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Chapter 48.2

Golden Warrior charged without hesitation, gripping his energy sword with both hands and slashing towards Bai Jing.

Bai Jing dodged skillfully by maneuvering his mecha to the side, but in that instant, the sword blade twisted, turning into a sharp, curved blade that grazed the light blue mecha’s chest.

“It’s a tungsten gold energy sword that can change form!”

“Go, Golden Warrior! Cut him down!”

A slightly sharp pain struck as a long gash was carved into the outer shell of his mecha.

Bai Jing’s face went a little pale, but other than that, there was no other change and his hands moving so quickly on the control panel that they seemed like a blur, he employed a teleportation move to dodge the next attack.

“How did he disappear?”

“No, it’s teleportation— Alpha’s ultimate move!”

Behind the golden mecha, a cold, gleaming titanium long sword was raised high, aiming to strike the mecha’s neck!


Sensing the danger behind him, the blond teenager barely evaded the near perfect attack by turning his body slightly, causing the long sword to slam into the right shoulder of his golden mecha, leaving a deep mark on the armor without shattering it.

The teenager felt a vibration in his right arm but giving it a slight shake, he ignored it.

He even told Bai Jing through the transmitter, “Don’t waste your energy. My golden mecha has incredible defense and won’t be harmed by low level mecha weapons.”

As he said this, he twisted the arm gripping the energy sword, grabbed the hilt in reverse, and thrust it backward with great force!

The light blue mecha did a backflip to create distance and the moment it landed, its legs bent slightly then it leaped high off the ground, swinging the titanium long sword down from above!

“Clang!” The long blade struck the same spot on the right shoulder without the slightest bit of deviation repeatedly, causing several cracks to develop instantly in the tough armor.

Intense pain washed over the blonde teenager, causing a momentary lapse in concentration.

By the time he regained his senses, the light blue mecha was charging towards him from the front, leaping high like a mountain carrying the force of a thousand thunderbolts, descending from the sky—

“Clang!” The sharp long blade struck the same spot on the right shoulder again, causing the golden armor to shatter and scatter, with the outer shell of the mecha curling up under the force of the blade.

The blonde teenager felt his right shoulder shatter completely, the unbearable pain distorting his face as cold sweat poured down, making it nearly impossible for him to see the screen in front of him.

After landing, Bai Jing executed an S-shaped curve step, appearing like a flash of blue light on the right side of the golden mecha as he raised his weapon once more!

“Stop, stop! I concede defeat—!”

Seeing the light blue mecha’s enlarged figure, a tremendous sense of fear caused the blonde teenager to scream, his voice trembling.

Despite having participated in hundreds of battles, this was the first time he had experienced such uncontrollable fear.

Now, just looking at Bai Jing, he would reflexively feel pain in his right shoulder. He couldn’t even bear to look at him directly.

Hearing the concession, the light blue mecha quickly sheathed its titanium weapon at its waist, performed a 180-degree flip in the air to dissipate the force then landed gracefully on the ground.

“Alpha! Alpha!”

Amidst the roaring cheers of the crowd, an electronic voice announced the final result.

[Official Announcement: “The result of this match has been determined— Alpha wins, match ended!”]

The blonde teenager, with a bitter expression on his face, covered his now healed shoulder.

Sigh, now he had fallen from L2 back to L1.

Actually, he had heard of this teenager’s reputation since yesterday, however he hadn’t believed it then. But now….

Hiss- he shook his head quickly, feeling pain in his shoulder just thinking about his opponent.

He was even suspicious. Was his shoulder really healed?

Woo woo woo, why did it still hurt a bit even now?

Bai Jing was teleported back to the lounge and began matching for the next match.

The battles that followed were equally predictable. The teenager, relying on his bizarre body movements, extreme speed and the power of ‘striking the same spot multiple times’, successfully cast a shadow over the minds of many of his opponents.

Word of Alpha’s ‘fierce reputation’ also began to circulate faintly.

An opponent who had previously fought against him nudged his friend’s shoulder, “See? That’s him. F*ck, his attacks are really ruthless.”

His friend glanced at Bai Jing, somewhat skeptical, “He’s Alpha? He looks quite delicate and charming, and he’s not that old either.”

“Don’t let his looks fool you. Even now, my neck still hurts!”

The opponent couldn’t help but touch his neck as he spoke, “Sss, too vicious, I have a psychological shadow now.”

Best friend: “….”

It seemed to be true. Sure enough, one shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance.

The time spent on matchmaking and battles in the L2 rank was longer than that in L1.

About an hour and a half later, the 10 matches were over.

At this moment, his record had reached an astonishing 60 consecutive wins, drawing the attention of nearly all contestants!

Tapping his wristband, Bai Jing looked down at the data that was displayed:

Name: Alpha

Affiliated Club: Ling Yun Club

Level: L2

Points: 15000

Number of Followers: 678

Finally, he had enough points.

Going to the item exchange center, he spent all his points and an additional 15,000 starcoins to purchase the invisible weapon called [nano strings] without any hesitation.

Then thinking for a moment, wrote down the address of the Gu Conglomerate’s Stone Gambling House in the mailing address column.

He had been busy with mecha training for nearly a month that he hadn’t participated in any betting wars. He couldn’t afford to delay it any longer.

Next, he would increase his rate of betting increase and strive to become a Senior Stone Gambler as quickly as possible!

In the remaining time, Bai Jing participated in eight more matches, all of which ended in victory!

The L2 ranked opponents were stronger than those in L1, with their basic operations quite skilled and their reactions not bad. However, neither their combat techniques nor speed could compare to Bai Jing’s.

Most of them used mechas with a focus on defensive attributes, which generally had an advantage in such battles. However, all of them were scared off by Alpha’s continuous attacks, their original advantage vanishing.

Bai Jing was like the nemesis of defensive mechas, attacking repeatedly if one strike couldn’t break their defenses. Not to mention the laser beam that instantly penetrated the cockpit, much like the arrival of the Grim Reaper.

It was too terrifying.

As the number of people dwindled near lunch break, Bai Jing’s matchmaking time became longer and longer.

Seeing the ‘estimated waiting time will exceed ten minutes’ text, the teenager’s brows furrowed slightly, then he logged off quickly.

As he exited the ‘do not disturb mode’, his light brain made a ‘beep’ sound.

The [nano strings] had been delivered to the Gu Conglomerate’s Stone Gambling House an hour ago and had been placed in a separate storage box.

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