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Chapter 66.1

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Seeing Gu Yun sitting by stone-cutting machine No. 2, ready to unravel a rough stone, the crowd that had just been watching the bidding king rushed over.

And among them were Rough Stone Dealers, Energy Masters, and Stone Gamblers, crowding around him so tightly that even water couldn’t trickle through.

Oddly, even though there was a level six stone gambler nearby, people seemed more drawn to watching Gu Yun unraveling rough stones.

Maybe it was because he always brought surprises.

The full green jadeite of the glass variety that had been unraveled as the bidding king was excellent in both texture and color, however unfortunately, it was just one piece, one piece that was priced at over 70 million starcoins!

Many rough stone dealers who hadn’t been able to win it in the auction, and even those who could, found it hard to digest the high price. Not everyone could easily muster hundreds of millions in assets.

So instead of guarding those rough stones with uncertain fates, it was more enticing to be around Gu Yun.

Everyone knew that the jadeites he unraveled were always of medium to high quality, so even if they hadn’t been able to win their bids, just watching him work was a delight!

Meanwhile, over a dozen live broadcast spheres, following instructions, zoomed over from other stone-cutting machines to surround Bai Jing then began filming from every angle, determined to capture the splendid beauty and Gu Yun’s graceful stone unraveling actions.

Now, Bai Jing, surrounded by people and live broadcast spheres like stars encircling the moon, became the focal point of the entire stone unraveling area. No level five Stone Gambler had ever garnered such attention.

Only Gu Yun, the Stone Gambler revered as ‘God Yun’, commanded such respect.

Qiao Yan, the level six Stone Gambler who was unraveling rough stones next to Gu Yun glanced at him with a complicated expression, feeling somewhat bitter.

His client, the Yu family, was eager to break into the jadeite raw stone industry, hence aside from the bidding king that had been a collapse in bet just now, he still had two rough stones at hand to solve.

However before he could start, the crowd had rushed away to Gu Yun, leaving only a few onlookers, somewhat tarnishing his dignity as a level six Stone Gambler.

Was Gu Yun really that impressive?

Although he had heard of Gu Yun’s achievements, he believed in seeing for himself, hence today, he decided, would be the day he witnessed Gu Yun’s stone gambling skills firsthand.

Over at Bai Jing’s side, the stone platform had three rough stones on it, with the excess stored in the spatial button.

Then the esteemed Imperial Major General, took the initiative to place the first rough stone on the stone-cutting machine, securing it for his boyfriend.

And this moment was captured by the live broadcast spheres, setting off a frenzy among the CP fans:

[Sure enough, wherever God Yun is, Young Master Gu will be there.]

[Ah ah ah, Young Master Gu is too indulgent, right?]

[I’ll say it a hundred times over, Zhao Yun CP is real!!]

The first rough stone Bai Jing was to unravel was rough stone number 209, a second focus rough stone that Gu Yuanzhao had helped him buy.

Its surface was the commonly seen yellow sand skin crust, roughly the size of a football, evenly rough, without obvious python bands and with pine flowers that winded around it like hair.

This kind of pine flower, if grown on a good variety, held the potential for being a rise in bet, however if the quality was poor, then the color of the jadeite in it would be dull or even be a thin layer of green skin.

Overall, the performance of this rough stone was very ordinary, with it lacking any striking features that would draw special attention at an auction.

And seeing this rough stone, a middle-aged wealthy businessman suddenly said, “I initially wanted to cast a wide net and bid on this rough stone, I didn’t expect you would end up buying it.

If I remember correctly, the final price was… yes, 900,000 starcoins!”

Bai Jing nodded gently: “That’s right.”

At the same time, he understood the situation more clearly.

When he had been selecting the rough stones, he had deliberately avoided the ones with decent water quality but high base prices, as their auction prices tended to be steep, reducing potential profits.

And so chose stones with lower base prices and less conspicuous qualities, expecting to buy them cheap.

Unexpectedly the final price still skyrocketed to four or five times the base value!

At that time, he hadn’t been able to understand why such ordinary material would have several bidders vying against him, but now it made sense.

The mentality that the middle-aged wealthy businessman had wasn’t uncommon at the Jadeite Emporium.

With thousands attending the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium, not everyone could afford to hire a suitable Stone Gambler, especially advanced ones.

Moreover with 3,000 rough stones auctioned daily, apart from a prodigy like Bai Jing who could quickly assess all the rough stones, who else could review every single one of them?

Most could only manage to look at a few hundred rough stones at best,

Because in such scenarios, apart from noting down which rough stones generated more discussion or which rough stones attracted larger crowds and remembering a few they favored personally, the rest was left to chance.

And not only the middle-aged businessman, many others had also been casting a wide net for lower priced rough stones.

For instance, if a rough stone with a base price of 200,000 starcoins was bid up to 300,000 starcoins, even if they bought ten of such rough stones it would only cost 3 million starcoins, something that was far less risky than losing 60 million on a single collapse in bet rough stone.

The logic was that out of ten rough stones, one or two of them would definitely yield jadeite, and if any of them surged in value, it would become a profitable venture.

However what they didn’t account for, was the abundance of people with the same strategy, causing the prices of each rough stone to go up by four to five times.

Want to pick up a bargain at the cheapest price?

Hehe, don’t even think about it!

The 900,000 starcoins rough stone, compared to the 132 million starcoins bidding king was already not just a stark contrast, it was simply a pitiably small amount.

Many of the people surrounding Bai Jing who had come from different planets and who had never seen him gambling on rough stones were shocked at the price.

“This…. rough stone looks so ordinary, and the price is also very low.”

“Why not buy rough stones that have good performance?”

“Just this rough stone, can it really be a rise in bet?”

Some of them looked sneakily at Gu Yuanzhao who was standing beside Bai Jing, thinking to themselves, it didn’t look as if the Gu Conglomerate was short on funds either.

Meanwhile on the live streaming platform, apart from Gu Yun’s fans, the viewers were also dissatisfied with the scene in front of them.

[I want to see rough stones worth tens of millions being unraveled. That is what is called excitement!]

[The bidding king collapsed and now a 900,000 starcoins rough stone?? Are you kidding me??]

[I feel like Gu Yun is being overly confident this time—]

[Switch the camera to the other level six stone Gambler.]

[Sisters, Qian Yan on the side is unraveling a rough stone again, let’s go watch!]

[What’s there to bet on this worthless rough stone? It’s bound to be a collapse in bet.]

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