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Chapter 58.2

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At three in the afternoon, wearing his black-framed glasses, Bai Jing arrived at Yi Lan’s workshop, the abandoned factory.

And when he saw the deep blue mecha standing in the center of the factory, he blinked in surprise.

The light blue shell of the mecha was coated with a thick layer of protective material, transforming it into a more substantial deep blue.

And the entire mecha seemed to be wrapped in a semi-transparent film that had been polished to a dazzling shine, as if it were emitting its own light.

The shoulder-mounted laser beams had been enhanced with remote launchers, and the blade of the titanium alloy blade around the waist looked sharper, chilling, and radiated a cold gleam. It was clear that it had been reinforced with materials that were extremely tough.

What pleased him the most was the small hole on the index finger of the mecha’s left hand that was only the size of a coin which was almost impossible to notice unless one looked closely.

It was hard to imagine that this part was equipped with a concealed highly lethal weapon such as the nano strings.

Seeing that Bai Jing didn’t have a critical expression as he looked at it, Yi Lan breathed a small sigh of relief.

This was the first time she had received such a high modification fee. A full 8 million starcoins, and it had been paid in full upfront!

For a low level mecha designer, this was a significant level of trust, and she had been afraid of not meeting his expectations.

But now it seems her client should be satisfied.

She began to explain, “Since your budget was quite substantial, I made several modifications boldly.

First, I reinforced the body’s protection by applying a special protective material all over to reduce damage from attacks by about 5% to 10%.”

While explaining, she sent Bai Jing a data analysis table that listed the damage values caused by various weapons and their corresponding damage reduction values.

The weapons were arranged from weakest to strongest, with the protective attributes gradually decreasing, making it easy to understand.

Bai Jing reviewed the data carefully then saved it. “You’ve done a thorough job.”

A hint of excitement flashed between Yi Lan’s eyebrows, and her voice became even more cheerful as she continued, “Next is the long-range weapons. As per your request, I doubled the range, with a maximum range of up to 10 kilometers.

I also added a flash feature which emits a dazzling white light upon firing, disrupting the opponent’s vision.”

Yi Lan showed him a video she had recorded during her testing. As a mecha designer, it was necessary for her to be proficient in the basic operations of mechas.

When the shoulder-mounted laser beams were fired, they emitted a burst of dazzling white light and even through the screen, the blinding light could be felt. Bai Jing squinted slightly, very satisfied with this effect.

“The third modification is for the close-combat weapon, the titanium alloy long blade. I integrated ink alloy into the blade which has made it sharper, achieving a hardness level of 7.”

Bai Jing nodded. The previous weapon had a hardness level of 6, so the increase was noticeable.

Yi Lan continued, “The final modification is the nano strings on the mecha’s right index finger.

It’s equipped with the highest-grade and most sensitive micro-emitters available on the market, along with silent equipment and adhesive gel, ensuring silent and pinpoint accuracy during deployment!”

Among all the modifications, this was the most challenging one. 

The other modifications were standard, but altering this type of concealed weapon really tested a mecha designer’s abilities.

The nano strings were exceedingly sharp, and there had been numerous instances during the installation that they had almost sliced through the mecha’s outer shell.

Furthermore, these nanofibers were extremely lightweight, hence the attached stealth and adhesive devices needed to be compact and lightweight in order to avoid affecting the trajectory and speed after firing.

Yi Lan had debugged it more than a hundred times in order to find the best installation position and launch angle and after continuous testing, she had finally achieved the desired effect.

For this, she had stayed up for several nights with large dark circles under her eyes, and it had taken her two whole days of sleep before she was able to recover.

However it was all worth it.

She had created the best mecha within her capabilities!

Outside the factory, there were heavy steel plates specifically for testing, hence Bai Jing entered the cockpit, ready to experience the effect of the nano strings.

The arm of the mecha extended, and the tip of the left index finger revealed a hole the size of a coin, then with the action of the launcher, the nano strings shot out like lightning, sticking to the steel plate in an instant.

These silver-colored, hair-thin threads were like an invisible beam of light in the void, completely imperceptible to the naked eye.

Even for Yi Lan who was looking carefully from the side, it was challenging to spot, let alone an opponent who was looking from the inside of a towering mecha that was over ten meters tall.

It would absolutely go unnoticed.

The deep blue mecha teleported to the side of the steel plate, and the nano strings followed suit, but what followed next was astonishing. The steel plate, over twenty centimeters thick, broke as if it were tofu being sliced, falling to the ground at an angle and raising a cloud of dust.

Bai Jing retracted the nano strings and changed directions, continuing to fire them from various angles to test their effectiveness while getting a feel for the controls.

And in less than 30 seconds, the massive steel plate, akin to half a wall, had been cut into numerous pieces, falling apart into a pile of scrap metal.

Yi Lan who was standing on the side was shocked. Was this the strength of a mecha warrior?

This speed and destructive power was really terrifying!

She had tested the nano strings herself, however they had merely been inconspicuous weapons to her and hadn’t achieved even a thousandth of the damage shown here.

It was just…. her steel plates were also very expensive.

Bai Jing jumped down agilely from the arm of the mecha, then seeing her staring blankly at the pile of scrap metal on the ground, coughed dryly, then transferred one million starcoins to her account.

When Yi Lan heard the notification from her light brain and moved to look at it, her eyes widened violently when she saw the starcoins in her account.

One million starcoins!

This customer was really too wonderful.

In reality, because this was the first time she had received such a high modification fee, she had been worried that she might not meet the client’s satisfaction standard, and so had chosen the best possible options for the micro-emitters and other materials within the budget.

As a result, when everything was calculated, there was hardly anything left from the eight million modification fee.

However she didn’t regret it. She had learned a lot from over a week of modification practice and had gained valuable experience. Additionally, her design and conceptualization skills for weapons had also improved.

It was a very beneficial experience.

In a way, Bai Jing had also made quite a deal.

If he had hired a well-known intermediate mecha designer with the same fee, the overall attributes would have likely dropped by more than one level.

After receiving the one million starcoins, Yi Lan expressed her gratitude.

With this extra money, it meant she had earned around six to seven hundred thousand starcoins in total, which perfectly covered her labor costs. This was a perfect outcome!

Bai Jing stored the deep blue mecha in his spatial button, then they agreed that if there were any issues, he could bring it here for free adjustments, then he left.

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