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Chapter 44.1

In the end, the fifteen grade five energy boxes were sold for a total of forty-two million starcoins, causing the auctioneer to have a delighted expression as he stepped down.

Despite the fact that he had barely played a role, having been interrupted twice in between, cough cough….

However, he was the one who had auctioned these energy boxes off, and there would be corresponding commissions for the part that had exceeded the reserve price!

He really hoped he would be the one to do the auction next time. This was like making money whilst lying down, so cool, hahaha.

In contrast, many people left the auction after it ended in indignation.

With Master Jian Run and this wealthy Young Master Ning present, not only did they not get anything, they were even deprived of the right to bid. Despicable, they were seriously too much!!

As a result, these people went to Starnet to vent their frustrations and successfully sparked the topic with the hashtag #the Gu Conglomerate auctioning energy boxes.

[Heh heh, this auction was just a show off scene for the wealthy on a large scale.]

[F*ck, the auctioneer didn’t even finish speaking and a bid of eight million shut me up.]

[I even made a bid, but it was just asking for humiliation (lights a cigarette.jpg)]

[It’s I who is unworthy.]

[Next time, the Gu Conglomerate should sell the energy boxes individually, I want to buy some too.]

[Upstairs +1, give this child a chance to bid QAQ]

Meanwhile, the heads of several other major auction houses were so angry as they looked at the overwhelming comments on Starnet that their noses were crooked.

They immediately made video calls to scold the people who had gone out to scout for information. Was this what they meant by there was no threat??

The threat was f*cking huge!

With such outstanding products, coupled with the vast network and publicity means of the Gu Conglomerate, the energy sector of Proxima Star was likely going to be reshuffled. They were in danger!

On the second floor of the Gu Conglomerate’s private room.

Great Master Jian Run was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea in a leisurely manner.

Qiao An looked at him with a helpless expression. This great master had actually lowered his dignity and refused to leave until he saw Young Master Gu. This….

The other party was a respected figure, one of the only two master level energy masters on Proxima Star, so he couldn’t use force.

Qiao An could only sigh and send a message to Young Master Gu.

Then Young Master Gu asked him to bring Master Jian Run to the private room on the second floor to wait for a moment while the rest of the Jian family could only wait outside the door.

After a dozen minutes, Gu Yuanzhao finished dealing with the affairs of the General’s Department then sat unceremoniously on the sofa opposite Great Master Jian Run with his legs crossed as he leaned halfway against the chair, his posture lazy.

Even in the face of this Great Master, his aura was still swift and fierce.

The two of them didn’t speak for a while.

In the end, Great Master Jian Run put his teacup down and said firmly, “That energy master is with you.”

Ever since the Jian family had used various methods to locate and intercept messages but had been unsuccessful, the information they had received turning useless even when they had managed to get a location, he had suspected that it was the Gu Conglomerate’s doing.

After all, they had hired the most professional team as well as high tech talents, so the people who could intercept such signals definitely had to have even more advanced means.

And the Gu Conglomerate had the most advanced anti-reconnaissance and positioning systems, so they were the Jian family’s prime suspect.

However it wasn’t until a few days ago, when he heard that the Gu Conglomerate that was rarely involved in the energy sector was actually using various publicity channels to build up momentum for the auction that Great Master Jian Run basically confirmed that it was the Gu Conglomerate that was hiding that person.

And after seeing the performance of the energy fluids today, he was even more certain.

Raising an eyebrow, Gu Yuanzhao didn’t deny it. “That’s right, he’s with me.”

“I want to see him.” Great Master Jian Run told him.

Gu Yuanzhao chuckled. “That’s not possible.”

Since he had promised Bai Jing to keep things a secret, he would never break his word.

Besides, how could he give others a chance to poach Bai Jing?

The teenager could only be his.

Great Master Jian Run was silent for a moment then made an extremely tempting offer: “As long as you introduce him to me, the Jian family will immediately cooperate with the Gu Conglomerate and help the Gu Conglomerate stabilize its position in the energy industry.”

Almost everyone in the Jian family was an energy master, with six senior energy masters and a large network and channels in the energy industry. This offer was a huge temptation for any family that wanted to enter the energy sector.

He believed that the heir to the Gu Conglomerate wouldn’t refuse after he weighed the pros and cons.

However Gu Yuanzhao wasn’t moved in the slightest. “I’m sorry, but no matter what conditions you offer, I won’t reveal his whereabouts.”

Surprise flickered in Great Master Jian Run’s eyes, then he could only give up regretfully in the end.

He wasn’t looking for this energy master for the sake of profit, but rather to conduct a more in-depth research on improving the purity of energy fluids, but unfortunately….

Luckily, they had won three sets of energy boxes this time. After careful research, he hoped he would be able to unlock the secret of the purification of impurities.

Bai Jing’s eyes widened slightly when he received the forty-two million starcoins from the auction.

He really hadn’t expected that the fifteen medium level grade five energy boxes would fetch such a high price!

According to his budget, thirty energy boxes fetching so many starcoins was already very impressive, however this was only half the quantity.

In other words, all the energy boxes could be sold for more than eighty million starcoins?!


He wished he could extract and purify the rest of the remaining energy fluids immediately.

After the excitement had passed, Bai Jing searched Starnet and sure enough, he found news about the auction everywhere.

And seeing that Gu Yuanzhao had spent so much on publicity for his energy boxes, Bai Jing felt a warm current flow in his heart, his beautiful teal eyes curving unconsciously.

The unexpected kiss flashed through his mind once more. They had been so close at that time, so close that he could even feel Gu Yuanzhao’s hot breath….

Bai Jing shook his head fiercely to push the image out of his mind.

However the smile in his eyes faded a little when he saw the final auction price.

It seems Gu Yuanzhao hadn’t followed the 80-20 profit sharing agreement they had made and had instead given him all the earnings.

With the high cost of the publicity, didn’t it mean he was losing out greatly?

Business was business. Bai Jing didn’t like being taken care of like this.

[Bai Jing: Thank you, I’ve received the starcoins.

But why wasn’t the earnings divided based on the agreed-upon profit distribution?]

As soon as Gu Yuanzhao received his message, he sat up immediately, a delighted expression on his face. Since the kiss last time, Bai Jing had been avoiding him and had even refused to co-pilot ‘Silver Light’, making him feel very helpless.

This was the first time Bai Jing was sending him a message.

His slender fingers flew quickly on the screen, replying at the fastest speed.

[Gu Yuanzhao: This time is just an exception.

First, I didn’t provide you with the raw materials; second, a large part of the publicity was to help the Gu Conglomerate accelerate its entry into the energy industry. As long as we can gain a reputation, this initial investment is worth it.]

Gu Yuanzhao: [We’ll follow the agreement strictly next time.]

After seeing this message, Bai Jing was relieved.

He was just about to close the message interface when a ‘ding’ sounded from his light brain, indicating that he had received a message.

[Gu Yuanzhao: Ah Jing, are you worried about me? Do you want to pilot the mecha together tonight?]

[Bai Jing: I’m not. Want.]

Seeing this reply, Gu Yuanzhao couldn’t help but laugh lightly. How could the teenager be so cute?

Reaching out, the Imperial Major General caressed the silver white spatial button on his chest, “Friend, it all depends on you!”

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  1. I still love that part about Chinese, where you can just drop every part of the sentence and use only the verb to respond to a question that has a clear subject, object, and verb. It’s just incredibly cute to me for some reason. I suspect it’s an affliction from being an English major, where shortening a sentence that much is like seeing a chibi sentence, so it’s inexplicably cute and charming.

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