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Chapter 33.1

At the same time, the major prominent families of Proxima Star had also started to make plans because of Gu Yun’s outstanding performance.

Although they didn’t know Gu Yun’s true identity, with his betting wars in the last month, the discerning ones knew that he would be a rising star in the gambling world.

So the Ning family, the Min family, the Shen family and other major families started investigating Gu Yun, and the easiest way to get information was from Starnet.

“Gu Yun, a member of the Gu family’s side branch of the Jinx Tower Star Planet, is twenty years old.

Previously lived on the remote Jinx Tower Star Planet, but came to Proxima Star after the particle storm on Jinx Tower Star Planet and started participating in betting wars—”

The great powers had used all sorts of means to try to investigate him, but they had only been able to find superficial information.

Tracing and location were intercepted, contact enquiries were blocked by sophisticated encryption devices ……

With all this, many families gave up. This person clearly had a background and was probably backed by the Gu family, the Empire’s number one plutocratic family.

It was only a few of the powerful families that hadn’t given up yet.

Since the Gu family hadn’t announced Gu Yun’s identity yet, they still had hope!

They had no hesitation in saying that if they waited for the youth to grow up, it would be too late.

It wasn’t only the prominent families in Proxima Star that were fighting for him, the really powerful forces in Capital Star Planet were also doing the same thing.

They had to get a head start over the other families!

The Min family.

Min Qi, the new head of the Min family frowned: “Check out Jinx Tower Star Planet, Gu Yun’s parents, siblings, etc., and see what you can find out.”

Soon, a subordinate reported: “A powerful particle storm has been blowing on Jinx Tower Star Planet since two months ago, and the inhabitants of the planet have been evacuated to other planets. No one can enter that place for now.”

Min Qi rubbed his brow: “I see, you can leave.”

Ai, there was no other way out. He had to go to the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House himself.

The Ning family.

Ning Qiuchen, the head of the Ning family approached Madam Ning: ” Wan Si, the piece of ice-blue jadeite you bought the last time was from one of Gu Yun’s rise in bet, wasn’t it?”

Madam Ning immediately went on the alert: “What? I bought it with my own asset, you can’t take it to the Auction House for exhibition…”

Ning Qiuchen smiled: “You’ve misunderstood. I just wanted to ask, what do you think of Gu Yun’s personality?”

Madam Ning’s expression softened at the mention of Gu Yun: “He is very handsome, calm and has a good eye for gambling on rough stones. I really want to take him as my godson.”

Ning Qiuchen’s eyes lit up: “Let’s do it then.”

Madam Ning snickered, “You have quite the appetite, but I’m not sure Yun Yun will even agree.

Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. You can absolutely never bully my son!”

Ning Qiuchen: “…….”

Son? Didn’t you just say you’re not sure he would even agree?

At today’s betting war, the people in the hall clearly felt the difference.

All the guests who had come to bet were frozen in their tracks as they watched the imposing men at the door make their way to the side.

The Ning family, the Min family, the Shen family ……

? What were they all doing here?

Instead of them conducting their businesses which brought them nearly 10 million starcoins a day, they had come to the Gu Conglomerate to place bets on rough stones?

Was it because they were middle-aged and so were looking for a bit of excitement?

The fans didn’t dare make noise. Although these masters hadn’t said a word, they had built up auras that couldn’t be overlooked over the years, hence it placed a lot of pressure on the crowd.

Not to mention, the atmosphere between them seemed to be a bit tense, with a touch of crossfire mixed in it.

The host, Tan Shu saw them as well and even though she was used to big scenes, she looked a bit more flustered, but her strong professionalism helped her regain her composure quickly.

After the bets were placed, the Stone Solvers were invited onto the stage.

This time Bai Jing was playing against a level 3 Stone Gambler called Zhuo Qin.

Zhuo Qin was the daughter of a wealthy businessman who had gained a lot of attention three years ago when she finished in the top 20 of the Stone Gambler Apprentice exams.

She then went on to become a level 3 Stone Gambler within three years, showing that she was a remarkable talent.

As Zhuo Qin stood on the stage, she peeked at Bai Jing, then blushed slightly.

From a closer look, she found that the teenager was much more attractive than the one in the pictures, making her unable to take her eyes off of him.

Uhm, she was also Gu Yun’s beauty fan and career fan.

But because of this, she had to be careful with this betting war so as not to lose face in front of him.

Amongst all the Stone Gamblers, Zhuo Qin had her own specialty.

Apart from judging rough stones by their performance, she also relied on her instincts and luck.

Many Stone Gamblers might not like to be told that they relied on luck rather than strength, but she never minded that.

Luck was a part of gambling on rough stones, because as the saying went, ‘it was hard for even a god to judge an inch of jadeite’.

So, of the five rough stones she would pick for each betting war, three were carefully selected based on experience and the performance of the rough stones, while the other two were chosen at random based on her intuition.

But sometimes, miraculously, at least one or two out of every five rough stones she picked at random that were obviously free of pine blossoms and python bands and appeared to be plain had a very high probability of having jadeite inside them.

For this reason, she had been described by many on Starnet as ‘Proxima Star’s’ most agile Stone Gambler’.

The three rough stones selected carefully by Zhuo Qin were: a white sandpaper skin rough stone that looked like it would perform well, a yellow sandpaper skin rough stone with no lack of python and pine flowers on it and a rough stone with a thin, transparent potato like crust.

And the other two rough stones chosen by intuition were two greyish white rough stones with nothing on their surface but that were large in size. On the table they looked like two ordinary stones with a very rough crust.

But Bai Jing, who was bored as the others placed their bets used his sense perception ability to check Zhuo Qin’s rough stones. Two of the five had jadeite in them, both with good activity and one of them would even yield a glutinous or ice-glutinous variety of good quality.

As expected of a level 3 Stone Gambler, she was better than any of his previous opponents.

However Bai Jing was also very lucky this time as he had picked a very high quality rough stone.

Now that he had been promoted to being a level 2 Stone Gambler, he could naturally move up a level in his betting rate without the usual restraints.

After more than a month of gambling on rough stones and the sale of energy fluid, he was now twelve million short of the starcoins he owed Gu Yuanzhao.

Bai Jing hoped that the pace would be faster so that he could pay off his debt as soon as possible and be relieved of the weight on his heart.

And today, perhaps, this wish would be granted.

The solving of the rough stones began.

After discussing with the Stone Solver, Zhuo Qin walked to rough stone number 8, deciding to solve it herself.

The rough stone was about the size of a football and irregularly polygonal with two bands of pine flowers and black withering near the base.

Generally speaking, withering meant it had jadeite in it and could be a good bet.

She first rubbed the rough stone along the withering and, because of the thin crust, within two minutes she had rubbed out an opening the size of a baby’s fist with light red crystals showing.

“It’s red fog!”

“Could it be that there’s red jadeite underneath the red fog?!”

When it came to jadeite, green was generally the most common color.

The colors violet, red, yellow, a combination of colors, and so on were rarer and perhaps because of cosmic radiation, it was very possible to extract energy fluids that had a higher level of purity energy with less mental power needed from an energy master from jadeite that had these colors.

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