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Chapter 74.1

Editor: Jodi

Zhu Liang, under the eyes of everyone, was thrown out of the Sotho venue like a dead dog, utterly undignified, tarnishing his reputation, a warning bell for everyone present.

They were all prominent figures from various planets, they really couldn’t afford to lose face like this!

They believed that after Zhu Liang returned, he would also be abandoned by his circle, making his future steps difficult.

Most importantly, this was the first time the organizers of the past Jadeite Emporia had come forward to punish someone severely, showing their stance.

Everyone knew that behind the organizers was the Empire’s Royal Family, the true rulers of the entire empire!

They rarely appeared in public, but this time they took a stand for such a trivial matter, which showed that they were indeed paying a great deal of attention to Gu Yun.

Even the direct descendants of the Empire’s five major families had never received such treatment!

Gu Yun was really so popular that even the Empire’s Royal Family made an exception for him.

As for those who, like Zhu Liang, had tried to peek at Bai Jing’s rough stone numbers, they were utterly regretful and tearful.

Why couldn’t they have just left Gu Yun alone?!!

Was God Yun someone they could really see through?

They had stared at him all morning, done various data analyses and had made bids confidently, but what was the result?

All the rough stones they had bid on collapsed.

They had lost millions of starcoins for nothing. Putting aside the fact that their assets had shrank by a quarter, they even faced the risk of ruining their reputation. Ai, what had they been thinking—

These people wished they could turn back time and slap their greedy past selves awake!

It was really too tragic. They might as well have just picked out a few cheap rough stones, this way they wouldn’t have lost so much.

After such a painful lesson, whenever they saw Gu Yun, they just walked around, none of them daring to stare at the rough stone numbers in his hand anymore.

The atmosphere in the entire Sotho Emporium also improved significantly, with various overt and covert actions restrained a lot.

Making it so that many Stone Gamblers expressed their gratitude to Gu Yun on Starnet, increasing his reputation significantly.

And as the matter had been perfectly resolved, both Gu Yun’s fans and the onlookers were very satisfied, then with the organizers’ highly efficient handling of the situation, after they finished their gossip, they still had time to turn the spheres back to Gu Yun.

Bai Jing had already unraveled rough stone no. 4060. It had an overall triangular shape, had sharp edges and weighed 22.8 kilograms– it was quite sizable.

The jadeite washed by clear water had a delicate and warm texture, was moist like water, as elegant and delicate as a hibiscus flower, and full of water color, shimmering with waves.

The apple green color was youthful and natural, bright yet not intense, like a pure and lovely girl from her student days, her every move filled with a fresh temperament, complementing the texture of the hibiscus variety.

“God Yun, I bid 15 million!”

“16 million starcoins!”

“17 million starcoins—”

In the end, this apple green jadeite of the hibiscus variety was sold for a high price of 18 million, and after the top-grade yellow jadeite, it was another mid-to-high-end jadeite worth over tens of millions!

[It has started, it has started. Will the miracle creator create a new miracle?]

[Have you forgotten the top-grade yellow jadeite just now?]

[The first miracle has already appeared, will the second be far behind?]

[I’m so looking forward to it!]

[Will God Yun break the record he set yesterday?]


On the first day of the Sotho Emporium, Gu Yun broke the highest record left by Master Gu Liu Bai with an 87.5% rate of betting increase.

So, will this record be refreshed again today?

It had to be known, that the probability of having a rise in bet for 7 out of 8 jadeites had basically reached the limit.

And if one wanted to exceed this number, either it was 8 out of 9, 9 out of 10 jadeites being rise in bets, or even higher numbers.

Or an all-round all rise in bet, with a 100% rate of betting increase!!

However, there were requirements for having an all-round all rise in bet, and that was, that the number of rough stones solved couldn’t be less than five.

If only one rough stone was selected, then even if this rough stone was a rise in bet, with a 100% rate of betting increase, then it had no reference value, as chance factors were too great.

Both of these possibilities posed extraordinary difficulties.

No matter how strong Gu Yun’s stone gambling ability was, afraid it might require a certain amount of time and luck to break this record.

Due to the excessive discussion of this topic, a direct voting poll was launched on Starnet. The affirmative side was ‘can break the record’, and the negative side was ‘cannot break the record’.

Each person only had one vote, with a deadline of 10 minutes, equivalent to the time it took for Gu Yun to finish solving the third rough stone.

Three out of three, for this genius of the Stone Gambling World, wasn’t difficult.

Of course, if the third piece collapsed after it was unraveled, it didn’t mean much either. Perhaps only this piece of rough stone was a gamble, which also conformed to the first possibility.

[I believe God Yun can break the record! I’m voting for the affirmative side.]

[Upstairs +1. God Yun is the strongest!]

[The probability is really too low, so I’m voting for the negative side.]

[Exactly, God Yun can gradually grow stronger.]

[I’ll also vote for the opposing side, don’t put too much pressure on God Yun.]

In just two minutes, millions of people had voted on Starnet.

And of these, 37% believed that ‘can break the record’ was possible, while the remaining 63% didn’t believe that Gu Yun could break the record.

According to probability analysis, with a sufficient sample size, the final result should be almost the same as this number.

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