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Chapter 51.3

Capital Star Planet.

One of the five noble families of the empire.

In a luxurious palace like meeting hall, there were only three people.

Two of them stood with furrowed brows, and the other was an old man full of vitality sitting at the head.

The middle aged man said anxiously, “Father, are we really going to send a level 6 Stone Gambler to deal with Gu Yun? Isn’t this making a mountain out of a molehill?”

The old man looked at him coldly, “Making a mountain out of a molehill?

Who can consecutively unravel extremely rare jadeites like imperial green glass, Fortuna tricolor jadeite and jadeite of the colorless glass variety in just one month, achieving a 60% rate of betting increase?!”

The middle aged man said in reply, “But he’s just a level 2 Stone Gambler. It might just be a coincidence!”

A trace of disappointment flashed in the old man’s eyes, “Fool!

If we don’t take the opportunity to crush him before he grows up, could it be that we should wait for him to reach Gu Yuanbai’s level?”

Thinking about the fame and power that level 8 Stone Gambler had brought to the Gu Conglomerate, a trace of icy coldness flashed in the old man’s eyes, “We have to make Gu Yun quit the Gambling World immediately, otherwise, it will be too late!”

The middle aged man was still hesitant, “But father, our family has only trained three level 6 Stone Gamblers over so many years.

Why don’t we….. why don’t we send a level 4 or 5 Stone Gambler instead?”

The old man suddenly smashed his teacup, however as the shattered porcelain fell to the white protective ground, there wasn’t a single scratch, but the sound of the porcelain shattering made the middle aged man’s body tremble violently, and he didn’t dare speak anymore.

A cleaning robot quickly cleaned up the porcelain fragments and water stains on the ground and after a moment, the ground was as clean as before.

The young man behind the middle aged man laughed, “Father, don’t be angry, big brother just cares about the talents we’ve worked hard to cultivate.

However, this Gu Yun does indeed have outstanding talent, so it’s best if we prepare for eventualities.”

His expression softening, the old man nodded, “That’s right, what you’re saying is correct. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, we do need to make some preparations in advance.”

With the operation of the sound shielding device and signal blocker, the two discussed things closely until the evening, when the final plan was finalized.

Hmph, no matter how capable Gu Yun was, he still wouldn’t be able to escape from the trap they had set!

Meanwhile, level 6 Stone Gambler Ying Wenfeng received a message on his light brain from the old man.

And in the middle of the night, when no one was paying attention, he drove a hover car from the Gambling Guild Headquarters, taking a big detour in case anyone was tracking him.

After rigorous screening processes, including iris recognition, he entered the bright and clear meeting hall.

Looking at the old man sitting at the head of the hall, Ying Wenfeng said respectfully, “Patriarch.”

The old man smiled kindly, “Wenfeng, you’ve worked hard recently. Have you been able to find out anything about Gu Yun in the past few days?”

Ying Wenfeng’s expression was serious, “Patriarch, I’ve tried my best to investigate, but apart from the public data, the President of the Guild has set Gu Yun’s information to the highest level. No one can access it except him.”

The old man’s face darkened instantly, “That old thing who won’t die…..

Forget it, there’s something I want you to do this time.”

Ying Wenfeng: “Patriarch, please go ahead.”

The old man: “You are to immediately apply to the Gambling Guild for a Stone Gambling Points Battle with Gu Yun.”

The old man used a commanding tone, making it clear that he wouldn’t give him a chance to refute his words.

Stone Gambling Points Battle was a ‘do or die’ fight between two Stone Gamblers, with their futures as the gambling stake.

The venue of the Stone Gambling Points Battle would be arranged randomly by the Gambling Guild, and the whole process would be broadcast live on Starnet to ensure complete fairness.

The participants of the betting war had to each select five rough stones within the stipulated time, then the results would be judged based on the quantity and quality of the jadeites solved.

The winner would receive all the points earned by his/her opponent as well as 50 bonus points rewarded by the Gambling Guild.

And the loser would be stripped of his/her Stone Gambler badge, have his/her points reset to zero, then exit the Gambling World permanently.

It could be said that this was a very serious betting war that completely gambled the futures of both Stone Gamblers.

Over the years, unless there were irreconcilable differences between Stone Gamblers, very few would do this.

Seeing Ying Wenfeng keeping silent, the old man stood up and patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry, I will arrange everything in advance.

Even if you do lose, I will give you a hundred million starcoins as compensation and take care of your family.”

Ying Wenfeng trembled, understanding that the last sentence was a threat.

The hand the old man had placed on his shoulder was like a coiled snake with its gaping maw open, spitting out its crimson tongue, the cold touch making him stiff, unable to move.

Ever since he was tested and found to have S level mental power at the age of ten, he was sent to the Capital Star Planet by the side branches and grew up in a harsh environment with extreme training.

Even though he later became a respected Senior Stone Gambler, the fear that had been engraved in his bones since childhood was still embedded deeply in his mind, something he could never shake off.

And there were his family members to consider.

Moreover what frightened him the most were the things he had seen unintentionally one time when he was a teenager when he had accidentally ran into the lab on the top floor during an alien beast attack—

That was his lifelong fear.

Taking a deep breath, Ying Wenfeng said, “Yes, patriarch, I’ll take care of it right away.”


As Bai Jing walked from the side door of the Stone Gambling House towards the hover zone, he keenly detected that some people were following him.

However, the people this time didn’t seem to have received professional training, as he detected them the moment they appeared.

His eyes cold, Bai Jing walked towards that direction, his footsteps nearly silent as they hit the ground while his right hand moved towards the energy gun at his waist.

The two men also didn’t expect the teenager to be so sharp, and before Bai Jing could approach, they walked out from the corner awkwardly.

In that instant, Bai Jing drew his energy gun reflexively, the cold muzzle pointed at the two men.

One of the men with a miniature particle camera around his neck was shocked, immediately raising his hands, “I, I, I mean no harm, I just wanted to see your hover car.”

This person was a staff member of Huan Yu Entertainment Company. Noticing the popularity of ‘White Eagle’ and ‘Young Master Gu’s Chosen One’, the company had specially dispatched people to keep watch.

And had spent a lot of money to bribe one of the staff members of the Gu Conglomerate to learn the location of the internal access, and then purchased the most high end anti-tracking device.

Knowing that they couldn’t break through the Gu Conglomerate’s layers of protection with just these alone, they waited outside the door very carefully.

As long as they could take a picture of ‘Gu Yun’ getting in the hover car, or a clearer side profile, they would become successful!

With the popularity of Young Master Gu and ‘the Chosen One’, the company would definitely get a huge amount of traffic!

Bai Jing said coldly as he looked at the man with trembling legs, “I hate being followed. Don’t let there be a next time.”

Then he contacted Qiao An with his light brain and the latter immediately brought several tall men in black to take the two away, while also arranging for his subordinates to set up powerful anti-tracking devices in the hover area.

Before leaving, the man looked back and saw Bai Jing board ‘White Eagle’ then shoot up into the sky. His eyes couldn’t help but widen.

Unfortunately, his equipment had been confiscated, leaving him without any evidence and only criminal charges.

After returning, Bai Jing entered the simulation training room and did some basic exercises with the club’s temporary mecha before logging off.

Every mecha warrior had their own exclusive mecha and wouldn’t switch mechas easily unless there were special circumstances.

This was because each mecha had its own characteristics, and after becoming familiar with one mecha, piloting another would require a long period of adaptation, which wasn’t conducive to mecha combat.

And Bai Jing was no different, hence before ‘Vast Sky’ was fully modified, he had to first train his physical strength, speed and other attributes to maintain his feel for the mecha, then participate in mecha combat after the adaptation period.

When he took off the sensory device, he saw a message on his light brain.

[From the Gambling Guild: Level Six Stone Gambler Ying Wenfeng requests to engage with you in a ‘Stone Gambling Points Battle’.]

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3 thoughts on “God-level stone gambler (interstellar)

  1. I fail to see why anybody with any amount of sense would ever accept such a duel. Like, if this is your livelihood, then regardless of how many points you stand to gain, there are no guarantees of success and the failure state is the end of your livelihood. Why would you ever choose to accept it? Why does this duel type even exist?

    1. It does seem absurd to me. Loosing points, ok, but career destruction, doesn’t make any sense, unless you’re an addict & not a professional.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I feel sorry for that other gambler, to be forced into destruction like that.

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