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Chapter 52.3

The next day, with no betting war arranged, Bai Jing decided to relax by joining Gu Yuanzhao at the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction House.

It was a modern white tower-shaped building, and as soon as one entered the building, they would be greeted by a grand circular hall.

A massive holographic screen covered almost half the wall, alternating between different auction items in virtual images. Guests could touch then virtually feel the items, providing a sense of immersion.

At the center of the hall was a round stage with a professional female auctioneer, ready on the stage.

The guest seating was arranged in a circle, with over a thousand seats ensuring clear views without interruptions.

And several live broadcast spheres were filming the auction from all angles, making sure that the audience on Starnet could also experience the excitement of the auction site.

As the auction was about to begin, the crowd flooded into the auction hall, filling every seat, with many people were standing in the back, making the audience larger than expected.

After all, it was rumored that not only one but several treasures would be auctioned off!

On top of that, it was said that grade five energy fluids would also be auctioned. Those who had missed out on the last auction were waiting eagerly for this opportunity.

Bai Jing and Gu Yuanzhao didn’t enter through the main entrance. Instead, they went straight to an inner room on the third floor.

Other prominent families were ushered into the VIP rooms on the second floor which offered a better view and atmosphere than the main hall on the first floor.

With the sweet, clear voice of the auctioneer echoing through the particle echo system, she announced, “Welcome to the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction House. We have sixteen items for auction today, including ten mid tohigh grade jadeites as well as seventeen energy boxes of grade five or higher. They will be auctioned in six groups, so stay tuned.”

The audience was in an uproar.

“What? Grade five energy fluids?!”

“Does that mean there’s even a top level grade five energy fluid?!”

“F*ck, didn’t they just have mid level grade five ones last time?!”

The managers of several auction houses were also present in the VIP rooms, and hearing the news, their hearts sank. They had decided to come themselves this time because of the unreliable scouts they had sent out the last time. This way, they could report any issues to their headquarters immediately.

What they didn’t expect was that within half a month, the quality of the Gu Conglomerate’s energy boxes would have improved by two grades!

Who exactly was this mysterious energy master who could extract such large amounts at a terrifying speed, and even with such high quality?

This was an even trickier situation than they had anticipated!

Once the chatter had subsided, the auctioneer continued with a smiled, “Let’s move on to our first auction item, the grassy green jadeite of the egg white variety.”

The holographic image of the jadeite was displayed on the big screen, and the colour of the jadeite looked even more beautiful and clear in the light, attracting the attention of the crowd.

About a minute later, the auctioneer continued: “This grassy green jadeite of the egg white variety weighs 3.6 kg, is uniform in color and belongs to the upper middle quality of grade four jadeites, of which our appraiser has issued a professional appraisal certificate. The starting price is one million starcoins, with each bid increase not less than one hundred thousand starcoins. The auction begins now!”

“One million and a half starcoins!”

“Two million starcoins!”

“I bid two million and three hundred thousand!”

“Two million and seven hundred thousand starcoins.”

After a rough stones dealer offered a price of two million and seven hundred thousand starcoins, no one else made a sound.

The auctioneer: “The gentleman bid two million and seven hundred thousand starcoins, any higher bids?

Two million seven hundred thousand going once, two million seven hundred thousand going twice, two million seven hundred thousand going thrice. Congratulations, sir, the first item is yours!”

After two more items were auctioned, it was time for the first jadeite consigned by Bai Jing, the light green jadeite of the glutinous variety.

He immediately put the soft, fragrant earth cake he was holding down, wiped his hands, then looked out at the holographic screen in a half slumped position, his eyes wide open.

Gu Yuanzhao also stood up, looking sideways at him with a smile in his eyes.

He was really cute.

Finally, the light green jadeite of the glutinous variety, weighing 5.3 kg, was auctioned off for three million and eight hundred thousand starcoins.

Bai Jing nodded in satisfaction. Um, the effect of this auction wasn’t bad.

Gu Yuanzhao couldn’t help but reach out and rub the teenager’s soft hair, and feeling the warm touch on his head, Bai Jing, like a precious Persian cat, squinted slightly. He glanced at Gu Yuanzhao, but didn’t say anything.

After that, a 3.5 kg piece of ice variety blue blossom jadeite was auctioned for a high price of five million, making Bai Jing very satisfied.

The auctioneer: “Next, we will introduce the seventh item— pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety.”

Just as the image of the jadeite appeared on the holographic screen, it caused a commotion.

“Goodness, this color is too beautiful.”

“This is the most beautiful pink purple I’ve ever seen!”

“I can’t handle it, my girlish heart is about to explode.”

It was clear that this pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety, the size of half a football, had captured many people’s hearts.

The auctioneer also had a slight smile on her face. If it wasn’t for her professionalism, she would have also made a bid for this jadeite.

“As you can see, this pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety weighs 9.2 kg, and both in terms of weight and color, it is extremely rare. The appraiser identified it as the finest among grade four jadeites! The starting price is five million starcoins, with each bid increase not less than five hundred thousand starcoins. The auction begins now!”

“Six million starcoins!”

“Seven million starcoins!”

“Seven and a half million!”

“One thousand million starcoins.”

Following the sound of the voice, the crowd discovered that it had come from the VIP lounge on the second floor.

Those in the VIP rooms were the foremost elite of Proxima Star who had been invited by the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction House. This was the first time a bid had been made from one of those VIP rooms.

The auctioneer took a deep breath. She hadn’t expected a grade four jadeite to reach such a price.

“This VIP has offered ten million starcoins, any higher bids? Ten million going once, ten million going twice, ten million going thrice, congratulations to this VIP, the seventh item is yours!”

In the second VIP room, Madam Ning adjusted her hair elegantly.

After the water blue jadeite of the ice variety, this pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety had also ended up in her collection.

She was fond of both jadeite pieces and at the same time, she was also supporting her godson’s business. It was a win-win situation.

After two jadeite of the glass variety weighing two to three kilograms were auctioned, it finally came to the last jadeite.

The auctioneer took a deep breath: “The next item to be auctioned is the tenth item, and is also one of the finale pieces of this auction.

Although its texture hasn’t reached the level of the glass variety or ice variety, both its color and meaning are unique. It is— the Fortuna tricolor jadeite of the water variety!”

A projection of the jadeite was immediately displayed on the big screen, countless lights shining on it, making its colors even more vibrant and bright.

The yellow, green, and purple colors were intertwined in the disc-shaped jadeite, looking vivid but not chaotic.

The translucent texture of the water variety further accentuated these colors. It was more lustrous than the glutinous variety, and more delicate than the hibiscus variety, a true masterpiece.

A lot of people who had missed the betting war had come here just to see the true beauty of this piece of jadeite, and now that they were seeing it, all they could do was marvel.

After a moment of chaos in the audience, the orderlies were dispatched and calm was quickly restored.

The auctioneer: “The starting price for this 7.5 kg Fortuna tricolor jadeite of the water variety is six million starcoins, with each bid increase not less than five hundred thousand. The auction starts now!”

“Ten million starcoins.”

VIP room 3 shouted a shocking price immediately.

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