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Chapter 55.1

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The first thing Bai Jing pulled out was a yellow sand skin rough stone, about the size of a basketball. It was oval shaped and gave a strong sand shedding feeling just from the surface — a high quality rough stone belonging to the yellow sand skin rough stones group.

Before they started solving the rough stones, two Level Six Stone Gamblers from the Gambling Guild stood by their sides, responsible for live streaming the process and explanatory commentary.

Of course, the micro particle audio equipment would amplify their voices in the live stream room, without affecting the rough stone unraveling on site.

Standing beside Bai Jing was Level Six Stone Gambler, Lu Yuan, while standing next to Ying Wenfeng was Level Six Stone Gambler Yan Ji.

Both of them were highly experienced Stone Gamblers, and while providing explanatory commentary, they also monitored the rough stone unraveling of both participants.

Being a Level Six Stone Gambler himself, Lu Yuan had a lot of contempt for Ying Wenfeng’s actions.

He found it embarrassing that a Level Six Stone Gambler would challenge a Level Two Stone Gambler. He had lost all face for all Senior level Stone Gamblers!

He guessed that Ying Wenfeng might have had some hidden reasons, but in the end, this decision was his own, and he had to bear the consequences.

In this Stone Gambling Points Battle, Lu Yuan secretly hoped that ‘Gu Yun’ would win. This teenager clearly had unlimited potential. If he grew up, he would definitely be a great asset for the Gambling Guild!

‘He definitely shouldn’t fall here.’

Lu Yuan prayed silently in his heart.

Bai Jing placed the yellow sand skin rough stone on the stone-cutting machine, and the mechanical hands on both sides quickly secured the rough stone.

The skin of this yellow sand piece was a bit thick. If he decided to polish it, it might take some time, so he planned to directly cut the rough stone.

Bai Jing turned on the laser knife and blue cold light, like flames, spurted out. His slender and fair fingers held the black handle and directly used the laser knife to make a cut about two centimeters from the skin, creating an opening the size of a baby’s fist with just one cut.

In a timely manner, Lu Yuan sprayed some water on the side to wash away the debris on the surface, revealing the cut face of the jadeite.

The live streaming sphere immediately took all-round shots of the cut face, presenting the cut surface in full view to the audience in the live streaming room.

The cut surface was a bit rough, with the grainy texture of the jade clearly visible and on closer inspection, it looked like rows of green beans embedded within, a classic example of the coarse bean variety.

[The first rough stone from ‘God Yun’ is green!]

[A green with one cut, really worthy of being called ‘God Yun’.]

[A pity it’s of the coarse bean variety…. feels like a bit of a letdown.]

[But sisters, this is just offcuts, not like those cherry picked rough stones from the Gu Conglomerate’s Stone Gambling House.]

[Look at the color though, it’s really beautiful!]

A vibrant emerald green color radiated from the jadeite, richer than sunny green, dripping with lush green hues, evenly distributed and full– it was actually fully green!

This rare green undoubtedly elevated the jadeite to another level.

Lu Yuan was also quite satisfied with this piece of jadeite. It was pretty impressive to find a piece of coarse bean variety that was fully green from offcuts.

Moreover, with strong light shining on it, you could see the green had seeped in, indicating that the jadeite was going to be big in size.

Lu Yuan subconsciously looked at Ying Wenfeng at his side. But as soon as he saw the foggy surface that had been rubbed, his pupils suddenly shrank.

It was actually white fog!

White fog indicated a clean base and there was a high chance of finding a good quality jadeite inside.

If there was green under the white fog, it would be a very pure green color!

He pursed his lips slightly. Gu Yun was in danger this time.

The first rough stone that Ying Wenfeng brought out was a small white salt skin rough stone, which was also his most prized rough stone.

That’s right, he wanted to make a striking impression, and completely crush Gu Yun’s spirit!

White salt skin was a top grade type among white sandpaper skins. The shell of this rough stone was delicate, with every detail of its pine flower python belt present. The only thing to be wary of was the dead ringworms at the bottom.

However, based on his years of experience, he knew that the ringworms wouldn’t penetrate deep into the interior.

Therefore, he had high expectations for this rough stone.

Ying Wenfeng picked up the abrasive grinding wheel and carefully began to rub the rough stone along the direction of the python belt and pine flowers. His technique was seasoned, and he quickly unraveled a two-finger-wide opening, exposing a faint white fogy crystal.

With a flash of strong light, one could see the hint of green seeping through the interior.

Seeing the white fog and the green color under the strong light, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but hook up.

He glanced at the rough stone in Gu Yun’s hand.

Coarse bean variety?

Heh, and here he was thinking Gu Yun was more capable than this.

Ying Wenfeng’s mood unconsciously relaxed a lot.

The Stone Gambling Points Battle was about the total value of the jadeite. Even if the coarse bean variety was fully green and large in size, it couldn’t compete with the value of a fist-sized water variety, let alone the ice and glass variety.

The foggy surface he cut was facing one of the live broadcast balls, allowing the audience in the live broadcast room to see it very clearly.

[Quick look, Ying Wenfeng has unraveled white fog!]

[There’s green under the white fog, it’s definitely going to shoot up in value!]

[Indeed, he’s worthy of being a level six Stone Gambler.]

[The gap between levels is not something you can bridge casually.]

[Sigh, your God Yun might lose this time!]

Seeing the appearance of white fog, the audience’s opinion began to sway.

Ying Wenfeng, as a level six Stone Gambler, clearly had stronger abilities. His decades of experience were not a joke.

The fans of Gu Yun were indignant, and they quickly refreshed the comments, pushing down all the negative comments.

Although they believed in Gu Yun’s victory, they found it difficult to refute the current situation too strongly, to avoid attracting criticism for their idol.

After Bai Jing cut the skin a few times, he also switched to the abrasive grinding wheel to rub the rough stone. Both of them worked swiftly, displaying their extensive experience.

Inside Bai Jing’s rough stone, apart from the thick skin, almost everything was jadeite, with uniform color and full saturation.

Aside from the lower water variety, its color and size were both rare.

Meanwhile, after Ying Wenfeng rubbed away the thin layer of white fog, a crystal clear texture, akin to ice, was revealed. It was transparent, refreshing, and the degree of transparency was high.

A faint green color seeped from the glossy ripples, as tender as a new bud, with a hint of yellow. It was soft and beautiful.

[Oh my god, it’s of the ice variety!]

[Ice variety with a scallion green heart… unbelievable!]

[Really can’t believe this is from offcutss!]

[The gap between bean variety and ice variety is not a small one.]

[Darn it, if I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have bet on Gu Yun.]

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