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Chapter 20.1

Bai Jing was informed by his teacher, Gao Ling, that all students who had passed the exams should come to the Gambling Guild Branch as soon as possible, and that the Proxima Star Branch President would issue them with the appropriate silver badges.

By the time he arrived after taking the hover car, Fatty Jin Mao, An Ge and Ning Yuxuan were already there.

There were sixteen people who had passed the exams and only three of them were commoners, including him and An Ge.

The teenagers looked at Bai Jing with complicated expressions as he walked towards them with a calm face.

Many children from aristocratic families found it hard to accept that they had been overtaken by a commoner, but the truth was right in front of them so they had no choice but to believe it.

The funny thing was that not only did this commoner overtake them, he had even overwhelmed the unusually lucky bunch from Capital Star Planet as well.

With this in mind, the teenagers felt much less resentful.

“President Zhuo is here!”

Some sharp-eyed students saw a middle-aged man in white robes walking towards them with a silver badge on his chest displaying the word ‘Lu’ and a group of Stone Gamblers behind him, and knew it was the President of Proxima Star Branch.

Standing up straight, they all saluted him respectfully.

President Zhuo was a distinguished Level 6 Stone Gambler.

Stone Gamblers were divided into levels: 1-3 were called low-level Stone Gamblers, 4-5 were called mid-level Stone Gamblers, and 6 and above were called high-level Stone Gamblers.

There were no more than fifty high level Stone Gamblers in the entire Empire, each of whom was highly respected and held a high status that all Stone Gamblers dreamt of attaining.

President Zhuo’s square face had a distinct smile on it instead of the usual serious expression.

Walking up to Bai Jing, he patted him on the shoulder affectionately: “Bai Jing, you did extremely well this time, so the guild has decided to award you a bonus of one million starcoins.

If you have any questions about gambling on rough stones in the future, feel free to come to me.”

With these words, all the children from aristocratic families looked at Bai Jing with deep jealousy in their eyes.

A million starcoins might not mean much to them, but to be mentored by a Level 6 Stone Gambler was a great blessing!

“Thank you, President.”

Bai Jing bowed, not in the ecstatic manner that the crowd had expected, but with a calm and unassuming expression.

President Zhuo nodded in his heart, saying to himself that if, at this age Bai Jing could remain indifferent whether favored or humiliated, it meant that he would be a great person in the future.

At this moment he even thought of taking him on as an apprentice, but managed to restrain himself in time. The path of a commoner’s gambling on rough stones wasn’t a good one, so he would have to see what height he could attain.

Soon after, Bai Jing received a million starcoins on his light brain account.

In addition to the remaining 700,000 starcoins he had, he now had 1.7 million starcoins in his account, enough capital to gamble on the stones upfront.

President Zhuo’s assistant handed him a blue velvet box in a timely manner. It was a box that contained the apprentice badges mailed from the headquarters.

Opening the box, there were thumb-sized badges that had silver regulations in the center with bright metallic hues and small, delicate engravings of the Stone Gambler’s Guild’s pentagram.

President Zhuo personally put the badges on the students who had passed the exams.

Among the many badges, Bai Jing’s was the only one that was different.

The badges of Gambling apprentices had only a pentagram with an empty center on them.

But Bai Jing’s badge, on the other hand, was one circle larger than theirs, with a small ‘1’ in the middle, which was the symbol of a level 1 Stone Gambler.

Everyone looked on enviously as President Zhuo put the level 1 Stone Gambler badge on Bai Jing.

The level 1 Stone Gambler was the next stage for all Gambling apprentices.

And to become a level 1 Stone Gambler, one needed to earn five points.

One point for every winning bet since becoming a Gambling apprentice.

Five points meant five winning bets and at least a couple of dozen bets in total, but Bai Jing had skipped this step, saving time and starcoins.

Ning Yuxuan had come in twelfth in the exams, earning three points.

She looked sideways at Bai Jing. The young girl’s eyebrows were still proud, but there was no longer any discrimination or disdain in her eyes.

She was wrong.

Really ridiculous. Who was she to discriminate against someone who was ranked higher than her?

Bai Jing had proved to her with actions that origin didn’t mean anything.

The commoner, who was born from a commoner’s background, had used his strength to slap the sons of the aristocratic families in the face!

She touched the silver badge on her chest and thought in a daze:

She would make sure to get five points and become a level 1 Stone Gambler as soon as possible.

And then, catch up with Bai Jing!

She had a feeling that if she didn’t work hard enough, she would be left farther and farther behind.

Since some time ago, Bai Jing had become the person she was chasing, the person she was looking at, and the person she wanted to be.

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5 thoughts on “God-level stone gambler (interstellar)

  1. NYX got some serious character development. Good on Bai Jing, being an admirable role model for his fellow classmates.

  2. I love how there wasn’t any unreasonable and brainless enmity from them. Like usually to highlight how MC is so much better, there would be that character who will go like “WHY HOW DID HE DO THIS HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS HE’S STILL A COMMONER… THAT SHOULD BE ME!!! (🎵)”


  3. I love how there really isn’t a bad kid in this… NYX’s and DX’s mentality after knowing MC’s potential isn’t jealousy, but the other feels resignation and the urge to work harder while the other was embarrassed abt his previous attitude towards MC. AG also surprised me bcs I read stories where some characters can’t accept the MC being better bcs they have the same origin. The other aristocrats amused me also bcs of the notebook thing.

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