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Chapter 37.3

If one won once, they would want to win again, and if one lost, they would want to recoup their losses, and one would fall hard enough for this scheme that was like a sweet deal. In this way, the shop would have obtained more than one could imagine.

It had to be said that the shopkeeper’s skill in forgery and his understanding of the mindset of people who gambled on rough stones had reached the pinnacle.

If there weren’t many customers in the shop, then a piece of jadeite of the bean seed variety would be solved from the faked offcuts.

And when the firecrackers went off, countless people would be drawn to the shop.

After understanding the general set-up, Bai Jing lost interest all of a sudden and planned to find an excuse to leave.

For these few pieces of rough stones that were used for ‘fishing’, he absolutely couldn’t look at them, so he might as well go and pick two good ones himself.

“Jing Ge, it turns out you’re here.”

At this moment, Little fatty Jin Mao called out from the doorway then entered the shop with An Ge.

Liao Guang’s expression suddenly turned more than a little excited. Looking at this one’s dress and the spatial button he had around his neck, he should also be a master who had a lot of money.

Before Bai Jing could ask, Jin Mao complained with a sobbing expression, “Damn, my luck is really bad. All ten pieces of rough stones collapsed; unlike An Ge who had a rise in bet cyanine blue jadeite. He will soon be able to advance to becoming a level 1 Stone Gambler.

I heard that this new shop is very popular, so I came over to try my luck. I didn’t expect you to also be here.”

Little fatty Jin Mao’s tone suddenly turned fierce: “Today, I must get the last point!”

Hearing this, Bai Jing’s heart suddenly moved and he introduced to the little fatty, “Jin Mao, this is Level 2 Stone Gambler Liao Guang, someone who is rich in experience in the gambling on rough stones….”

Without Bai Jing needing to say more, Liao Guang immediately took over, “Little young Master, you’re flattering me. It’s only that I have seen a lot of rough stones. I’m not exactly experienced.”

That circumspect face combined with the righteous attitude was indeed quite professional.

For someone like little fatty Jin Mao who hadn’t even received his official qualification, a level 2 Stone Gambler was already impressive, not to mention the recommendation from Bai Jing.

Liao Guang: “Young Master Jin, you’re just in time. I was just picking out rough stones with this …… young master Jing. Look at this piece of rough stone–“

After having gone through and taken the exams to become a stone gambling apprentice, Jin Mao was no longer a neophyte.

Besides, after these few visits to the gambling street, he had seen a lot of rough stones and still had basic eyesight.

However as he looked back and forth at this piece of rough stone, he couldn’t really see anything special about it, hence he couldn’t help but look at Bai Jing.

He still trusted Bai Jing more than this Level 2 Stone Gambler. His Jing Ge was a miracle worker!

Bai Jing nodded at him gently and little fatty Jin Mao immediately decided to buy it and after paying eight thousand starcoins on the spot, he moved to the stone-cutting machine.

Hearing that someone was solving a rough stone, a number of people quickly gathered around.

Jin Mao changed his disillusioned attitude after having unraveled the ten rough stones that had become fails and became confident.

This was the rough stone Jing Ge had recommended. It would definitely produce jadeite!

As the pine blossoms on the rough stone were sparse and scattered, it wasn’t easy to tell where to place a cut. To be on the safe side, Jin Mao prepared to polish the rough stone along the slightly denser areas.

Before starting, he gave Bai Jing a special glance then seeing no objection from him, turned on the switch of the abrasive grinding wheel with confidence.

As the debris fell one after another, a few minutes later the upper part of the rough stone was polished three to four centimeters deep into the crust and about two fingers wide.

Seeing a faint green color coming through the interior, little fatty Jin Mao hastily turned off the abrasive grinding wheel and sprinkled water to wash away the surrounding granular debris to reveal a slightly rougher cut.

The jade was distinctly grainy and if one looked carefully, they were like grains of green beans arranged within it with a greenish hue, typical of the coarse bean variety.

“Green is showing!”

“It’s a bean seed–“

“Not bad, it should be able to become a rise in bet!”

Jin Mao was also a little excited. He had solved so many rough stones today, and finally, one with a bit was jadeite had appeared, and it was of the bean variety, much better than An Ge’s cyanine blue jadeite!

The next step was smooth, as this piece wasn’t too big. He just polished the rough stone in a circle around the opening where the jadeite was showing.

When he reached the halfway point, the grey-green stone underneath was gradually revealed.

When Jin Mao saw this, he made a diagonal line directly against the exposed stone and with the blue laser beam cutting it, the rough stone was split in two down the middle and the other half was indeed a white stone.

By this time, the shape of the jadeite was largely revealed.

Little fatty Jin Mao held down his excitement and adjusted the abrasive grinding wheel to its most precise gear, carefully cleaning the gravel off the edges.

After about five minutes, the jadeite in the rough stone was fully revealed to be what it really was.

It was the size of an adult’s fist, weighed 1.4kg, had a slightly rough texture and was dark green throughout, like the color of grass and was of the more common coarse bean variety.

“I’ll give you 15,000 starcoins.” A rough stone dealer shouted out the price directly.

There was little need to bid for a low-grade jadeite like this one which wasn’t large in size. As long as one took a fancy to it, they could make a bid as long as it was reasonable.

“No problem.” The little fatty smiled so much that his eyes narrowed as he agreed readily.

After receiving the transferred starcoins, Jin Mao walked up to Bai Jing and looked at him with incomparable admiration, “Jing Ge, my goodness, I’ve really gotten a rise in bet!

It’s really unbelievable. I’ll soon be able to advance to being a level 1 Stone Gambler!”

Bai Jing was also very happy for him, “Congratulations.”

Liao Guang, who was standing by the side, cursed in his heart. He was obviously the one who recommended the rough stone, so why did all the credit for it go to the one next to him?

However the fact that he had successfully managed to get a rise in bet from the rough stone meant that the plan was half successful.

Thinking along these lines, he took a few steps forward and said to Jin Mao with a smile: “Young master, congratulations! You just picked a random piece in our shop and it has given you a rise in bet. This luck is simply unmatched.

Why don’t you take advantage of your good luck to look at the rest of the rough stones that look like they would perform better and maybe you can unravel a high-grade jadeite of the glutinous or ice variety and multiply it by a few dozen times!”

These words impressed little fatty Jin Mao a lot.

He had just had a series of collapse in bets after solving ten rough stones in a row, but now that he had changed shops, he had unraveled jadeite of the bean seed variety immediately, causing him to earn more than 10,000 starcoins as well as get his points. All of which made him feel confident.

He had said it, it was definitely the shop’s problem, not his!

After advancing to being a level 1 Stone Gambler, his rise would depend on his rate of betting increase, so he might as well take advantage of his luck to pick a few more rough stones to raise his rate of betting increase, so that he wouldn’t have to suffer so much in the future.

Jin Mao already had a decision in his mind, but he still looked at Bai Jing unconsciously: “Jing Ge, I want to pick two or three more rough stones that look like they would perform well, what do you think?”

Liao Guang was delighted at his words. This big fish had taken the bait!

There would soon be tens of thousands of starcoins flowing in, moreover it wouldn’t be at their expense! They had already taken the jadeites inside and replaced them with white stones!

Bai Jing looked at the little fatty’s expectant gaze and pondered for a moment, “If you really want to buy it, you can pick two more pieces, but there’s no need to choose the more expensive ones.

Since the rough stone that was a rise in bet just now was chosen from this pile of rough stones that cost 1000 starcoins by the kilo, it’s better to choose from this row for a higher probability.”

Jin Mao hit his head, “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that! Jing Ge, you’re so powerful. You think everything through thoroughly.”

The smile at the corners of Liao Guang’s mouth suddenly froze, wondering why things hadn’t turned out the way he had expected.

Shouldn’t the normal desire after having a rise in bet be to hunger more and more, wanting to bet that one would get jadeite of a higher variety? Why was he going back to selecting rough stones with average performance?!

?? This, this wasn’t right!

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