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Chapter 53.1

The moment the bid ten million was mentioned, not a soul in the hall made a sound.

A few rough stone dealers exchanged glances, realizing that they probably wouldn’t be able to bag this piece of jadeite.

Because it was obvious to anyone with a discerning eye that this was a tussle between the bigwigs; all they needed to do was to just stand back and watch.

“Eleven million starcoins!” A bid came from VIP room 5.

“Twelve million.” VIP room 8 also joined the fray.

The audience on Starnet were loving every minute of it, guessing wildly what price this tricolored jadeite, symbolizing prosperity, status, and longevity, would fetch.

“Eighteen million starcoins.”

VIP room 3 quoted an unimaginably high price, three times the starting bid!

“Twenty million starcoins.”

Just when everyone thought this figure had already hit the ceiling, VIP room 8 added another two million starcoins.

[Holy sh*t, twenty million starcoins. It is I who has underestimated the scale of things.]

[Is this the world of the rich and powerful?!]

[Even though it’s a tricolored jadeite symbolizing prosperity, status, and longevity, it’s only of the water variety. Isn’t this a bit too exaggerated??]

[In response to upstairs, you can’t judge this rare jadeite by its water variety. Have you ever seen a Fortuna tricolor jadeite of the ice or glass variety?

I’ve checked— there hasn’t been a single piece in almost a hundred years. Evidence.jpg]

[Really an eye opener!]

“Twenty-two million.”

Even the auctioneer was shocked at this point. The price could actually still go up??

This, this was almost about to surpass the price of the glass variety!

“Twenty-three million!”

“Twenty-five million.”

At this point, no one else continued to bid.

The auctioneer’s voice trembled with excitement: “This VIP has bid twenty-five million, is there anyone else?

Twenty-five million going once, twenty-five million going twice, twenty-five million going thrice, sold!

Congratulations to our VIP, this Fortuna tricolor jadeite is yours!”

Bai Jing also hadn’t expected this piece of jadeite to fetch such a high price, his teal colored eyes having lit up gradually with each rising bid, dazzlingly brilliant.

He did a quick calculation. This time he had consigned four pieces of jadeite: light green jadeite of the glutinous variety, ice variety blue blossom jadeite, a pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety and the Fortuna tricolor jadeite.

And the total after their auction came to 43.8 million starcoins. And after subtracting the 20% commission for the Gu Conglomerate, hm, he still had 35 million!

Ah, so many starcoins—

Gu Yuanzhao watched the teenager amusedly as he noted down the auction prices one by one, calculate slowly to himself, then in the end his lips curve up in delight.

The teenager’s lips were somewhat pale, but beautifully shaped, a layer of moisture making them glisten, and when they curved up slightly—

It made one want to lean in for a kiss.

Gu Yuanzhao’s gaze deepened, but he didn’t have any intention of breaking this relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

The carefree smile on the teenager’s face at this moment was something he wanted to protect all his life.

Although he didn’t know what he had gone through before, he hoped Bai Jing could shake off the heavy past and maintain this relaxed and natural state forever.

The auctioneer’s voice interrupted his thoughts, “The next six lots are all grade five energy boxes, seventeen in total.

The first five groups are in sets of three. We will now auction the first group.”

A video of the energy fluid began to play on the huge holographic screen.

When the silver lid was opened, the liquid inside was crystal clear, sparkling and clean, without a trace of impurities in it.

It was as if an endless green had been infused into a clear spring, showcasing the jadeite’s inherent apple-green hue. The color was vibrant and full of life, so emerald green that it was intoxicating, so pure that it was enchanting, instantly drawing everyone’s attention.

The audience in the live stream were equally entranced.

[Heavens, such a clean color~]

[It feels purer than other energy fluids!]

[I’ve replaced the grade five energy box in my mecha before, and that one doesn’t compare to this one at all.]

[I have a feeling that this auction price will break a new high—]

The auctioneer: “After testing, the purity of the energy fluids in the first five groups has been identified as being between 56% and 57%, reaching the high quality standard among grade five energy fluids.

The starting bid for the first group of energy boxes is three million starcoins, and each bid increase must be no less than a hundred thousand starcoins. The auction begins now!”

“Four million starcoins!”

“Four and a half million!”

“Five million starcoins!”

Last time, all fifteen energy boxes had been snapped up by Great Master Jian Run and Eldest Young Master Ning, leaving none for them, so this time many were determined to be successful in their bids.

What’s more, the excellent quality of these energy fluids were so obvious that even a blind person could see it. It was bound to bring them a pleasant surprise!

“Eight million starcoins!”

“Nine million!”

“Ten million starcoins.”

This bid was placed from the VIP room this time, causing the whole auction hall to fall abruptly silent. They all knew that the price for these energy fluids was set to break records.

In the end, the first group of energy fluids were auctioned off for a staggering twelve million starcoins, and this was just the beginning.

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