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Chapter 68.1

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With a single slice, a three-finger-wide cut revealed a pale red shade of red fog layer, causing everyone in the crowd to freeze for a moment.

The fog layer in jadeite referred to the semi-weathered transitional layer between the skin and the flesh of the jadeite, indicating a high hardness and mature quality of the jadeite raw rough stone.

Generally, fog layers were categorized into white fog, honey fog, yellow fog, red fog, and black fog, and among these, white and honey fogs were considered to be top-tier, signifying a clean base beneath the fog layer.

Whereas yellow and red fogs were of medium quality, with red fog tending to extend to the surface, requiring one to judge carefully.

As for black fog, it was deemed inferior, as it easily seeped into the jadeite, resulting in it potentially greying the base, however there was also a small possibility of it producing high quality green, making it quite unpredictable.

And now that Bai Jing had sliced open a red fog layer, the uncertainty had increased significantly.

There was a possibility that the red would penetrate inside, causing it to produce red jadeite; or it could just affect the surface, leaving the base inside grey.

[I’m a bit nervous.]

[There should probably be red jadeite inside…. right?]

[But the odds of red jadeite coming out from red fog has always been low.]

[I believe in God Yun!]

[I’m not trying to give a blow, but no one can consistently have a rise in bet. Having a collapse in bet once is also very normal.]

Gu Yun’s fans kept their comments conservative, not saying anything like, ‘he would definitely have a rise in bet’. God Yun had already gotten two consecutive rise in bets, so they didn’t want to put too much pressure on him!

Under the tense yet expectant gazes of the crowd, Bai Jing swapped to an abrasive grinding wheel to rub away the thin fog layer to reveal the jadeite’s texture beneath.

“My god, it’s really red jadeite!!”

“Red jadeite of the glutinous variety——!!”


“Worthy of God Yun!”

After the palm-sized cut surface was washed with water, it showed a brilliant and vivid red hue, as bright and intense as fresh blood, pure and dazzling red, like a beautiful woman dancing under the moonlight, enchanting and mesmerizing, intoxicating to behold.

Its texture was crystal clear and luminous, as smooth and delicate as cooked rice grains, reaching the fine glutinous variety level!

Jadeite, that is, red and green jadeite, the name alone was enough to explain its worth.

The colors of red jadeite included yellow-red, orange-red, brown-red, and bright red, among other varieties with red hues.

However the finest red was called ‘cockscomb red’, with a brilliant and vivid color, as well as a delicate and translucent quality, making it rank high among red jadeites. [Note]

Although the color from the cut surface didn’t reach the pinnacle of ‘cockscomb red’, its brightness and vividness, free from any dullness, made it a rare shade of fresh red!

This was a premium among red jadeites!

Typically, green was the most common color for jadeite.

And while colors like purple, red, yellow, and mixed hues were much more rare, perhaps because of the cosmic radiation, it was much easier to extract purer energy fluid from jadeites with these colors, which made it so that less mental power was required from energy masters.

Thus, jadeites with rare colors like red, were very popular on the market, with the same quality of jadeite in a bright red hue fetching 1.2 to 1.5 times the price that green jadeites brought.

And the bright red fine red jadeite of the glutinous variety that Bai Jing had unraveled, being even rarer in color, could fetch more than double the price!

With the laser knife, Bai Jing sliced around the thick outer crust to quickly reveal the rough outline of the jadeite.

The grinding wheel spun rapidly, and bit by bit, debris fell away until finally, 8.8 kg fine red jadeite of the glutinous variety was unraveled completely.

The spherical jadeite, large enough to require both hands to hold, was uniformly radiant red, its color as uniform as flowing blood, immersed in its delicate and moist texture, its surface emitting a faint fluorescence that was enchanting and captivating, drawing everyone’s gaze.

[Holy shit, such a big piece of red jadeite!!]

[Wow, such a brilliant and beautiful color.]

[Three rough stones, three rise in bets, and all are great gains!! Apart from God Yun, who else?!]

[Apart from being speechless, I’m amazed.]

[Only one word: Awesome!]

It had to be known, that red fog, being prone to spreading on the surface easily, usually only penetrated the jadeite in a shallow manner, so it was rare to see it resulting in a whole piece of jadeite being red, let alone such a pure and vivid red!

And such a large piece of uniformly bright red jadeite was extremely rare!

Which was why, as soon as this piece of red jadeite of the glutinous variety was unraveled, it sparked a frenzied bidding war immediately.

“God Yun, I’ll give 8 million starcoins!”

“9 million starcoins!”

“God Yun, I’ll give you 10 million starcoins, sell it to me!”

“12 million starcoins!”

In the end, the fine red jadeite of the glutinous variety was auctioned off for 15 million starcoins to an Energy Master, a price which was nearly indistinguishable from prices of jadeites of the ice variety!

At present, all three rough stones that had been placed on the stone platform had been solved completely, totaling 4.9 million starcoins for the three raw rough stones.

And from these, a dual-colored spring water variety jadeite, a floating flower jadeite of the glass variety, and a fine red jadeite of the glutinous variety had been unraveled, cumulatively valued at 58 million starcoins— this was more than a tenfold increase!

What’s more if high quality grade six energy fluid could be extracted from the floating flower jadeite of the glass variety, it could multiply its value by several times, something which was simply an immense stacking of profits.

Just at that moment, Qian Yan next to them had also finished unraveling his jadeite of the oil green variety completely, and weighing 46 kilograms, it auctioned for 5 million starcoins—a more than double increase, something which could be considered to be a big rise.

And if this was in previous times, it would have definitely sparked discussions, because in the face of a general losing odds, consecutively getting rise in bets like ice variety sunny green jadeite and jadeite of the oil green variety and then netting over ten million starcoins showcased remarkable prowess.

However now, it didn’t even make a splash,

As several rough stone dealers placed their bids hurriedly then rushed back to Gu Yun’s side, afraid they would miss the birth of a rare jadeite.

Red jadeite of the glutinous variety?

Hearing the cheers of the crowd, Qian Yan froze for a moment. It was actually another piece of rare high-grade jadeite?

He smiled wryly, then went back to his residence with the head of the Yu family who had a complex array of emotions on his face.

If he stayed any longer, he was afraid that his confidence as a level 6 Stone Gambler would be knocked down to nothing.

Qian Yan’s departure didn’t have any effect on the bustling rough stones unraveling area. It was only his loyal fans on Starnet who sighed a little. The attention of rest had been captured by Gu Yun.

There was no other reason than, watching Gu Yun unraveling rough stones was too exciting!

And they could even see rare jadeites that they had never seen before!

This type of feeling was so irresistibly delightful that they couldn’t stop thinking about it even if they wanted to.

Meanwhile, the leader of the event organizers received another set of playback data from the analyst.

And the moment he saw the numbers, the eyes of even he, a seasoned middle-aged man who was used to seeing big waves couldn’t help but shrink, then he burst into hearty laughter.

“Very good, very good, the 5% dip caused by the collapse in bet bidding king after it was unraveled has been recovered completely, with an additional 2% increase. Sure enough, Gu Yun is really powerful!”

The middle-aged man laughed as he said this, then instructed, “Keep only one necessary live camera sphere in front of each stone-cutting machine, then focus all the rest on him, focus all on Gu Yun! Quick—”

If this broadcast set new records, he might even climb higher in his position, and it would all be thanks to this rising star of the rough stone gambling world.

‘He wasn’t just a star, he was his lucky star!’ The leader of the event organizers thought with pleasure.

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