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Chapter 58.1

Editor: Jodi

After Gu Yuanzhao left, Bai Jing returned to his room.

His fingers, slender and fair, touched his slightly swollen lips gently, subconsciously remembering the kiss just now.

It had been scorching, searing and filled with possessiveness, not just for Gu Yuanzhao, but for he himself too.

His beautiful teal colored eyes narrowed slightly, Hmm, it felt pretty good, even a little addicting.

Having experienced the apocalypse, Bai Jing understood the most important lesson: cherish the present.

Don’t wait until the end of life to regret.

He thought of the first team he had joined to hunt the zombies.

The captain and vice-captain had both been men, one reserved and quiet, the other proud and self-assured.

Yet although they both liked each other, they hesitated to be together due to concerns about burdening each other and their own personalities.

When they finally confessed their feelings, the entire team offered their blessings, and the reserved captain personally put a ring on the vice-captain’s finger.

It was one of the items the team had scavenged along the way, a simple silver ring that wasn’t even the right size.

However the usually proud and arrogant vice-captain accepted the ring with tears in his eyes and cherished it dearly.

And because he was afraid of losing it, he even strung it on a cord and wore it around his neck.

However a few days later, they were attacked by a horde of zombies in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, the vice-captain was captured by the zombies and, just before the mutation, he rushed into the zombie horde with explosives—

And at the moment of the explosion, he turned into countless pieces of flesh, not even leaving behind a complete corpse.

Before his death, he had pulled the ring from around his neck and thrown it into the hands of the resolute captain.

At that time, the captain didn’t show any excess grief as he still had a mission to fulfill and had to lead the other members of the team back…

Two months later, when zombies besieged the base, the silent captain charged into the forefront like a madman and finally perished alongside level four zombies when his abilities ran out, still clutching that ring in his hand at the moment of death.

Later, when Bai Jing went to claim the captain’s belongings, he found a diary.

Actually it couldn’t exactly be called a diary because it had only two lines throughout:

“If I had revealed my feelings when we met the first time, we wouldn’t have missed out on so much time.

I hope that in the next life, we will meet in our youth and hold hands until our old age, so that we won’t miss out on the years.”

Bai Jing woke from his reverie with a stronger determination.

Gu Yuanzhao liked him, and he had a crush on him as well, so why not give being together a try?

No matter the final outcome, he could bear it and he wouldn’t regret it.

If there were flowers to be picked, then one shouldn’t wait until they withered away.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes slightly. It seems, he wanted to pick Young Master Gu, this flower early?

However considering the current difference in their abilities and levels, it seemed a bit challenging.

Forget it, he would focus on developing his mental power first.

Bai Jing extracted more energy fluid until his mental power could no longer absorb it, then it let out a ‘hic’ hiccup and shrunk back into his body to rest.

Bai Jing put the energy fluids into the testing device and this time, their purity had reached 61.25%, having the attributes of a grade 6 energy fluid!

The starting bid for a grade 6 energy fluid was 5 million starcoins, and only Advanced Energy Masters could extract it. This was an absolute windfall.

What’s more, he had extracted the energy fluids from a sunny green jadeite that was from outside, which belonged to the grade 5 jadeite category, making this a windfall among windfalls!

The last time he had extracted energy fluids, the purity that been grade 5, but now he had extracted a grade 6 energy fluid, indicating that his mental power had improved again!

From that massive piece of jadeite, he had already extracted energy fluids from all the outer 6-7 kilograms of sunny green ice variety, which had slowly turned into an ordinary stone. Only the glass variety sunny green jadeite in the central position remained, radiant with the color green.

Besides this, he also had a piece of high quality sunny green jadeite of the ice variety, a colorless jadeite of the glass variety, and a piece of imperial green glass jadeite, all waiting for his extraction.

“Once I’ve extracted medium to top grade energy fluids from these grade 6 jadeites, I should be able to extract energy from those two black jadeites.”

Bai Jing thought to himself.

However, this would still take at least a month.

He really wanted to uncover the secrets within those black jadeites.

He had a hunch that there was more than just energy inside; perhaps it was related to mental power.


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