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Chapter 15.1

Bai Jing took the time off to get a good night’s sleep to catch up on all the sleep he had missed. When the sun came up, he got up and made a nice lunch.

He was a little tired of the tasteless nutrient solution he had been drinking consecutively for 20 days.

The table was soon set with a dish of braised aubergine, a dish of diced spicy chicken, and fragrant rice.

The braised eggplant was soft and glutinous, melting in the mouth, delicious and fragrant; the diced spicy chicken was still steaming, emitting a very tempting spicy flavor, and the fried chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside making it very appetizing.

After he was done eating, Bai Jing went back to his studies.

The atmosphere in the classroom became more intense as the exam date approached, with everyone looking nervously at their notes and materials, and the only sounds for a while the rustling of books and the sound of recitations.

Gao Ling’s lecture was over and it was time to consolidate and answer questions.

However, as the person in charge of leading the group to the headquarters this time, he had other important duties and couldn’t be in the training room all the time.

Before he left, Gao Ling put the light brain’s communication method on the light screen, instructing that if there were any questions, he could be reached at any time.

It had to be acknowledged that Gao Ling was an extremely responsible teacher, serious and meticulous in his approach to teaching, but he had no idea of the mentality of these teenagers who were 14 or 15 years old.

In the eyes of these students, this teacher always had a deep furrow between his eyebrows and a frighteningly serious expression on a regular basis, who would dare approach him?

“Jing Ge, how is the field of this rough stone identified? I’m a bit confused.”

Both of little fatty Jin Mao’s eyebrows were furrowed together and his tone was pitiful.

Sigh, it wasn’t that he wanted to disturb Bai Jing’s revision, it was just that he was so depressed that his hair was about to go bald but he was still unable to come up with an answer to the question.

“Look carefully, there are a few whitish traces of water on the rough stone, which are traces of the movement of the raw stone with the riverbed.

And the traces are radiating, indicating that the movement has a dispersive nature, so this is a rough stone from the No. 1 Field on Solann Star Planet –“

“Heavens, you can even tell this …?”

Jin Mao looked along the rough stone and finally saw three inconspicuous white water marks, not much bigger than a grain of rice, near the bottom.

The shape was even harder to discern, almost blending in with the grain of the rough stone itself, making it difficult to detect even with a magnifying glass.

Jin Mao was shocked that Bai Jing could see such a hard-to-find mark with just a quick glance.

“That …Bai Jing, can you, can you help me look at this piece of rough stone …”

An Ge next to him also plucked up the courage to ask. He had to pass this exam or the Shen family would never fund him again.


Bai Jing didn’t refuse. Explaining to others was also a way to consolidate knowledge and sort out ideas more clearly.

The crowd in the back row watched as Jin Mao and An Ge surrounded Bai Jing with questions one after the other, their eyes red with envy.

Why did these two have such a good fortune? They wanted Bai Jing’s patient answers too!

Jin Mao, who was listening to Bai Jing’s explanation shivered violently. He looked behind him and almost jumped up in fright:.

Sh*t, dozens of pairs of eyes were staring at him viciously, and those eyes – hiss, they were really too scary.

The little fatty turned back with a palpitating heart, but with a secret feeling of pleasure deep in his heart. Hmph, who told you to look down on my Jing Ge when you first came here? Now you regret it, right? You deserve it!

Proxima Star Space Station 3.

This place was about 300 kilometers from the surface of Proxima Star, completely off the planet’s surface.

Bai Jing stood on top of the vast space station and looked around, shaken: it was like a small port city, docked with space ships bound for various planets, a magnificent sight to behold.

Gao Ling and more than 500 students were all gathered here, ready to take the space ship to the Capital Star.

Capital Star was about .5 light years away from Proxima Star. It could be reached in just one day using the most advanced wormhole space shuttle technology, but of course the fee wasn’t cheap – it was 10,000 starcoins per person.

“Passengers travelling on Proxima-Capitalis are requested to board at docking point 5 as soon as possible -“

The silver-grey space ship docked slowly at the docking point, the white hatch opened and the students followed Gao Ling and logged in in turn, swiping their light brains on the hatch’s connecting screen, which would automatically recognize proof of identity and deduct the appropriate fee.

As Little fatty Jin Mao moved behind Bai Jing, he thought of his situation and suddenly came up to him and whispered, “Jing Ge, if you don’t have enough starcoins …”

“Ding – Passenger ID 1053166247 payment successful, please enter the cabin.”

Before he could finish, Bai Jing’s light brain was already on the connection screen.

Jin Mao’s eyes widened. He seemed to have just seen a flash of the screen of his light brain showing a balance of over 700,000 starcoins?

He was definitely seeing things, right! Bai Jing was from the slums, how could he have more starcoins than he did-

The pure white compartments of the ship were separated one by one, with the hibernation compartment taking up most of the space. Other than that, there were simple tables and chairs with a few doses of primary nutrient solution on them.

Bai Jing noticed, through the small circular window, that the azure and yellow planet Proxima Star was getting further and further away from him, and realized that the capsule had been activated, but he couldn’t feel even the slightest bump or shock from the high speed. It was the same as being on the ground.

As he looked forward, a huge black spherical ‘object’ appeared in front of him, with a very thin sense of boundary, like a gushing foam. Bai Jing knew immediately that it was a wormhole.

A wormhole was a spatial tunnel that connected two distant spaces, the equivalent of folding two spaces that were far apart, and was a ‘shortcut’ to space-time in the universe. [Note]

Entering a wormhole was equivalent to entering a higher dimensional space, where the radiation became extremely intense, so Bai Jing pressed the remote control and entered the hibernation chamber.

After what seemed like a long, long sleep, Bai Jing was awakened by the hibernation chamber with a feeling of being in a different world.

The crowd stepped out of the hatch in turn and were in awe as they saw the face of the Capital Star on the speeding hover car.

“Look, that’s Capital Star’s main city – Cloud City!”

“My goodness, it’s actually built in the air?”

“That’s right, it’s said that the energy system of Cloud Central City all comes from Jadeite Mine No.1 , which produces five tons of glassy imperial green jadeite, known as the king of jadeite, enough to sustain the energy of Cloud Central City for hundreds of years.”

Bai Jing looked ahead through the window of the hover car, only to see the vast main city built in mid-air, with all sorts of towering and lofty edifices rising from the ground, like huge islands floating on the sea, utterly undisturbed by gravity.

Capital Star was worthy of being the number one planet in the Empire, with a level of prosperity that far surpassed that of the planet Proxima Star and it’s adjacent planets.

High-grade mechs and supercar-type hover cars could be seen spinning and leaping in the air everywhere, whizzing past before everyone’s eyes at such a fast pace that they couldn’t be seen.

A fleet of fully equipped armed ships stood by at the moorings, the coldness and sharpness of metal pouncing on their faces, guarding the main city.

After a strict inventory, the crowd entered the main city and didn’t have to walk long before they saw the headquarters of the Gambling Guild.

The headquarters of the Guild was located in the heart of the main town, in the heart of the city, where two pyramid-shaped buildings met at the top and bottom, one upright and one upside down, with their triangular tops firmly set together, forming the shape of an angular ‘8’.

Its exterior was as smooth and flat as a mirror, so clear that it illuminated a person’s shadow, its silvery surface reflecting an eerily cold light, and there wasn’t a trace of a patchwork or a single seam in the whole building which was perfectly formed.

These Egyptian pyramids were known as the first of the Eight Wonders of the Empire, a structure that was a reinvention of the wisdom of ancient earth, yet transcended the skills of ancient earth and swept in with the force of high technology, the collision of old and new times so shocking.

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