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Chapter 54.3

Bai Jing increased his speed of examining the rough stones and while selecting rough stones, he unintentionally saw a stone that looked like a dark ebony skin rough stone, the surface covered with a thick layer of wax.

A glimmer of surprise crossed his eyes. This stone wouldn’t be…

After using his sense perception ability, he confirmed that it indeed contained highly active black jadeite.

This was an unexpected gain!

Ever since discovering such this rough stone in the Gambling Street, he had been searching for some deliberately, however he never found one again.

Who would have thought he would find one here!

In terms of stored energy, this was even more precious than imperial green glass jadeite!

He put the fist-sized stone into his shopping cart without hesitation, causing a commotion among the crowd.

In addition to fans and bystanders, the livestream room was also full of stone gambling enthusiasts and other Stone Gamblers, so seeing this scene, they expressed their incomprehension.

This black rough stone had no distinguishing features on its surface and had a rough texture. It obviously wasn’t good for gambling.

This was the Stone Gambling Points Battle that could impact his future, what was Gu Yun doing?!

Because of this, the number of people in Gu Yun ‘s livestream room dropped drastically.

These people originally came with the intention of learning, but Gu Yun didn’t demonstrate the expected skill level. Since this was the case, they might as well go and watch Ying Wenfeng.

Two hours had passed and there was still only two rough stone in Bai Jing ‘s shopping cart while Ying Wenfeng had already picked out three!

In addition to the white salt skin rough stone and the prunus-skin crusted rock rough stone, Ying Wenfeng had found a very large iron rust skin rough stone.

This rough stone was about half a person tall and weighed at least a hundred kilograms, with rust-colored surface and many cracks on it.

However, these cracks weren’t deep and belonged to the ’embedded cracks’ type which, if formed later, wouldn’t harm the flesh of the jadeite.

Although the base of the iron rust skin rough stone was generally not great and the color wasn’t very bright, if jadeite could be unraveled from such a large rough stone, it would surpass most by just its size!

With the fans feeling anxious, Bai Jing moved onto the next stall and immediately spotted the water-turned sand leather crust rough stone displayed in the center.

This rough stone had a yellowish-gray color, was shaped like a flattened oval and uniformly turned by water.

And unlike other sand skin stones, its crust was quite thin, which allowed the inside to be seen vaguely under the light. However it wasn’t clear.

Judging from the performance of the skin, it wasn’t bad, however its bottom was covered with a large area of deep green ringworms, which were live ringworms that looked quite shocking.

Normally, green followed black, so where there were black ringworms, there was usually green jadeite.

However correspondingly, ringworms ate green, which meant that the ringworms were likely to penetrate into the flesh of the jadeite and eat away the jadeite in it.

Bai Jing observed it carefully and found some faint cypress branch flowers around the ringworms, their shape resembling cypress branches, making them hard to recognize, indicating that this rough stone had a high potential for being a rise in bet.

He sent his sense perception ability into it and ten seconds later, he withdrew it, smiling slightly as he put this water-turned sand crusted rough stone into his shopping cart.

Now, there were also three rough stones in Bai Jing ‘s shopping cart, which equaled the quantity of Ying Wenfeng, however their performance seemed to be less impressive.

Comparing the two live broadcasts, a lot of comments unfavorable to Gu Yun began to appear.

[ God Yun ? Genius Stone Gambler ? I don’t see it.]

[The rough stones of the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House are too good, huh? When they are switched to inferior rough stones, his true colors are immediately revealed.]

[I wonder what Gu Yun will use to win at the end!]

[A level six Stone Gambler losing to a level two Stone Gambler ? What a joke!]

Gu Yun ‘s fans immediately jumped into the fray, pushing back against these unfavourable comments.

However seeing this situation, many fans were also unsure in their hearts, praying internally.

[God Yun, please don’t lose.]

[Sisters, don’t be afraid. God Yun won’t lose!]

[That’s right, God Yun will win!]

In the last two hours, Bai Jing picked another elephant skin rough stone with cracks on the surface and a rough stone with red sand crust.

Ever since he extracted a ten plus kg icy glass variety sunny green jadeite from the rough stone with evil cracks the last time, he had started paying more attention to rough stones with cracks.

The mountain rough stone with elephant skin was generally grayish-white and its surface seemed very rough, however it was actually very smooth to the touch.

A grayish-white python band was coiled diagonally around the middle of a rough stone, adorned by some patches of green, not too shabby. However towards the lower end of the python band, a large cross streak cut right across, much as if it was severing the green inside, making it hard to connect.

This streak could easily harm the flesh of the jadeite and cause it to be destroyed. Making it so that this piece of rough stone, originally of fine quality, lost quite a bit of its betting value after this cross streak cut off the python band.

Bai Jing, with his sense perception ability, had already judged. This big cross streak was formed later and so hadn’t harmed the flesh of the jadeite inside, so he believed that once this rough stone was cut open, it would definitely satisfy everyone.

As for the last piece of rough stone with a red sand shell, he had chosen it randomly as a collapse in bet. He had originally had another large dry green variety as an alternative. However after he used his sense perception ability to check Ying Wenfeng’s rough stones, he gave up on this idea.

With a 10-minute countdown, Ying Wenfeng, full of confidence, arrived at the entrance, with Bai Jing just a step behind. Then they handed over the rough stones in their shopping carts to the deputy president of the Gambling Guild Branch and two level six Stone Gamblers. And after confirming that there were no invisible marks or special substances on the surface of the rough stones with various precise instruments, they returned the rough stones to their original place.

This six hour rough stone screening had been exhausting. Up next, Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng would get a twenty minute break before the solving of the rough stones, so the live broadcast switched to advertisements and an introduction to Desolate Rock Planet. After the two had rested, it would restart.

Bai Jing took the nutrient fluid that Gu Yuanzhao gave him, finished it quickly, then stood on a nearby rock to look at the scenery of Desolate Rock Planet.

And perhaps because of his post-apocalyptic habits, he began to analyze his surroundings subconsciously. Desolate Rock Planet was strewn with rocks, huge rocks that could serve as shields and hiding places. Something that was undoubtedly great for ambushes and hiding.

Being at a high place offered a broad view, but being in a low place obstructed the view. They were now in a depression between two rock groups, so if attacked, they would be at a significant disadvantage.

Bai Jing squinted slightly. His sense perception ability range had now reached fifty meters, but he hadn’t detected any danger yet. However just a moment ago, he felt a fleeting sensation of being watched.

Jumping down from the rock nimbly, he walked to the man who had been looking at him and said softly, “Gu Yuanzhao, I feel something’s off in the northeast direction at two o’clock. Um, it could just be my imagination though.” Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes were cold. “It’s not your imagination, I felt it too. Ah Jing, wait for me here, I’ll be back soon.”

However before he left, he was still somewhat worried, so he put his white wristband on the teenager’s hand. “This is a special energy shield developed by the military. It’ll activate automatically in case of danger. With it, I’ll feel more at ease.”

Bai Jing didn’t refuse and looking at him, said, “You have to be careful.”

Gu Yuanzhao summoned his silver-white mecha, disappeared in a flash and half a minute later, a loud blast erupted from the northeast corner, causing a rock tens of meters high to explode violently, stirring up a commotion.

Ying Wenfeng was shocked. Had he been discovered already?

A minute later, a Silver Light flashed then Gu Yuanzhao jumped down from the mecha’s arm and walked over to Bai Jing, “It’s been taken care of.”

However just as he had been about to subdue that person, they self-destructed along with the mecha, leaving no clues. Fortunately, the mecha’s shield and the surrounding rocks blocked the explosion’s shockwave, otherwise….

A flash of murderous intent crossed Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes. That person had definitely been targeting Bai Jing. He had to find the person who was manipulating things behind the scene as soon as possible!

Ying Wenfeng felt a bone-chilling coldness coming from the front, so he tried his best to keep his expression normal. At this point, all the chips were out and he could only rely on himself. He had to win!

Twenty minutes later, the live stream switched back on and the number of viewers skyrocketed to an unprecedented peak, actually exceeding one hundred million! The streaming platform had never seen such heat before!

GuYunYinWenfeng’Battle to the death’# This trending topic, with an unrivalled popularity, shot to the top of the hot search list, stirring unprecedented excitement and curiosity among people.

One was a level six Stone Gambler and the other was a rising star in the Gambling World. Who would emerge victorious in the end? They were already on the edge of their seats!

The hearts of the fans were also in their throats, their heart rates accelerated, eyes filled with anxiety. Their God Yun had to win!

Under the watchful eyes of tens of thousands, Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng sat next to two stone cutting machines and started the unraveling.

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