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Chapter 30.3

Meanwhile the Jian family, which also possessed a set of grade 2 energy boxes, were also working on the energy fluid inside.

Of the thirteen energy boxes provided by Bai Jing at that time, three grade 3 energy boxes had been purchased by Ning Yuchen, five extremely high quality grade 2 energy boxes had been purchased by Zhong Hong and the remaining five grade 2 high quality energy boxes had been purchased by Jian Huai of the Jian family.

The Jian family was a family of energy masters, and Master Jian Huai, who was now sixty-five years old, was one of the leading senior energy masters on Proxima Star.

The Jian family’s direct lineage had a high level of mental power and almost everyone was an energy master.

They worked with energy fluids on a daily basis and so were highly sensitive to them, hence as soon as they saw Bai Jing’s energy fluids they immediately noticed the difference.

After the previous two, the last group of grade 2 energy fluids were swept away with great speed much to the amazement of the onlookers who tsked in surprise.

The Star Ocean Auction House had a reserve price of 2000 starcoins for all items, with a minimum of 500 starcoins per increase.

Nearly 90% of the bids on their items were raised a little, after all, no one wanted to spend more than they had to, just in case they could get it for less.

It wasn’t often that the reference price was raised right from the start, let alone when the auction had only been open for a few days. Moreover all the energy boxes were gone??

But apart from this row of items, all the other lowly energy boxes were still left on the shelves, untouched.

It was very strange. Could it be that those few energy boxes were that high in demand?

There were some astute people who noticed the difference and resolved to try one themselves the following day.

The next day, however, they witnessed a minute’s worth of energy fluids being sold out, what’s more the price of the grade 3 energy fluids were auctioned off at the price of a grade 4 energy fluid, a price so high that it made them go into a trance.

The Jian family.

Under the instructions of Master Jian Huai, the energy fluids in the five energy boxes were divided into hundreds of portions and tested in sophisticated instruments: some were tested for purity, some for composition and some for mental power residue, as well as the grade of the jadeite, its seed water, etc., that corresponded to the grade of the energy fluids.

“Uncle, each portion shows a purity of around 26.65%, with a fluctuation of no more than 0.1%.”

“Father, the mental power in this is very evenly distributed, with almost no ups and downs!”

Speaking of which, Jian Jiang was amazed. To be able to extract and purify the energy fluid without a single distraction, this had to be an expert with extreme control of his mental power!

“Master…… this, this……”

The eyes of the researcher in charge of analyzing the grade of jadeites under Grandmaster Jian Huai were glazed over, in total disbelief at the data he was seeing.

The raw material used for these grade 2 energy fluids was actually a grade 1 jadeite, moreover it was a cyanine blue jadeite of poor color at that!

But, how was this possible??

The researcher had analyzed the data back and forth many times, comparing numerous jadeite samples, but no matter how he tested it, the conclusion was still the same: these grade 2 energy fluids had been extracted and refined from a grade 1 jadeite.

The grade of an energy fluid corresponded one-to-one to the grade of jadeite and even Master Jian Huai, at best, could only increase the purity to the very best. He couldn’t make it cross to another grade!

No, not just Master Jian Huai. This was something that no one in the entire Empire could do!

The expression on the researcher’s face could no longer be described as shocked. Who exactly was this man, that he could actually break the principle of the ranking of grades?

It was already an unspoken rule in the energy world that energy fluids of the same grade had to be extracted from jadeite of the same grade.

And the energy masters had even given this rule a name: the principle of hierarchical substitution.

But now, looking at the data displayed on the instrument, there was total disorder in the researcher’s mind. Or could it be that the instrument was damaged?

Master Jian Huai came up beside him, looked at the data displayed on it, then fell silent for a long time.

Actually, the shock at the bottom of his heart was earth-shakingly intense, no less than the others. It was just that he didn’t show it.

It took a long time before Master Jian Huai said in a deep voice: “There is no error in the data.”

Which meant that the rules governing the energy world were really about to be broken.

Master Jian Huai: “Continue your analysis and see if you can find out what exactly is raising the grade of the energy fluid.”


“Jian Jiang, contact the information center quickly, we have to find this Master quickly before everyone else does!” “Yes, father.”

The expression on Jian Jiang’s face solemn, he dialed the number for the information center immediately.

This was a matter of great importance that concerned the Jian family’s continued standing in the energy world, so every second of delay was a loss!

At the same time, the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House.

Liang Heng, equally shocked by the data displayed on the hundreds of precision instruments, didn’t dare delay in the slightest, approaching Qiao An immediately to request a meeting with Young Master Gu.

Luckily, Qiao An knew that Young Master Gu seemed to have given Liang Heng a secret mission recently, otherwise with his level, he would have had to go through several complicated vetting procedures in order to meet Young Master Gu.

[Young Master Gu, Minister of Information– Liang Heng has something important to report to you.]

Looking at the message on his light brain, Gu Yuanzhao thought of the last time he had asked Liang Heng to take care of the ‘Gu Yun’ account. Could it be that he had encountered some problems?

[Send him over.]

Qiao An took Liang Heng to the private room on the second floor and then left.

Sitting casually on the sofa with his legs crossed, Gu Yuanzhao’s tall figure was wrapped in a black military uniform, with a frightening pressure. Lifting his eyes, he looked at him, “Go ahead, what is it?”

Under this intense pressure, Liang Heng stiffened and standing straight in place, opened his mouth, “Reporting to Young Master Gu, just now, my subordinate discovered an energy fluid that is different from other energy fluids and which actually ignores the rank of the jadeite….”

The moment he was done speaking, Gu Yuanzhao sat up straight, a touch of surprise in his deep black eyes: “You mean to say that the grade 2 energy fluid was extracted and refined from a grade 1 jadeite, and that it reached the highest grade? Are you sure?”

Liang Heng nodded, “Reporting to Young Master Gu, I’m completely sure.”

He had also tested it numerous times to ensure that it was foolproof before daring to bring it to the heir of the Gu Conglomerate, otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to come and bother him so easily.

The Gu Conglomerate, although the first plutocrat of the empire was involved in various industries, its main focus was on jadeites and raw rough stones, and so it didn’t rank high in the field of energy, nor did the Gu family have a Master Energy Master.


If they could find this mysterious master who had broken the rules and surpassed all other energy masters, then the Gu Conglomerate might also have a place in the huge energy market.

Gu Yuanzhao thought about it for a moment: “I will have Qiao An and the Minister of Security, Luo Xing, cooperate with you and authorize you to have highest level of authority.

All of the Gu Conglomerate’s location and data systems will cooperate. Even if it takes a lot of power, you have to find this person as soon as possible. However when you do, don’t alert him.

At the same time, counter-surveillance must be employed. You must absolutely, not let anyone else find this person before we do.”

Liang Heng solemnly replied, “Yes, I will definitely live up to Young Master Gu’s trust!”

The moment Liang Heng walked out of the private room, his face was as solemn as it had ever been.

He understood that every second from now on was crucial, and that he had to find this mysterious master before anyone else, as this was a matter concerning the Gu Conglomerate’s position in the energy world!

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