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Chapter 54.2

Bai Jing arrived at the third stall.

Hundreds of different sized rough stones were scattered messily across a long wooden rack.

From their appearance, they could be better described as rocks that had been picked up casually instead of rough stones, their quality really poor.

He glanced at them casually, then moved about twenty stones that were obviously rocks to one side, and started looking at the others.

Because of Desolate Rock Planet’s climate, most of the rough stones here were sand-skinned and mountain rough stones.

Bai Jing checked each rough stone one by one and after checking forty or fifty, he found that only two to three had bands of pine flower python bands, and the distribution of these pine flower python bands was very hidden, making them hard to find for those with poor eyesight.

Compared to these rough stones, even the offcuts of the Gu Conglomerate could be considered top grade materials.

Originally, he thought that choosing five rough stones in six hours was a waste of time, but now, it seemed that time might be very tight.

After more than half an hour of looking through the rough stones at this stall, he picked out a total of six rough stones that were barely passable.

Among them, the best was a rough stone with a yellow salt sand skin, about the size of a basketball with a thick skin.

Its skin was yellow brown, the sand grains on its surface evenly distributed and delicate, roughly the size of salt grains, with a strong sense of sand shedding, which made it a top quality product among yellow sand skins.

This kind of rough stone was likely to produce high green, full of jade color.

Sending his sense perception ability into the rough stone, he found that the activity inside wasn’t strong, and that it was of the coarse bean variety, however the color had reached the full green level.

Bai Jing brows furrowed slightly. Perhaps because he was used to gambling on high grade jadeite, he could now even see the high green luminous green variety as superior, let alone the coarse bean variety.

If another Stone Gambler was around, they would be infuriated.

To gamble out a full green bean variety from such poor offcuts was a significant win. This was full green! Rarer than sunny green and even emerald. What was there to be dissatisfied about?!

While pretending to observe the rough stones, Bai Jing once again probed the other five rough stones with his sense perception ability.

However by the time he withdrew his sense perception ability, his light colored lips were pressed together lightly. Only one of these five rough stones contained jadeite, and it was the kind with a very uneven distribution of dry green.

Letting out a soft sigh, he put the full green bean variety yellow salt sand skin rough stone into the shopping cart. If there was nothing better later, he would reluctantly consider it as one of his choices.

When the fans in the live room saw their idol frown, their hearts tightened in unison. They had never seen God Yun with such an expression before.

[Wuuuu, God Yun, don’t frown.]

[God Yun, we believe in you !]

[Sisters, I’m going to check out Ying Wenfeng ‘s live room, will report back.]

On the other side, Ying Wenfeng’s brows creased ever so lightly as he looked at the mud-wrapped rough stones.

But mindful of the livestream being watched by the entire network, he didn’t dare make it too obvious. However he still put on the white gloves that had been provided for free by the guild.

This was actually an unprofessional act– as everyone knew that apart from specialized sensing gloves, any other gloves would more or less affect the tactile sensation and judgment when handling rough stones.

Especially when contrasted against Bai Jing, who didn’t wear gloves. This behaviour triggered mass ridicule from netizens online.

[Tsk, looks like a level 6 Stone Gambler isn’t that professional either.]

[Exactly, gloves would affect the tactile sensation of the rough stones. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know.]

[ God Yun ‘s hands are so fair and beautiful, yet he isn’t wearing any gloves. What is this rough man trying to show?]

[Seeing the comment above, I’m already starting to get angry.]

Ying Wenfeng couldn’t see the ridicule on the livestream. Bending over with a flashlight and a magnifying glass in his hands, he concentrated on selecting the rough stones.

Being a level 6 Stone Gambler, he had also seen various types of rough stones, so he picked quickly, checking over two hundred rough stones from two stalls in less than an hour.

And he was lucky enough to find a decent white salt skin rough stone !

This white salt skin rough stone wasn’t large. It was about fifteen centimeters long and ten centimeters high, delicate in texture, and belonged to the top quality white sandpaper rough stone.

The upper half was marked with pine flower patterns and the bottom had a black ringworms which were dead ringworms, so there was a high possibility that it wouldn’t affect the flesh of the jadeite inside.

When he shone a flashlight from above, one could see the green color shining through, making it highly possible that it would be a rise in bet, and that there was a chance it could produce high quality jade!

In addition to this white salt skin rough stone, he also selected a prunus-skin crusted rock rough stone.

According to his judgment, it was a rare high quality material.

Finding two good rough stones within less than an hour gave Ying Wenfeng a lot of confidence in this points battle.

In Gu Yun ‘s livestream room:

[Sisters, I’m back. Sigh, the situation doesn’t look good.]

[I’ve seen it too. Ying Wenfeng has already found two rough stones and looks quite smug.]

[It’s okay, I believe in God Yun.]

[I believe too, but I’m still very nervous.]

Bai Jing checked two more stalls but still didn’t find any materials he was particularly satisfied with.

An hour and a half had already passed and he only had one rough stone in his shopping cart. It seemed he was indeed at a disadvantage.

Because of the high heat of this points battle and the wide range of participants, someone had already opened a betting room and started placing bets.

Although Ying Wenfeng had a poor reputation for being the first to initiate the points battle, judging from the bets that were placed and the odds, it was obvious that more people were betting on him.

Now, seeing such a scene, the starcoins placed on him skyrocketed, the total funds having already exceeded 10 billion while the bets placed on Gu Yun were only 6 billion.

Seeing the bets on Starnet, Gu Yuanzhao raised an eyebrow then without the expression on his face changing, he placed a bet of 10 billion on Gu Yun using his light brain, reversing the odds completely!

[Fuck, fuck, as expected of Young Master Gu, big spender!]

[My goodness, a bet of 10 billion just like that!!]

[I’m touched, he’s throwing a fortune for God Yun !]

[I’m already tired of saying that Zhao Yun CP is real.]

Bai Jing left the stall and at the same time, Ying Wenfeng also walked past from the adjacent stall. The moment they passed each other, Ying Wenfeng saw the lonely rough stone in his shopping cart and a smile of assured victory appeared on his face.

Bai Jing also saw the two good quality rough stones in his shopping cart, however his expression remained unchanged.

This calm and composed attitude was particularly irritating in Ying Wenfeng ‘s eyes, causing a flash of ruthless determination to pass through his eyes. The final victory had to be his.

Gu Yun should just wait to exit the Gambling World and be forgotten by everyone!

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