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Chapter 36.4

“Hey you guys, stop looking.

A great gain, jadeite of the bean seed variety has been solved from the offcuts in shop number three. Let’s go and rub in the happiness—“

Following the man’s words, the de fearing sound of crackling firecrackers came from not far away.

“Alright, wait for me…”

“I’m going too!”

Most of the people here were commoners, and for them, half-bet rough stones were only for them to look at. They couldn’t afford to pay millions of starcoins, what’s more many of them would never be able to earn that much in their lifetime.

So, the good luck they really wanted to rub was to be able to unravel a jadeite of great gain from cheap offcuts, or like Bai Jing’s previous ‘scavenger hunt’, to unravel good jadeite from scrap, which was what had really attracted them in the beginning .

Upon hearing that shop number three had unraveled a great gain, that was jadeite of the bean seed variety from the scrap, all those who had just been watching the action poured out of the door and ran in great numbers to the back, leaving Wang Ping’s shop unusually cold for a while.


Wang Ping was now really desperate, and not even bothering to put on a smile, sat down on the stone bench at the entrance, looking in silence at shop number three diagonally opposite.

The small shop was already surrounded by people three layers deep, with more people scrambling to get inside. A sight which made the coldness in Wang Ping’s shop look like they were a world apart.

Shop number three had gotten a new owner two months ago and perhaps, because the new shop had good luck, almost every day or two there would be a great gain from a rough stone, which stole a lot of his business.

Today his shop had lost bets while the other shop had gained bets, which made him really jealous.

The little fatty had been solving a few rough stones in a row, but the cut surfaces were all white, and with no one around, he had also lost interest, the movements of his hands at the grinding wheel even slowing down.

Fortunately, these rough stones were free, otherwise he would have really changed shops. This shop was really unlucky–

“Jing Ge, do you think I can get the last point today?”

Jin Mao switched off the instrument in his hand and lowered his head in despair as he turned to look at Bai Jing beside him.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and his mouth opened wide, then he shouted out anxiously, “D*mn, it’s jadeite! It’s jadeite…!!”

These words seemed to release all his pent up bad luck from his successive gambling collapses, hence it was unusually loud in the empty space.

Shaken, Wang Ping quickly took a few steps forward, pushing aside the little fatty to reach Bai Jing’s side.

A third of the tawny rough stone had been cut off, and the baby’s fist size remains revealed a beautiful sunny green color with a luminous texture. It was jadeite of the luminous green variety!

This was a much better grade than the jadeite of the bean variety that the opposite shop had unraveled!

Wang Ping could barely contain his excitement. That’s right, he had to wait, he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

After the white salt skin rough stone had given a glimpse of it bro a rise in bet after being rubbed only for it to collapse , he was a bit scared. What if…… bah, bah, bah, there was no such thing as what if!

Wang Ping couldn’t stop staring at the rough stone in Bai Jing’s hand, a green light shining from his eyes.

D*mn, if this jadeite of the luminous green variety turned out to be a complete great gain after it was unraveled, he would definitely pull all the people in the opposite shop over. He wouldn’t even leave one!

Neither the departure of the people around him, nor the exclaims of the little fatty, nor the burning gaze of the shop owner Wang Ping had any effect on Bai Jing.

His grip on the laser knife remained steady and he made two clean cuts at the bottom three centimeters from the crust, cutting the approximate shape of the jadeite straight out.

When Wang Ping saw this, he immediately sprinkled some water on it, only to see that the other half of the cut was still of a smooth and soft color, with no locks or damage from ringworms. Without a doubt, it was a great gain, and a big one at that!!

The thickness of the jadeite of the luminous variety that had been cut out, was at least seven or eight kilos!

Wang Ping trembled with excitement. He calculated the time then quickly called two of the shop’s staff: “Xiao Liu, Xiao Wang, you two run outside and call people. Just say that a great gain jadeite has been unraveled from the shop’s offcut.

Shout it at the top of your lungs. The louder the better, do you hear me?!”


The two men immediately ran outside, one shouting from the entrance of the shop and the other from near shop number three, successfully attracting a large group of people.

Wang Ping took a deep breath then looked at Bai Jing with glowing eyes.

Then he saw long, white fingers holding the handle of the grinding wheel and under the ‘ci ci’ sound, countless tiny pieces of debris fell like rain, the entire jadeite of the luminous green variety unraveling to reveal a small half, its shape already the size of a bowl. It was definitely a great gain.

It was a good time for people to gather around, as they would be able to witness the birth of this piece of jadeite!

That’s right, right now…

Wang Ping looked at the firecracker in his hand. The red string was a symbol of good luck in the ancient world and a symbol of luck and great gain in the gambling world. They were both symbols of good luck.

He had missed a few times today, but now he finally had the chance to light it up.

The crackling ‘pili pala’ sound of the firecrackers went on for two minutes.

Soon, countless people flocked from all the shops, looking like a huge black mass as they frantically crowded into the modest shop to get the best seats. In no time at all, the place was filled to the brim.

Wang Ping was knocked around in the doorway, however he didn’t feel any pain.

Hahaha, his shop’s business had finally been saved, and it was all thanks to this little young master!

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