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Chapter 66.2

Editor: Jodi

This time, the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium wasn’t like the usual betting wars or Stone Gambling Points Battle where it was a competition between two Stone Gamblers, an either-or situation.

This time almost half of the empire’s top Stone Gamblers were gathered here, each with tens of millions of fans and with high popularity.

Moreover the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium was the empire’s grandest jadeite event, with it being live-streamed to and on all planets, with viewership that was incomparable to any other day!

Hence it was fair to say, that if a Stone Gambler was able to shine here, they would gain immense attention and status!

Whether it was the major families that were present or the live-stream viewers, everyone would remember the Stone Gambler’s name, and this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed!

However now, the organizers were clearly favoring Gu Yun by placing his live stream screen in the best position, a move that upset fans of other Stone Gamblers, especially since the rough stone he had chosen was clearly nothing to look at.

Gu Yun’s fans naturally supported God Yun, it was just that the rough stone hadn’t been unraveled yet, and so they couldn’t refute the critics confidently.

What if it was a collapse in bet? Wouldn’t it give others a chance to tarnish their idol?

So they just control the comments and just waited for God Yun to slap faces. Anyways they had seen this scene many times, and there was just one word for it: cool!

The analyst responsible for tallying the viewership data was sweating profusely while reporting the live-streaming platform’s data to the leader.

The platform’s total viewership rate had been at 17.6%, however ever since the bidding king became a collapse in bet, the viewership on Starnet suddenly dropped by 5% points!

And in order to boost viewership, the analyst had listened to his leader’s instruction and focused most of the live cameras on Gu Yun.

However after a brief increase of 0.2% points, the viewership quickly dropped by 0.8% points!

And looking at the situation, not only had it not improved, it had also gotten worse.

Now, the viewership had dropped from the initial 17.6% to 12%, a 30% decrease!

The analyst was so anxious that his voice became hoarse: “Leader, what should we do now?”

The exhausted leader of the organizers rubbed his forehead: “Maintain the status quo for now, then if there’s no improvement in half an hour, shift the cameras to the other level six stone gamblers.”

The analyst hurried off with the instructions, while the leader sat dejectedly on the sofa, wishing he could kneel before Gu Yun and beg him to have an increase in bet. He definitely, definitely had to have an increase in bet!

In the rough stone unraveling area.

Bai Jing observed the flow of the pattern of the pine flowers on the surface of the rough stone carefully, then, under the doubtful gazes of the audience, grasped the handle of the laser knife.

Then after pressing the start button, the blue laser ignited like a flame, its twenty-plus centimeters long beam as sharp as a blade.

Then without any hesitation, he guided the laser knife along the two centimeter depth of the skin crust skillfully.

His cut was clean and precise, and a thick piece of the yellow sand skin crust fell off, however the cut surface didn’t show any green.

However before the audience could react, the flickering blue light of the laser knife struck again, just like a swordsman unsheathing his sword, fast and accurate without a moment’s hesitation!

The discarded section cut off was just plain white stone, however the other half of the cut revealed a subtly translucent hint of green. This cut had separated the jadeite layer from the stone texture precisely, without even a millimeter of error.

“Hiss, this cut is even more accurate than the infrared system detection. Impressive.”

“Green is showing!”

“So fast.”

“Hmm, but the color seems a bit light?”

A slight green hue was visible from the fist-sized cut, however it was definitely not the vibrant and rich color of sunny green or of fully green jadeite but a lighter shade, which reduced the value of the jadeite significantly.

As for the texture, it was hard to distinguish clearly as the surrounding layers had yet to be wiped away.

Then just when everyone thought Gu Yun would switch to an abrasive grinding wheel to remove the excess stone from the cut surface, Bai Jing didn’t put the laser knife down. Instead, he gripped the black handle tightly.

Then his pale and slender yet strong fingers, controlling the sharp blue blade, made cuts skillfully from various angles around the crust while Gu Yuanzhao helped by turning and stabilizing the rough stone, their coordination particularly seamless.

This was clearly the first time they were working together, yet it felt as if they had worked together thousands of times.

As chunks of the crust fell, nearly the entire yellow sand skin crust of the rough stone was removed cleanly, leaving about half of the original stone.

And the entire cutting process took less than two minutes!

And no matter where one looked at, all that they could see was the shallow color of the jadeite, like jelly enclosed in a semi-transparent box, just waiting to unveil its mystery.

All that was needed next was to just wipe the surrounding debris away.

The surrounding crowd was completely shocked, their mouths wide open. They had never seen rough stone cutting like this before. Not only was it fast, even the precision and judgment in handling the jadeite was exceptional!

There had been so many cuts, yet not a single one had damaged the flesh of the jadeite. And each cut had revealed green!

The audience on Starnet were even more shocked by Bai Jing’s performance.

[…What just happened?]

[F*ck, I’m confused.]

[It was all a blur, then before I could even react, it was over!]

[God Yun’s swift and decisive movements just now reminded me of the swordsmen from ancient Earth stories. Too handsome right!]

[Ah ah ah, watching God Yun unravel rough stones is always a treat.]

[He has stunned me with his handsomeness. This passerby has become a fan.]

Because the yellow sand skin crust rough stone had a very thick weathered layer, if Bai Jing had followed the usual process of cutting- revealing green- rubbing the rough stone- then cutting again, it would have taken at least half an hour.

And having examined over 3,000 rough stones today, as well as having used his sense perception ability to probe for jadeite over and over again, and then going through that intense bidding round, Bai Jing was mentally exhausted.

And now he had a total of eight rough stones to unravel, and at half an hour each, if he calculated, it would take four hours in total, which was simply a waste of time.

Hence he simply decided to cut through the complexity quickly to try to finish all the rough stones within an hour so he could go back to rest earlier.

Switching the laser cutter for an abrasive grinding wheel, a soft ‘zi zi’ sound filled the air, then countless bits of debris were wiped away, then the palm-sized cut surface finally revealed the true face of the jadeite.

It had a lustrous and transparent texture, full of water content, with a feeling of flowing spring, the light green color that came from within it tender and natural.

“Grassy green of the water variety!”

“A great gain, a great gain!”

“Worthy of being Gu Yun.”

Although the color wasn’t exceptionally bright, it was evenly distributed, and the water content was good.

And considering the fact that it had been unraveled from a rough stone that was 900,000 starcoins and judging by its weight, there was no problem with its price doubling by a three to four-fold!

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