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Chapter 14.1

The next three questions raised by Gao Ling were answered by Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan one after another, without any surprise.

Ning Yuxuan answered one more question by virtue of order, and her expression was as proud as if she had won a battle. Hmph, she said it. She would never lose to someone from the slums!

Ning Yuxuan held her head high, her slender neck straight as she looked provocatively at Bai Jing sitting in front of her.

With his keen perception, Bai Jing naturally perceived the substantial gaze from behind, but he didn’t care.

He was answering the questions only to test and consolidate what he had learned. With the heavy workload before him, he didn’t have the time to argue with a 4 or 5-year-old girl.

Not getting even a single look in response, Ning Yuxuan’s slightly red eyes stared deadly at Bai Jing’s back. Her provocation was like a fist hitting cotton, causing the resentment in her heart to remain for a long time.

This person, this person dared to ignore her–

The young girl, who had been spoiled since she was a child, had never been ignored in this way before– her face flushed instantly. She was so enraged that tears welled up in her eyes, but all she could do was bite her lips to keep them from falling.

Woo, she would remember this. He should just wait and see what would happen in the exams!

The crowd behind her had also become numb from the initial shock.

Answering one question could be said to be a fluke, but answering two questions correctly in a row, everyone’s gaze towards Bai Jing changed then they all lowered their heads and covered their ‘swollen’ faces, having to admit the fact that they were inferior to him.

This teenager’s growth rate was simply terrifying!

Gao Ling looked at Bai Jing who was sitting in the first row with a gratified expression for a few moment, a little smile appearing on his serious face while he sighed in his heart.

He had misjudged this young man before. He had been a piece of uncut jade, but now after polishing, he had blossomed into a dazzling brilliance. In time, he would become a great weapon!

Gao Ling retracted his gaze, turned on the virtual image, and systematically reviewed the points he had taught last week before continuing with today’s lesson.

“This week we are going to learn about how to judge rough stones with pine flowers on their surface.

A pine flower was a faintly visible patch or band of colour like dried moss on the skin of a rough stone, and the shade, shape, direction, amount and density of the pine flower could be used to infer the shade, direction, size and shape of the green colour inside.

Banded pine flowers, dotted pine flowers, filiform pine flowers and striped pine flowers are the most common types of pine flowers…..” [Note ]

Gao Ling projected the rough stone with these shapes in holographic mode and explained them little by little in comparison with the objects.

As usual, Bai Jing took out his thick notebook from his backpack and turned to the margins to prepare a detailed record. In just a week’s time, he had already written down a full book of notes, so was now taking out a brand new one.

Jin Mao had also copied Bai Jing’s example and bought a very large notebook, which he took out at this time with a grin, then followed Bai Jing’s actions in taking down notes.

Since Bai Jing had answered two difficult questions in a row, he had become the centre of attention, as eyes from all directions lingered on him, wondering why he was improving so quickly.

So at this time, when they saw Bai Jing take out the old notebook, these teenagers didn’t laugh at him as they usually did. Instead, they had thoughtful expressions on their faces.

Cough, no, this couldn’t go on. How could they, the children of aristocratic families be overpowered by someone of common origin, it was too humiliating!

On that day, the only shop on Starnet that sold ancient Earth stationery suddenly received orders for a significant number of items – orders that totaled two hundred notebooks and a thousand rollerball pens?

‘That’s strange,’ the shopkeeper muttered, puzzled, but relieved that at least his shop wouldn’t have to close.

The shop he owned was called [The four treasures of the study] and had been handed down from his ancestors, specializing in selling ancient earth stationery.

But with the popularity of light brains, who would buy paper items nowadays except for the occasional curious or collectors of ancient earth items?

Seeing that business was getting worse these few months, the shop owner had planned to give up the family legacy after lots of sighing, but he didn’t expect help arriving just in the nick of time when he was about to close the shop down.

Ancient Earth stationery didn’t sell well and couldn’t be mass-produced, so the price of each item in the shop wasn’t low: each notebook cost between 800 and 1200 starcoins and each rollerball pen cost 200 starcoins.

The orders brought him 400,000 starcoins and a net profit of nearly 200,000 starcoins, enough to last for two more years.

The shop owner, who was now barely making ends meet, would never have imagined that one day, a few years later, his shop would become an overnight success online, attracting countless people!

Not to mention a profit of 200,000 starcoins, even a profit of 20 million starcoins would be nothing, and it was just because it was the notebook used by the only God-level Gambling Master in the whole planet!

The next day, Bai Jing still came to the training room early and found a skinny boy with slightly dark skin sitting not far from his seat.

Seeing Bai Jing approaching, the boy stood up somewhat hastily and stammered with his head down: “Hello, my name is An Ge, can I sit next to you and listen to the lecture?”

“Yes, it’s your prerogative wherever you sit.”

The boy and he were separated by a seat, which meant he wouldn’t be disturbed. Bai Jing put his backpack away, turned on his light brain and notes, and continued to study the contents of the chip.

“Thank you,” An Ge sat down and gently pressed his hand to his chest, feeling his heart pound furiously.

He had managed to find the courage to come to the idol he worshipped; fortunately he hadn’t rejected him;

It wasn’t long before fatty Jin Mao, who was always on time, also entered the training room.

He greeted An Ge in a very familiar manner then sat down on the other side of Bai Jing. Like two bodyguards, they sandwiched Bai Jing on the left and right.

At the start of the class, everyone took out the notebooks they had just bought yesterday and placed them in rows on top of the table.

“Holy sh*t, why did you buy one too?”

“I can buy it if I want to. Why, does your family own the shop!”

“Phew, it’s a good thing the cover is different -“

They deliberately lowered their voices, not wanting Bai Jing to know, so as not to lose face.

But how could Bai Jing, with his keen perception, not hear their exchange? The corners of his light-colored lips lifted unconsciously.

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  1. Hmm…. Something to note: for certain individuals, physically writing out notes dramatically improves their memory retention of the information being recorded. Also, notebooks and pens are easy to mass-produce, the problem is that if the demand isn’t there then there is no start-up capital to invest into designing, manufacturing, and operating such specialized equipment. Also, you wouldn’t opt for roller-ball pens as your hand-crafted writing media, as it relies on extremely fine grooves being carved or otherwise formed on the inside of the cone of the tip prior to the ball being inserted and the tip peened over to secure the ball. There’s also either a spring or another retention mechanism to prevent the ball from being jammed inside the tip, which would also be incredibly small and fiddly to produce. If you wanted a writing implement that you could easily produce by hand then you want a fountain pen. Those actually can be manufactured entirely by hand. I wonder what fiber he uses to manufacture the paper. Are there still large forests or groves of trees to harvest for conventional paper? Is he using the fiber from a grass or shrub instead? I might know too much about paper and writing tools…

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