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Chapter 48.1

Bai Jing had watched Gu Yuanzhao’s twenty odd training videos at least fifty times each, gaining new insights with each viewing.

Because as the saying went: while the connoisseur recognized the artistry, the layman simply enjoyed the show.

Now that Bai Jing’s abilities had improved and he’d gained some combat experience, he could appreciate Gu Yuanzhao’s strength even more when watching the videos.

There was no need for A level highly difficulty techniques or flashy footwork. Just the combination of basic moves, pushed to the extreme, could be lethal!

As he was engrossed in his watching, there was a knock on the door.

A man’s magnetic voice came through: “Ah Jing, it’s time to go to bed.”

Bai Jing checked the time— it was one in the morning.

Had it gotten so late already?

Bai Jing sat up on the bed: “Oh, right away.”

Within a minute, the door opened, revealing the delicate features of the teenager with a bright smile: “Gu Yuanzhao, are you free tomorrow night?”

After watching the videos, Bai Jing wanted to observe Gu Yuanzhao’s mecha piloting movements up close this time.

During their previous sessions of piloting ‘Silver Light’ together, the focus had always been on killing the alien beasts with the mecha, so he hadn’t paid close attention to Gu Yuanzhao’s hand speed and operation.

This time, he wanted to watch intently.

The teenager’s teal colored eyes sparkled as he looked at him, filled with obvious anticipation.

His long, curly eyelashes fluttered like little fans, looking unbelievably beautiful.

His dark eyes fixed on the teenager, Gu Yuanzhao’s Adam’s apple rolled unconsciously as he felt a sudden urge to kiss him.

Reaching up, he tugged at his collar irritably.

Although he wanted to agree, the recent increase in alien beast activity meant he probably wouldn’t be able to return home for a week, forcing him to stay at the Gu Conglomerate instead.

Even tonight, he had only returned because he had been worried about Bai Jing and would have to rush back in half an hour.

Gu Yuanzhao’s voice deepened slightly: “I’m sorry, I’ve been really busy lately—”

Bai Jing said immediately: “Ah, it’s okay, just take care of your own things first.”

He was being too willful, insisting on training together even though Gu Yuanzhao came back so late every day.

Perhaps it was because Gu Yuanzhao never refused his requests?

The word ‘becoming arrogant due to being spoiled’ suddenly appeared in Bai Jing’s mind, making him shake his head vigorously.

Although the teenager’s tone was as usual, even with a hint of a smile in his voice, his eyes had dimmed noticeably, causing Gu Yuanzhao’s heart to tighten.

Unable to restrain himself, he reached out with both arms and swept the teenager into his arms, one hand holding his waist while the other stroked the hair at the back of his head gently.

Even through the military uniform, Bai Jing could feel the warmth from his strong, hard and solid chest, his cold yet domineering scent seeming to linger in his nose. He was slightly stunned but didn’t resist.

Most importantly, he could hear the rapid and intense heartbeat coming from his chest.

Gu Yuanzhao promised, “In a week, after I deal with the military department’s affairs, I’ll spend the whole day with you, okay?”

Bai Jing’s mood perked up visibly, his voice crisp as he responded, “Deal! You’re the one who said it, so don’t go back on your word!”

The next morning, Bai Jing arrived at the mecha simulation battle hall.

As he had now advanced to L2, winning a match would earn him 1,000 points, which could quickly be exchanged for nano strings.

The points required for nano strings were 30,000, and with the starcoins conversion rate, he only needed 15,000 points and 15,000 starcoins.

Subtracting his existing 5,000 points from that, that meant he only needed to win 10 more consecutive matches.

He pressed the ‘start matching’ button on the band on his wrist.

About two minutes later, the information of the match was displayed on the big screen:

Beginner Match 143, Alpha VS Golden Warrior, venue 82.

Bai Jing clicked confirm and arrived quickly at the match venue.

Only to find that the L2 venue was larger than the L1, and that there were many more spectators.

His opponent was a vibrant, blonde teenager.

Walking up, he reached out to shake hands with Bai Jing, flashing a bright smile that revealed his white teeth, “My name is Golden Warrior. Isn’t that super cool? Wait till you see my mecha.”

Then he pressed the spatial button on his neck and a golden mecha about 15 meters tall stood in place, shining brilliantly under the lights. Bai Jing squinted a little— it was really dazzling.

However, judging from the armor all over its body, it wasn’t a low level mecha, what’s more it leaned heavily towards defensive attributes.

Before the match even started, the audience had already begun shouting the names of the two contestants.

“Go Alpha, charge!”

“Golden Warrior will win!”

The blonde teenager smiled, raising the mecha’s arm, stirring excitement among his fans.

The match began.

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