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Chapter 22.2

The people who hadn’t gone far returned immediately at the sound of the voices, the crowd gathering around even more than those who had gathered before, filling almost the entire shop and making Wang Ping smile with joy.

There were no locks or ringworm on the surface of this piece, so there was basically no chance of the interior being damaged. As long as it wasn’t a thin layer of green skin, it was an absolute steal.

Seeing the jadeite, Bai Jing turned the button on the laser blade off and replaced it with a grinding wheel.

This abrasive wheel was very small and the handle was set with a miniature force sensor that would soften and adjust the force so that with a little bit of care, it wouldn’t hurt the flesh of the jadeite inside.

The grinding wheel was made of nano-particle technology, so when Bai Jing placed it to the surface of the rough stone, it polished away the surrounding debris without much effort and without vibration in the hand, giving a very comfortable feeling.

And the gravel that fell off was reduced to a granular vertical drop, with an automatic sweeping tool below to clean up the debris without it falling on the person operating it at all.

As the surrounding crust was rubbed off, some of the jadeite inside was unraveled and the Stone Solver doused the rough stone with water to allow the crowd to see it more clearly.

“Heavens, it’s a hibiscus jadeite, second only to the jadeite of the ice variety!”

“It’s so beautiful, so clear without a trace of impurity, not outdone by the jadeite of the ice variety. ”

“A miracle, it’s a miracle-“

What was it if not a miracle that a hibiscus jadeite worth a million starcoins had been produced from a worthless piece of scrap?

The rough stones dealer, who had previously been mocking Bai Jing stared dead at the exposed cut, his eyes widening in disbelief.

He never imagined that a piece of scrap could produce a hibiscus jadeite, second only to the jadeite of the ice variety!

Thinking about how he had just been taunting Bai Jing proudly, he couldn’t help but blush, looking as if he had been slapped several times in quick succession, very embarrassed.

After the embarrassment, he suddenly thought of something and his face turned white in an instant, his body starting to shake.

He was the one who had delivered this rough stone to the teenager himself!

If he had spent 60,000 starcoins to buy this scrap, wouldn’t this hibiscus jadeite be his?!

And he had wasted time bargaining, claiming to have a good eye when it turned out that he was the one who was the most stupid.

At this moment, endless remorse and resentment overwhelmed him like a tidal wave and he finally experienced an even stronger sense of loss than Boss Yu, a feeling that was truly bitter.

The other rough stone dealers glanced at him disdainfully and immediately distanced themselves from him to clear their relationship.

They still wanted to get their hands on the hibiscus jadeite and didn’t want to upset the owner of the rough stone. The jadeite was already a third of the way through; if they didn’t make a move, it would become even more expensive when this wonderful piece was unraveled all the way through.

“Young master, I’ll offer you one million starcoins, transfer this rough stone directly to me. ”

“I’ll give you one million two hundred thousand. ”

“One and a half million!”

In just a few minutes, this rough stone that was purchased at 30,000 starcoins had increased fifty times, the same price as buying the whole half-bet rough stone.

Not agreeing to any of the prices mentioned, Bai Jing continued to solve the rough stone.

After about ten minutes had passed, the surrounding rubble was cleared away, revealing the jadeite in its full form.

It was a hemispherical piece of hibiscus jadeite, approximately the size of half a football, weighing 6.2 kg.

The entire jadeite was highly transparent, as moist as water and as light as a hibiscus flower, without a single impurity throughout and as pure as ice.

The pale green color shone through from within, not as intense as sunny green, but more like the pale lightness of young leaves in a spring breeze.

The color was pure and soft, the overall color even, the texture delicate and warm, and if one were to draw an analogy with a human being, it would be like the gentle freshness of a woman from Jiangnan.

Smiling toothlessly, Wang Ping immediately hung firecrackers at the door.

As crackling sounds were heard, the people from other stalls dropped the rough stones they were holding and came running to rub off of the luck.

Looking at this elegant and pure jadeite, a feeling of fond excitement welled up in their hearts.

Little fatty Jin Mao was already looking at Bai Jing as if he were a deity. Who else but his Jing Ge would be able to solve a hibiscus jadeite from a piece of scrap?!

“Young master, I’ll give you two million starcoins for this jadeite.”

“I’ll give you two and a half million.”

“Three million!”

“Four million, I’ll give you four million!”

When the crowd looked, wasn’t this the rough stone dealer who wouldn’t even pay 60,000 starcoins and didn’t keep his word?

Just 60,000 starcoins and he didn’t want to pay. Now he was spending 4 million starcoins, tsk, he really deserved it.

The price of four million starcoins was considered high for this hibiscus jadeite, hence the other rough stone dealers didn’t continue calling out bids.

Just as Bai Jing was about to sell it, he suddenly remembered the agreement he had signed with the Gu Conglomerate.

He remembered that there was an agreement that the Gu Conglomerate had pre-emptive rights on the rough stone that was unraveled.

With an apology to the crowd of onlookers, Bai Jing used his light brain to initiate communication under the cover of the stone-cutting machine while switching on the sound shield on the side.

The communication went through within seconds.

Bai Jing didn’t expect to be connected so quickly.

Looking at the other man’s mature and handsome face, he froze for a moment before saying, “I’ve unraveled a hibiscus seed jadeite in the gambling street, do you want–“

Preferential acquisition?

Gu Yuanzhao’s sharp features visibly softened, and a sliver of a smile flashed in his dark eyes as he said warmly without waiting for Bai Jing to finish.

“Is it a gift for me? Thank you, Ah Jing.

However, you can auction this hibiscus jadeite for yourself and in the future, if you solve jadeite of the high ice variety or of the glass variety, I’ll buy it from you in my name.”

Seeming to feel that there was an ambiguity in his words, Gu Yuanzhao immediately added, “Because my mecha is of a higher grade, I can only use the very best jadeite as an energy source. The hibiscus jadeite is also very good, it’s just that–“

It’s not suitable for my mech? Would this make Bai Jing sad?

Bai Jing nodded: “I understand. Then I’ll just auction it off. ”

Gu Yuanzhao looked at the blacked out light screen, his heart filled with chagrin. Bai Jing wasn’t angry, right?

Had his words just now hurt the teenager’s pride?

For the first time, the only heir to the Gu family, the youngest major general in the empire, and the always decisive Young Master Gu, looked at his light brain in a daze.

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    1. It isn’t, though. The very first jade he solved was a high ice with a glass core, but unfortunately that was before he got hired on as an exclusive stone gambler, so it wasn’t sold to him.

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