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Chapter 34.3

Next, a 4.5 kg glutinous red jadeite solved by Zhuo Qin fetched a high price of 3.5 million starcoins for its rare color.

Another similarly sized hibiscus yellow sunny green jadeite solved by Bai Jing fetched 2.6 million starcoins amidst bids from the rough stone dealers, a huge haul overall.

Then the betting war came to an end and many left satisfied.

After watching today’s betting war, the rest of the betting wars became less exciting, so the crowd decided to wait for another two days.

The traffic on Starnet because of this particular betting war was also astronomical.

Before it was over.

#Imperial green glass jadeite

#Genius Stone Gambler Gu Yun

And #Young Master Gu appeared on top of the list of buzzwords, with an unbeatable buzz.

Gu Yun’s fan base also rose exponentially, with his betting war alone gaining him millions of fans and the video of him solving the imperial green glass jadeite was also competing on Starnet, with over 10 million views in just one day.

At the same time, a small group of Young Master Gu and ‘Gu Yun’ CP fans began to form, reaching hundreds of thousands in just a few hours with a continuing to rise trend.

[F*ck, these two are a perfect match].

[Sisters, come on, you guys, look at Young Master Gu’s doting gaze. motion.jpg]

[Ah ah ah ah, I’m dead–]

[And this words from Young Master Gu: He’s mine now.]

[Mine! Is this not a blatant assertion of sovereignty!!!]

[This CP has knocked me dead, woo woo woo–]

Before coming down from the high stage, Zhuo Qin walked across to Bai Jing, blushing slightly: “Gu Yun, I’m a fan of yours, can I have your contact details? I won’t give it out.”

Bai Jing rarely turned down girls and as she was also a strong Stone Gambler, he reasoned that there might be an exchange of experience later, so he agreed.

Gu Yuanzhao didn’t come forward to stop him as he respected Bai Jing and wouldn’t interfere in his personal affairs.

However his dark, bottomless eyes looked at Zhuo Qin and it was as if they had hardened into ice, so cold that the latter left with a pale face after getting Gu Yun’s contact details, her intention to talk more completely dead.

As Gu Yun had participated in a betting war today, Liang Heng skillfully posted on his Star Realm account to thank his fans and uploaded a few high resolution pictures of his face.

After the quantum data filtered out the most perfect nine-picture pictures from all angles, Minister Liang examined at them one by one: Huh, how come in three of them he was standing with Young Master Gu?

Huh, but these ones really did look good. It was double the beauty blast, so he would just send them out like that.

After a month of running the account, it had already become a pleasure for Liang Heng to watch the number of fans rising daily.

There were even days that when the number of fans dropped, he would try to do something like raffle prizes or give out motion picture benefits, following Young Master Gu’s orders to the letter.

He quickly sent out a high resolution image of the nine frames with the text: “Thank you all for your support.”

Bringing out Bai Jing’s cool yet polite attitude to the fullest.

[Ah ah ah ah, so handsome.]

[Yun Yun is really beautiful, he’s handsome and strong!]

[A beautiful face, eh, why is my screen wet–]

[Wow, Young Master Gu is also in the picture. The Zhao Yun CP is real!]

[They look so good together!]

These pictures were so good that the number of reposts quickly reached hundreds of thousands and their popularity skyrocketed, attracting a large number of raging fans of Young Master Gu.

[I really bow to you. Don’t just make up any CP, okay?]

[There are so many pictures, but you just had to upload a picture of the two of you together and you even uploaded three of them. What you’re thinking is so obvious.]

[Trying to use Young Master Gu again, isn’t his recent popularity hot enough?]

[Heh heh, f*ck, his strength and persona is not good. I’ve become an anti fan.]

Gu Yuanzhao, as a Major General of the Empire, the heir of the Gu Conglomerate, from an excellent family with an honorable identity plus being a 3S level powerhouse, had always had a high number of fans, crowning him as the Empire’s number one, unmatched by anyone else.

So with them coming on the scene, Gu Yun’s comment section was instantly overrun and in shambles.

Gu Yun’s fans were no slouch either and while their numbers weren’t as large as Young Master Gu’s footloose fan base of hundreds of millions, because of Gu Yun’s frequent participation in betting wars recently, he had attracted the most active of fans.

[It’s just a picture. Why, can’t Young Master Gu be looked at? Fans shouldn’t exaggerate too much.]

[Heh, just putting up a few pictures and he’s using him? Please, this master is laughing.]

[If you don’t want him to be photographed then tell your Young Master Gu to stand away!]

[God Yun is the exclusive Stone Gambler of the Gu Conglomerate, so I’m surprised you guys are able to tear him up as well.]

There were two groups of Gu Yun fans. One was the mum fans who had a lot of love for Gu Yun and who usually called him ‘Yun Yun’.

And the other wave were younger fans who admired Gu Yun’s strength and who called him ‘God Yun’.

But if he could unravel an imperial green glass jadeite, then he deserved the name ‘God Yun’.

Liang Heng was a bit confused as he looked at the increasingly noisy comment section.

He really hadn’t seen this coming!

It was just posting a few pictures, he hadn’t done anything.

Looking at the drop of more than 10,000 fans, Liang Heng’s heart ached. These were all the fans he had worked so hard to accumulate!

This was all the fruit of his labor, damn it!

However, he couldn’t think of any solution to this matter for a while.

Although he had been running this account at the request of Young Master Gu, Liang Heng’s real job was the head of the Information Department and so he didn’t understand the battles between fans.


After he adjusted his mind and refreshed the page, he found that the number of fans he had just lost had returned and that they were increasing rapidly and that the comment section had also become harmonious.

! What was going on?

Liang Heng took a look. It turns out that Young Master Gu, who had never logged in, was online and had reposted the post he had just posted.

[Major General Gu Yuanzhao: Very nice pictures. @Stone Gambler Gu Yun]

Now Young Master Gu’s fans had completely lost their fire and dared not continue to lash out.

The idol they admired the most who hadn’t logged on to Star Realm in a million years reposted this message as soon as he came online. They could see that he was protecting Gu Yun so what else could they say?

Their mockery just now was like a joke that made them feel ashamed, their mockery like slaps in their faces that they went offline.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuanzhao and Gu Yun’s ‘Zhao Yun’ CP fans were in a frenzy, wanting to set off fireworks to celebrate.

But having learnt their lesson from before, they formed a circle of their own and began to produce and circulate things among themselves.

[Young Master Gu himself actually logged into his account to clarify things. What does this tell us?]

[Sisters, Zhao Yun is real!]

[+1, Young Master Gu really knows how to pamper.]

[+1, today’s candy is so delicious.]

The CP fans were wailing from the sweetness and someone else cut a compilation of Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes looking at Bai Jing, together with the line declaring sovereignty and pieced it together to make it so sweet that it rose to the top.

Gu Yuanzhao’s slender fingers swiped his light brain, tapped the phrase ‘Zhao Yun’, followed it with interest and smiled softly.

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