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Chapter 62.3

In order to prepare for the upcoming Sotho Emporium, Sotho Star Planet had been under martial law for two months, restricting entry and exit at their ports.

Because those who could be invited were either wealthy or noble, which was equivalent to over half of the empire’s wealthy and noble families, hence ensuring their safety was of the utmost importance.

And as an Imperial Major General of the Empire, Gu Yuanzhao had to be there three days in advance in order to deploy soldiers and set up protection while removing potential threats at the same time.

Bai Jing also planned to follow along.

Because as there were no betting wars recently, he had focused all his attention on mecha battles.

With him participating in at least a dozen battles daily from morning to night, much to the delight of his fans who followed him.

And in just two weeks, his fan count had skyrocketed to over a million, growing at a rocket-like pace!

His ranking on the L5 points leaderboard had also jumped from the last page to a position near the middle, a progression which was terrifyingly fast.

However the most terrifying thing was that his win rate was consistently above 90%, and just based on this alone, he could rank in the top five!

And perhaps stimulated by Bai Jing’s challenge, Assassin engaged in non-stop battles day and night, causing her to rush to ninth place on the leaderboard within twenty days.

The two of them could be said to be the most conspicuous figures at the L5 level, with some people even calling them ‘battle maniacs.’

Two days before they left, Bai Jing was finally able to gather thirty million points, and paying an equal amount of starcoins, was able to get the level seven engine his heart had been desiring for.

And the replacing of the engine wasn’t difficult, with Yi Lan using just an hour to replace the deep blue mecha’s level three engine with the level seven engine.

Yi Lan decided not to charge for this hour, so Bai Jing simply gave her the level three engine that had been replaced as a gift.

After a day’s journey in the spaceship, the two arrived at Sotho Star Planet.

The planet, with its spring-like climate all year round, ranked high as a habitable planet in the empire, with low radiation, attracting many celebrities for vacations every year.

The moment Bai Jing stepped out of the hovercar, he felt the warmth of the spring breeze, soft and comfortable.

The venue for the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium was located in the northeast of Sotho Star Planet, a white hemispherical building that spanned tens of thousands of square meters, situated in an open area.

When they arrived, many rough stones dealers were directing handling robots on how to place their rough stones.

And besides them were soldiers who were equipped with energy guns, with almost one every few steps, all of whom saluted Gu Yuanzhao the moment they saw him.

“Reporting to the Imperial Major General, the protective shields have been activated.”

“Reporting to the Imperial Major General, all fifty thousand imperial soldiers are in position, and the remote reconnaissance device has completed a ten-mile radius search, no anomalies found.”

“Reporting to the Imperial Major General…”

Bai Jing looked at the serious-looking man standing not far away and pressed down his rapidly beating heart. Such a Gu Yuanzhao, was really too charming.

He wisely didn’t disturb him and observed the layout inside from the entrance curiously.

A rough stones dealer, obviously recognizing Bai Jing, walked over to him with a smile, “God Yun, is this your first time at the Emporium?”

‘Gu Yun’, this name was like a reverberating thunderclap in the hearts of these rough stones dealers. There was not a single person present who didn’t know God Yun, however unfortunately, they were too busy setting up their raw rough stones to go over to strike up a conversation.

The middle-aged man didn’t bring much rough stones, so it wasn’t long before he was done placing them.

This time he had brought rough stones that were promising that had been stored for several years and was waiting to auction them off at a good price at this Emporium.

With the increasing frequency of raw rough stone mining, the transaction prices at each public market transaction rose, especially with Bai Jing’s successive unravelling of top-quality jadeites, something which fueled the trend of Stone Gambling, hence these dealers were more grateful than they could express.

Bai Jing looked at the middle-aged man, “En, it’s my first time.”

The middle-aged man introduced himself immediately, “I’m Wei Cheng, a local of Sotho Star Planet. My family owns a small mine, not big, that can only produce a few hundred raw stones per year.

I brought all the promising rough stones accumulated over the past few years, and this is my third time at the Emporium. If you’re interested, I can show you around?”

Bai Jing smiled lightly, “Okay, thank you Uncle Wei.”

Wei Cheng waved his hand hurriedly, “I don’t dare.”

Then he explained, “The venue of the Sotho Emporium is divided into two areas, the open bid area and the secret bid area.

The open bid area typically accounts for about one-tenth of all the raw materials, auctioned off on-site. Each day, 3000-5000 rough stones are auctioned in order according to their numbers, and whoever offers the highest bid wins.”

“The secret bid area accounts for over 90% of all the raw materials.

And there are five days of free viewing time for the secret bid. Each piece of raw material has a ‘bid box’, and if you’re interested, you can use the bidding device to scan the corresponding number below and enter your desired price, then the program in the bid box will automatically generate an electronic slip.

Then after the sixth day, a batch of materials will be sealed daily, and then bids will be opened the day after they are sealed.

At that time, all the sealed materials will be removed from the Emporium, just waiting for the winning bidder to pick them up.”

After chatting with Wei Cheng for a while and understanding the general bidding process, Gu Yuanzhao walked over with long strides.

“Ah Jing, it’s getting late, I’ll take you back to the hotel to rest.”

Then he nodded gently to Wei Cheng, “Thank you for clearing Xiao Yun’s doubts.”

Wei Cheng’s face turned red with excitement. This was an Imperial Major General who had killed countless alien beasts for the Empire.

Someone who was rarely seen on ordinary days, had spoken to him so kindly today. He was really honored.

This was definitely a good omen!

After Gu Yuanzhao escorted Bai Jing to the highest-grade hotel suite, he quickly returned to the venue, as he would have to be very busy in the coming days.

After Bai Jing finished washing up, he used the measuring device to test his mental power value: 22500.

After the thread of his mental power sneaked a few sips every time he extracted energy fluid from the imperial green glass jadeite of the glass variety, his mental power level had reached the 2S level.

He thought for a moment, then took out a smaller piece of black jadeite from the spatial button, along with a box of grade eight energy fluid that he set aside as supplement.

He wondered if he could extract the energy from it with his current mental power level.

The moment he took out the black jadeite, the white threads of his mental power, as if sensing something, came out from his body, its glowing tips circling the jadeite.

Then finally, as if having made up its mind, after gulping down a few sips of the grade eight energy fluid, it thrust its white tip into the black jadeite fiercely!

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