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Chapter 6.2

Bai Jing arrived at the place he had rented. The whole place was about fifty square feet, more than enough for one person to live in and the grey and white tones were clean and tidy. Just as he entered, there was a white housekeeping robot with slippers in hand welcoming him at the door.

He changed out of his shoes, and after wiping the energy gun, placed it in the corner inside the cupboard.

The energy gun’s bullets had all been used up; the bullets had been made specially in the post-apocalyptic times and couldn’t be replenished in this interstellar era, so there wasn’t much use for the gun.

Bai Jing simply took a hot shower, changed into a set of comfortable cotton pajamas, and then went to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom was large and spacious, with a storage room at the far end of it, much to Bai Jing’s delight. This could be used as a place to store food in the future.

He turned on his light brain and placed an order in the mall for one green vegetable, one mushroom, a dozen eggs, two tomatoes and two sets of ordinary clothes, for a total of one thousand star coins.

Compared to the food, the clothes were much cheaper, only a hundred star coins for one set.

In less than five minutes, the delivery arrived.

Bai Jing took off his black-framed glasses and made a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes as well as a plate of mushrooms and greens and ate that with soft fragrant rice as the accompaniment. It was so good that he almost bit his tongue off.

He finished the two plates of stir-fried vegetables and two large bowls of rice, with enough rice left over to make another plate of egg fried rice.

After eating and drinking enough, Bai Jing’s beautiful teal eyes narrowed slightly, like a lazy and noble cat.

As the shirt of the teenager who lay halfway on the bed rose, it exposed his thin and slim waist, the tone of his skin an extra porcelain white due to years of not seeing the sun, just like fine jade.

Now he had just a little bit over 20,000 star coins in his account. If he saved a little, it could last for about two months, but what about after that?

He thought of the dangerous gaze from the first floor of the Gu Group’s gambling house and what happened with Jiao Gui, the corners of his lips pursing lightly. He’d had a clash with Jiao Gui today. If he was noticed again, the risk would be too great.

Since the method of betting on stones wasn’t applicable for the time being, then there was only one way, and that was to become a Stone Gambler.

Right now his perception ability was limited to the sensing of only ten pieces of materials, so if there was no jadeite in any of the ten pieces of rough stones, then it meant failure. Therefore he couldn’t just rely on his sense perception ability, he had to master a series of gambling knowledge as soon as possible, so he could select the best performing pieces of materials.

Turning on his light brain again, Bai Jing looked up how to become a Stone Gambler.

The prerequisite for becoming a Master Stone Gambler was to first qualify as a stone gambling apprentice, and there were three requirements for becoming a stone gambling apprentice: a mental power level of B or above, having gambled up a full block of materials at least once, and passing the final test of the gambling guild.

His mental power level was A level, so there was no problem with this one; which meant he had to gamble up a full block of rough stones once, before he could take the Stone Gambling Guild’s test.

The next few days, Bai Jing began to work hard to learn the knowledge related to the gambling of stones.

Now technology was very advanced. He could learn about gambling on stones while using holographic projections to feel the touch of the materials, this way theory and practice were combined, which was extremely efficient.

“Young Master Gu, Jiao Gui is dead.”

Qiao An’s face was slightly gloomy. Only yesterday, the Gu Group had placed a ban on Jiao Gui and today he was dead. Although it wouldn’t have any effect on the Gu Group, he felt that something was fishy about it.

“Have you found the person who killed him?” Gu Yuanzhao’s straight legs folded together, half leaned on the sofa as he asked lazily.

“Not yet. The satellite surveillance at the incident location was destroyed and there are no witnesses. The sound shield was also on, with no suspicious fingerprints or footprints found in the surrounding area for the time being. Jiao Gui and the two hitmen were both shot in the head, the action was crisp and clean, like the work of a professional killer.”

“Mhmm. Tell the Star Police that there’s no need to investigate, no need to waste resources for such scum.” Gu Yuanzhao said casually, stood up from the leather couch and walked into the training room.

“Yes.” Qiao An replied respectfully and after exiting the room, video called the Director of the Interstellar Guard Bureau. The Director on the other end of the video responded in the affirmative immediately, not daring to refute.

The protective door of the training room closed slowly, then Gu Yuanzhao pressed the white space button on his chest. Instantly a silver and white mech that was twenty meters tall appeared in the training room.

Every inch of the mech was extremely smooth, and under the light it showed a shiny metallic colour- it was the most perfect work of art.

Gu Yuanzhao entered the mech, made a few quick clicks on his light brain, then entered the star network to participate in a virtual mech battle.

Recently, it looked like the zergs were trying to make a comeback. As a Major General of the Empire, he had to prepare early.

The purpose of his visit to the planet Proxima Star was to find a few pieces of the finest jadeite to meet the terrifying consumption of the Extra Class Mechs. It was just that the progress now wasn’t ideal.

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