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Chapter 48.3

Bai Jing first signed up for a betting war then drove his hover car to the side entrance of the Gu Conglomerate’s Stone Gambling House where there was a separate storage area.

The hall was packed and cheers could be heard from outside as two Stone Gamblers were probably in the process of solving their rough stones.

Using his light brain to scan the safety deposit box, the eggshell like protective barrier opened, revealing a palm-sized white box.

Putting the box into his spatial button, Bai Jing drove his hover car back home.

In the moment it soared into the sky, a girl saw the limited edition hover car ‘White Eagle’ and couldn’t help but gasp. Then recovering, she took a picture hurriedly with her light brain.

However because of the high speed, she could only capture a white light streaking through the sky which vaguely revealed its beautiful lines and streamlined body.

Immediately, she uploaded the picture to Star Realm, sparking heated discussions.

[@Young Master Gu’s Little Fan: Heavens, I saw the limited edition White Eagle today! Ahhh, it’s so cool.]

Humming a tune with a smug smile, she looked forward to the envy of others. After all, such a limited edition hover car was a rare sight!

The girl’s intention was to share and of course, show off a little. However within a few minutes, the comments below made her feel the malice of the world.

[Huh? A white light is the billion starcoins unattainable ‘White Eagle’? Ha, who would believe that?]

[Laughing my ass off, the picture is too blurry.]

[There are only five ‘White Eagle’ limited edition hover cars in the entire empire, and they are all in Capital Star Planet, okay? OP, you should have prepared your lie better.]

[I agree that there are only five limited editions, but don’t forget, Young Master Gu is in Proxima Star.]

[Is this hover car really Young Master Gu’s?!]

The topic heated up as it involved Young Master Gu’s countless fans and the limited edition ‘White Eagle’, with most of the comments mocking @Young Master Gu’s Little Fan.

The girl, only 18 years old, couldn’t bear the ridicule filling her screen and sobbed loudly on her bed.

It was obviously the White Eagle!

As Young Master Gu’s die-hard fan, she had seen it hundreds of times on posters.

The extremely smooth body, beautiful color and design were exactly the same as the one on the poster. It was definitely the White Eagle!

But she couldn’t explain and these people didn’t want to listen to her explanation.

With her eyes swollen from crying, she was about to close the comment section when she noticed that the tide had turned completely.

[Senior Photographer Geng Qiu: I’ve restored the picture using holographic imaging technology. Everyone, take a look and stop accusing others falsely. @Young Master Gu’s Little Fan]

Geng Qiu was an expert in this field, a certified image restoration specialist, hence his restored image was accepted by everyone.

In the azure sky, a pure white hover car soared elegantly and gracefully, its streamlined body refined and understated. With an air of dominating superiority, it was an unstoppable force!

The most important thing was the small ‘S’ logo under the wings, revealing its identity.

[D*mn, it’s really the limited edition ‘White Eagle’!]

[I apologize for my earlier behavior. @Young Master Gu’s Little Fan]

[I’m sorry, my eyes deceived me. @Young Master Gu’s Little Fan]

[So this hover car really belongs to Young Master Gu.]

[But the figure inside doesn’t look much like Young Master Gu…..]

The original image was too blurry, so even with holographic imaging technology, it was impossible to see inside the cockpit. There was only a vague silhouette, but judging from the height and slender outline, it didn’t look like Young Master Gu.

[Holy f*ck, it seems we’ve discovered a shocking revelation…..]

[Does anyone remember that this ‘White Eagle’ and Young Master Gu’s other black S-class hover car are a pair, known as the ‘Heavenly Chosen Duo’? What do you think this means?]

[OMG, OMG, OMG!!!]

[Warning, a large number of Young Master Gu’s fans will arrive in ten seconds.]

Young Master Gu’s Heavenly Chosen Duo

The hashtag quickly soared to the top of the trending list within just 30 seconds, followed by a huge ‘explosion’ label, showing the shock of the people.

The person driving the ‘White Eagle’ definitely had a deep connection with Young Master Gu!

Heavens, could it be that Young Master Gu had someone he liked?

And this person was in Proxima Star!

Netizens on Star Realm investigated everyone around Young Master Gu, from his friend Fu Yan to his subordinate Qiao An, but none of them seemed to be a match.

Young Master Gu’s identity was of high status, and there were only a few people around him, all of whom were ruled out one by one.

Gu Yuanzhao’s fans were even more aggressive, denying the possibility vehemently.

The picture was so blurry that even holographic technology couldn’t restore it, so why would they insist the person driving wasn’t Young Master Gu?

Heh heh, how come they couldn’t see it?

Besides, it was just a hover car. Why couldn’t he have lent it to a friend?

The name ‘Heavenly Chosen Duo’ was just a gimmick created by the ‘Floating Light Group’, what’s more the two hover cars were gifts from the group’s top management to the Gu Conglomerate. What did it have to do with Young Master Gu?

Using this as evidence to judge the relationship between the two was simply ridiculous.

In any case, they absolutely refused to admit that Young Master Gu could have someone he liked!

Wei Cheng, the PR Director of the Gu Conglomerate, was pacing anxiously in his office. No one had expected that a shocking piece of news about Young Master Gu would suddenly explode on Star Realm, and that the situation would escalate so quickly!

It wasn’t that their response wasn’t swift enough, but who would have thought that a single picture could lead to Young Master Gu?

And something about a so-called ‘Heavenly chosen one’?

A frustrated expression on his face, Wei Cheng knew this issue involved Young Master Gu’s personal life and reputation, as well as the impending marriage alliance between the Gu Conglomerate and the Du Group.

Although Young Master Gu had been resisting the marriage fiercely, the head of the family—

Regardless, they had to deal with this as soon as possible!

However, just as he was using all means to suppress the news, his light brain suddenly rang.

Qiao An’s face appeared on the screen, a mysterious smile on his face. “Young Master Gu said there’s no need to waste resources on this baseless trending topic. Focus all your efforts on promoting our other products instead.”

Wei Cheng hesitated, “? But—”

Was it really okay to not address such a big issue?

The call ended quickly, leaving the PR Director staring at the screen, confused.

Sigh, whatever. There was so much work to do in the PR department, he should just finish his current tasks first.

Maybe the heat would die down soon.

Just after finishing a video conference, a somewhat exhausted Young Master Gu rubbed his temples. He hadn’t rested for two days and nights.

After closing his eyes for a brief ten minute nap, he logged into his Star Realm account with ease to check for new clips of the ‘Zhao Yun’ CP he followed.

This had been his favorite relaxation method for the past month.

Every time he saw the fan edited clips of him and Bai Jing, he found it fascinating and captivating.

It turns out it could be done this way too? Hmm, quite an impressive imagination.

Gu Yuanzhao’s account was a top-tier platinum Star Realm account with a high level of information concealment. His online status, followers and private messages were all inaccessible, hence nobody knew that the dignified Imperial Major General was secretly shipping his own CP.

En, it was mainly because it wasn’t time to announce it yet.

With his slender fingers, he clicked on the topic and discovered that today’s ‘Zhao Yun CP’ was unusually lively.

[Who the hell is driving the White Eagle? Will my favorite CP come to a tragic end? Tears.jpg]

[No way! It might be Young Master Gu himself, right?]

[As long as they don’t announce it officially, my favorite CP is still alive!]

[Sisters, don’t panic! This side profile really looks like Gu Yun. Comparison chart.jpg]

[It really does look like him, ah ah ah——]

[I don’t care, it’s Gu Yun inside!]

Gu Yuanzhao skimmed through numerous replies then scrolled to the top, where a picture was displayed prominently.

The familiar ‘White Eagle’, as well as the blurry side profile inside the cockpit were clearly visible in the picture.

At a glance, Gu Yuanzhao recognized Bai Jing’s figure, froze for a second then chuckled softly.

Perfect, this had saved him the trouble of making any elaborate preparations.

Standing up, Gu Yuanzhao stretched, feeling the fatigue dissipate. Then, he began to deal with military affairs.

The sooner he finished, the earlier he could fulfil the promise he had made to the teenager.

He couldn’t let Bai Jing wait too long.

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