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Chapter 27.1

The host asked, as usual, if he wanted to auction this icy blue water jadeite. Bai Jing hesitated slightly, wondering if Young Master Gu wanted this jadeite.

He remembered that he had said that he needed jadeite of the high ice or glass variety, and of course the color had to be even and bright, and this jadeite, no matter the grade or color, should be up to scratch, right?

In the private room on the second floor, Qiao An was surprised to see this jadeite solved. It had been a long time since he had seen an icy blue water jadeite of this quality.

Qiao An’s expression took on a slightly anxious look: “Young Master Gu, won’t you make a bid? If we don’t make a move, I’m not sure when we will be able to get one of this quality the next time.”

Gu Yuanzhao mused, “It’s alright, I trust him.”

Now Bai Jing had just participated in two betting wars, and it was just when he needed to build up his fame.

The Gu Conglomerate had more than 10 betting wars a day, and a Stone Gambler’s fame combined with a jadeite solved, would attract a lot of rough stone dealers, energy masters, speculators, etc., not to mention the millions of viewers on Starnet.

If he kept the striking icy blue water jadeite for himself without auctioning it, it would be a lost opportunity for Bai Jing to get some publicity.

He was sure that Bai Jing would be able to solve a better jadeite in the future. What’s more, he could wait.

Gu Yuanzhao looked at Qiao An: “Do as I say and auction it off directly.”

Qiao An: “…. Yes!”

He sighed in his mind, Young Master Gu was too good to this teenager called Bai Jing, so good that he was a little scared. It seemed that the boss might really–

After the host Tan Shu received Qiao An’s instructions over her in-ear intercom, she smiled at Bai Jing and then started the auction.

“Next, the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House will auction off this 2.6kg icy blue water jadeite. Blue jadeite isn’t common, let alone icy blue water jadeite; if energy fluid is extracted from it, the purity will definitely exceed that of the one extracted from an ordinary jadeite!

The bidding begins now–“

“Three million starcoins!”

“Three and a half million starcoins!”

“I’ll give you four million starcoins!”


Bai Jing was a little surprised. He hadn’t expected the first bid to be so high, and the ones that followed didn’t stop at all.

The icy blue water jadeite was of excellent seed water, high purity, better quality compared to other ice varieties and had already reached the level of high ice varieties. Afraid that it could be turned into an energy fluid of the same grade, hence the price of the auction increased as well.

What’s more, this icy blue water jadeite was of such a beautiful color that it was favored by many noble ladies.

At the current rate of raw rough stone mining, jadeite would definitely not depreciate in value, and even if it was kept as a collection in one’s home, it would be a delightful treasure to look at.

The icy blue water jadeite was eventually sold for six million starcoins to an elegant lady and as she took the jadeite on stage, there were gasps from below the stage.

“Heavens, it’s Madam Ning!”

“True to form, a true aristocrat of the prominent families. Just a wave and she’s made a generous gesture–“

The elegant lady was Ning Yuxuan’s mother, the first lady of the Ning family– the second largest rough stone miners after the Gu Conglomerate who also ran a successful jadeite auction business of her own and was well off.

Before leaving the stage, she looked at Bai Jing and her eyes unconsciously softened, revealing a look of satisfaction.

Although the youth had deliberately made his hair look mature, his body was slender, his skin was very tender and smooth, and he looked juvenile, not at all like a youth of twenty.

And with his delicate and beautiful features and a very good mentality, she’d liked him the moment she saw him.

Such a well-behaved young man, she wanted to take him as her godson.

It would be nice if he could be her daughter’s boyfriend after she grew up, or her son’s boyfriend.

Madam Ning thought to herself with interest, perhaps, she was what the netizens called a ‘mommy fan’?

Hmm, she would have to talk to the other ladies later to support Gu Yun a bit more.

As the auction ended, the betting wars also came to an end.

The light screen was replaced with an advertisement for the Gu Conglomerate’s nutritional solution and the floating light balls around dropped.

Jiang Ke was about to leave the stage with a scowl on his face when he was stopped by Bai Jing.

Looking back, he saw a beautiful young man with an indifferent expression, his delicate features looking more defined in the fading light as he just stood there with an aura that attracted everyone’s attention.

His jealousy at its peak, Jiang Ke asked impatiently, “What do you want? Speak up.”

Bai Jing didn’t mind his attitude at all: “The bean seed jadeite you just unraveled, I would like to buy it if possible.”

In a place like the Gu Conglomerate, jadeite below 100,000 starcoins wasn’t eligible to be put up for auction, and if one were to go to an online auction house, one would be charged a 10%-20% commission, so he might as well sell it to him. It was just as well, he could extract energy fluid from it.

Jiang Ke’s eyes flashed and then he suddenly smiled: “Fine, 20,000 starcoins and you can take it.”

Bai Jing had just finished transferring the money from his light brain and was about to walk up to take the piece of bean seed jadeite when he noticed that the other party suddenly let go of the jadeite in his hand.

Under the influence of gravity, the piece of jadeite fell extremely fast, and as it was about to fall and break into pieces, the anger in Jiang Ke’s heart finally dissipated.

As the betting wars had ended, the live balls surrounding the two of them had all been withdrawn, as such they were now on the dark part of the platform, and with the holographic screen not covering their movements, no one would know if the jadeite got broken.

So what if Gu Yun heard the rattle? He could just say that it was Gu Yun himself who had failed to catch it. What did it have to do with him?

A flash of pleasure crossed Jiang Ke’s eyes and he was just about to leave when he saw a figure sweep past him like the wind, and in a glimpse, he could only see the harsh arc of the hem of Gu Yun’s black trench coat rising up.

Bai Jing caught the piece of jadeite with great reaction and speed, folding his soft waist back into ninety degrees and immediately rising again; the whole movement was like flowing water, very agile.

After getting the jadeite, Bai Jing gave him a cold look, then left the high platform.

Jiang Ke suddenly felt a chill at the back of his neck. The teenager’s cold eyes surprisingly caused him an unspeakable fear, and it wasn’t until he left that he breathed out anew.

So terrifying, he definitely wouldn’t dare mess with Gu Yun again in the future.

What Jiang Ke didn’t expect, was that this betting wars today would bring him an unbelievably bad effect.

[This punch to the face came too quickly, right? Level 2 Stone Gambler? Heh heh, master is smiling].

[Hmm? Weren’t you using a f*cking innocent and cute persona before? After finding out that you couldn’t compete with that, you started comparing strengths and what was the result?]

[Rubbing stones and even rubbing your fingers. D*mn, you’re too pretentious.]

[Where are Jiang Ke’s fans? How come they aren’t talking big anymore?]

Jiang Ke’s fans also wanted to talk big, but they discovered that for today’s performance, their idol really had nothing to show.

They had shouted that it didn’t matter if they couldn’t compete with his opponent’s appearance, they still had their Treasure Ke’s status as a level 2 Stone Gambler.

But now what? One by one, their faces had been slapped.

Gu Yun had solved an icy blue water jadeite but their Treasure Ke had only solved a bean jadeite, what’s more it had collapsed.

The contrast was so obvious that they were at a loss for words to refute it.

What’s more– ahem, their eyes were also unconsciously drawn to the dazzling teenager. Woo woo, if they weren’t afraid of being scolded, they would have climbed that wall.

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