families of the empire had a special VIP passage.

Hence the moment Gu Yuanzhao and Bai Jing appeared, they attracted everyone’s attention.

One was the heir of the Gu Conglomerate, a young major general who was admired by all, and the other was the new star of the Stone Gambling World ‘God Yun’ who was known for consistently unravelling top quality jadeites, always a striking presence wherever he went.

However the Du family that was rumored to be forming a marriage alliance with the Gu Conglomerate was just a few steps ahead!

The patriarch of the Du family, Du Feng, also a level seven Stone Gambler didn’t come, and so the one leading them this time was his cousin Du Hong, and apart from him, there were also the siblings Du Jingya and Du Xing Yu.

Du Jingya was the partner for the marriage alliance with Young Master Gu!

However Gu Yun also had a very close relationship with Young Master Gu, so what kind of sparks would fly among these three?

Everyone’s gossiping hearts started itching.

The VIP passage was naturally unobstructed, hence Bai Jing and Gu Yuanzhao quickly met the Du family.

Du Jingya was a tall, pretty girl with long hair tied in a high ponytail, a hint of heroism between her brows, exuding a carefree beauty.

She glanced at Gu Yuanzhao, then nodded at him perfunctorily, “Young Master Gu.”

Gu Yuanzhao also greeted her then shifted his gaze to Bai Jing, the interaction between the two of them so bland that no sparks were generated.

The melon eaters: That’s, that’s, that’s it?!


Du Jingya’s eyes however lingered as she turned to look at Bai Jing, and ignoring Gu Yuanzhao’s warning gaze, moved forward, “You’re Gu Yun, right?”

Bai Jing responded, “Yes, that’s me.”

Seeing this scene, the emotions of the crowd were immediately stirred up.

It was coming, it was coming, the stimulating part was coming!

Were the two of them going to start declaring their sovereignty and then tear X up? Hurry up and fight!

Du Jingya pushed strands of hair behind her ear, smiling brightly, “You’re very skilled at gambling on rough stones. Let’s….. exchange contact info?”

Bai Jing: “Sure.”

He had never refused girls, not to mention the other party was also an excellent level five Stone Gambler.

The two’s light brains touched immediately.

The face of Gu Yuanzhao who was standing on the side was slightly dark, his dark eyes looking at Du Jingya coldly, hating that he couldn’t hug Bai Jing to declare his sovereignty.

Du Jingya ignored his gaze completely and even planned to invite Bai Jing for dinner in the evening, only to be rejected unceremoniously.

This….. what situation was this?

The melon eaters looked at each other in confusion, the melon seeds in their hands falling down.

Why did it feel as if the two of them were fighting over Gu Yun?!

Was it their imagination?

After entering the venue, the vast space of tens of thousands of square meters was filled with rough stones that had been arranged neatly in rows on stone platforms. It was simply a sea of rough stones.

And under each rough stone, there was a note with its number as well as its base price, all arranged in order, creating an impressive sight.

The distinction between the open bid area and the secret bid area was clear, as each rough stone in the secret bid area was accompanied by a ‘bidding box’.

A sweet announcement voice sounded, “Dear guests, the viewing time for Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium is from 9 AM to 6 PM. The open bidding for rough stones numbers 1-3000 will be from 4 PM to 6 PM today. Please be mindful of the time.”

After hearing this announcement, many people headed towards the open bid area where the numbers were lower, as the secret bid area wouldn’t be open for bidding until the sixth day, leaving plenty of time to spare.

What’s more the secret bid area involved blind bidding which required not only a personal assessment of the rough stones’ value but also consideration of other bidders’ valuations, leading to higher competition and prices.

Bai Jing also pulled Gu Yuanzhao, walking towards the open bid area.

The open bid area had about 20,000 rough stones, all of which accounted for only about two-tenths of all the rough stones, making it impossible for one to view them all in five days, hence one could only rely on luck and judgment.

There were quite a few people selecting rough stones at the entrance of the open bid area, causing the environment to be somewhat noisy.

Bai Jing had just taken a few steps when he heard someone shout, “F*ck, the base price is 300,000, so expensive?”

Another person next to him chimed in, “Sigh, that’s right. The prices of the raw rough stones have risen quite a bit compared to the last two sessions.”

As Bai Jing walked past them, he glanced at the rough stone numbered 12. It was a yellow sand skin rough stone, weighed around forty to fifty kilograms, had unevenly distributed grains on its crust, and the brush pine blossoms on it were sparse.

This rough stone, at first glance, looked to be from a new pit. It was the type that was tender, and the brush pine blossoms on its skin didn’t even form a consistent green. Yet even such a rough stone was tagged with a base price of 300,000. It was really too much.

It had to be known that this was just the base price, as the final sale price usually increased several times, and for rough stones that performed well, it could even multiply by dozens or hundreds!

Bai Jing knew in his heart that most of the good materials had gone into the secret bid area, with only the second class materials in the open bid area.

However with so many rough stones, he didn’t believe he wouldn’t be able to pick out some good ones.

He looked through the rough stones very quickly, skipping those with poor performance after just a glance at them, only stopping when he reached ones with fine skin or ones from old pits as he examined their brush pine blossoms, python bands, as well as the cracks and locks on their surfaces carefully, and then used his sense perception ability to assess them further.

There were some who wanted to take advantage of his fame to follow behind him, wanting to see which rough stones he would pick. However seeing Gu Yuanzhao beside him, they didn’t dare get close and so could only watch from a distance.

Unfortunately, Bai Jing speed as he examined the rough stones was too fast, as in no time at all they were soon left behind, making it so that after a while, no one followed him.

By the morning’s end, he had already viewed rough stones up to around number 2000. Thankfully, his mental power had increased several times along with his sense perception ability, otherwise he would have been really overwhelmed.

He had recorded the numbers of more than twenty rough stones in the electronic book of his light brain, all of which were rough stones with low base prices but promising good seed types, at least reaching the glutinous variety.

And in addition, there were more than thirty pieces with seeds that weren’t bad, however their base prices were all above two million starcoins, and with the knowledge that the auction prices were bound to go up during bidding, the calculated profit margin wasn’t high.

Of the more than twenty rough stones, he had made a mark against five of them. The varieties of these five rough stones were all above the ice variety, all of them having uniform colors.

And among them, number 682 was of the high ice golden silk variety, and number 1045 was sunny green of the glass variety, each priced over ten million!

Gu Yuanzhao, seeing the teenager’s somewhat excited eyes, took his hand, “Ah Jing, let’s rest a bit. Don’t tire yourself too much.”

After spending a long time selecting rough stones, Bai Jing was indeed a little tired, so the two of them rested for a while in a nearby area, drinking two bottles of nutrient solution when out of the corner of his eye, Bai Jing saw that many people seemed to have gathered not far away.

It was just as well that they had rested enough, so he pulled Gu Yuanzhao over curiously.

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