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Chapter 49.2

A long, thin silver needle picked the nano strings which were thinner than hair strands up, then she pulled the middle section slightly with the tips of two fingers and almost immediately, felt the sharpness as well as toughness of the silver threads.

While Yi Lan examined the material, Bai Jing entered the cockpit and operating the mecha, did a few simple manoeuvres and finding that it was essentially indistinguishable from when he was using it during online battles, was at ease.

The he replaced the two level three energy boxes that were inside the mecha with level five ones and immediately discovered that the movements of the mecha had become much more smoother.

About ten minutes later, he jumped down lightly along the mecha’s arm.

His loose fitted clothes fluttered as he descended, revealing a small patch of fair skin and tight abs around his waist, his movements so natural, graceful and handsome, that it caused Yi Lan, who had looked up because she had heard a noise to be stunned.

By the time Bai Jing looked at her, she had come back to her senses, her cheeks unconsciously tinged with a blush.

Really too handsome!

Even with his old fashioned black-framed glasses, it couldn’t hide his charm!

“That, I’ve looked at the nano string.”

Yi Lan said shyly, however when it came to the mecha, her professional training allowed her to quickly return to normal.

“It’s a very good material for a weapon. As long as its characteristics can be utilized, it won’t be inferior to a close range weapon in battle!

However, there’s something I need to be honest with you about. This is the first time I’m making this kind of weapon.”

After saying this, she looked at Bai Jing somewhat nervously: “I’m not sure if you’d like to hear my ideas.”

Bai Jing: “It’s okay, go ahead. Let’s see if our ideas match.”

Yi Lan gave him a somewhat surprised look. Many clients believed that the design of weapons was entirely the job of the mecha builder and wished to dump all the tasks onto her.

And if they weren’t satisfied with the end result, would ridicule her in all sorts of ways.

But she also felt very wronged.

They wouldn’t say anything, and some even wanted her to test each mecha performance herself, providing no information at all.

Of course, for low level mecha builders like her, their status were considered beneath their level.

However if they were dealing with high level mecha builders, these people would probably show a completely different face, even going so far as to beg.

She cleared her throat: “My idea is to install the ‘nano strings’ in one of the mecha’s fingers, converting the fingertip into a launcher that fires sleeve arrows wrapped with nano strings.

The sleeve arrows can penetrate the mecha and once launched, the starting point will be fixed on the mecha. Then, as long as you wrap it around your opponent’s mecha in the midst of action, you can cut off their protective shield and shell easily.”

Yi Lan: “This is my idea for this stealth weapon. What do you think?”

She thought her idea was quite good.

Bai Jing mused: “It’s very similar to what I have in mind.

But we need to ensure that the sleeve arrows are sharp enough to penetrate the mecha while not alerting the opponent. Perhaps we could add a silencer?”

Yi Lan’s eyes lit up: “You’re right! That’s brilliant, it’s an excellent idea!”

She recorded Bai Jing’s ideas in the digital notebook of her light brain quickly, also writing down the potential materials that could be used.

After she did this, she looked at him in admiration: “Will you really not think about becoming a mecha designer?

Your ideas for weapons definitely surpass the ones most mecha builders have and you’re obviously very talented!”

The corners of Bai Jing’s lips rose slightly: “Thank you for the compliment.”

He didn’t respond to her question.

Yi Lan felt it was a pity, but quickly started discussing the materials for the weapon with him: “So, the tip of the sleeve arrows will be wrapped with nano strings, and a miniature sonic shield will be added on top…..”

She continued to record her ideas: “However, the materials for making the sleeve arrows need to be sharp enough to pierce the extremely strong shell of a mecha. Uhh, it seems hard to find such materials.”

Yi Lan’s voice became softer and softer as she went on, then in the end, she lowered her head in loss: “Most importantly, at my current level, I can’t handle advanced materials. I’m sorry…… Maybe you should find a high level mecha builder instead. I’ll send you a copy of the recorded information.”

Bai Jing was also thinking. After a moment, he came up with a better idea: “How about we use a different approach? Replace the sleeve arrows with a harmless launcher and coat the surface with an adhesive substance. This way, no matter how powerful the mecha is, it will stick to it.”

Yi Lan’s eyes brightened as she listened to Bai Jing’s words: “That’s a brilliant idea, you really are a genius!”

Her fingers flew across the light screen, searching for the corresponding materials, then she said excitedly: “The cost of this method is….. ten times lower than the cost for the one before, and it has an even better effect!”

While Yi Lan marveled, she also felt a little embarrassed. After all, she was the mecha builder, yet all the ideas had come from her client. She wondered if she appeared useless.

Bai Jing: “Thank you. Is there anything else you need?”

Yi Lan snapped back to her senses: “Oh, I need your usual training videos. And, are you used to using your left or right hand for weapons, and which finger?”

Bai Jing thought for a moment: “Left hand, index finger.”

Yi Lan recorded this: “Alright, besides fitting the stealth weapon, are there any other parts that need upgrading?”

Bai Jing remembered his coach mentioning that the laser beams could have flashes and flames attached to them, and that the range needed to be increased, so he put forward his request.

Yi Lan recorded and calculated the cost of the materials as she spoke, “That’s possible, these are common upgrades. However it might be a bit more expensive.”

She asked cautiously, “What’s your budget? I need to plan the materials according to your budget.”

This was the hardest part of the negotiation. Some customers boasted about being rich, but when it came time for them to reveal their budget, they would quote prices that made her want to vomit blood. It wasn’t even enough to cover the cost of materials.

And when she pointed out that the funds weren’t sufficient, they would add another five hundred thousand starcoins angrily, along with various insults and disdain.

As a low-level mecha builder, it was really too hard for her.

Bai Jing didn’t know much about the market for mecha modifications, but he was well aware that owning a mecha was a ‘money burning hobby’.

He tried to quote a price that he had in mind: “Would eight million starcoins be enough? If not, then just ten million starcoins.”

After all, it was just a level three mecha. He still had to replace the current engine with an advanced one and do advanced modifications later, so he couldn’t spend too much starcoins.

Hearing Bai Jing’s budget, Yi Lan froze for a moment, then suddenly shouted excitedly, “It’s enough, more than enough! Don’t worry, I will definitely turn ‘Vast Sky’ into the best mecha!”

Wow, this client was really too generous. She had made a budget of three million starcoins, at most four million, but he had doubled it right off the bat!

This budget was more than sufficient. As a low level mecha builder, this was the first time she was receiving such high payment. She could finally go all out.

She would definitely use the best materials!

The look in Yi Lan’s eyes as she looked at Bai Jing could no longer be described as shining. It was as if she was looking at an angel who had descended to earth, full of reverence and fascination as she looked at him.

Bai Jing: “About how long will it take?”

Yi Lan: “I will prioritize modifying your mecha. Conservatively, it will take about a week. If the materials are scarce, it might take around ten days.”

Bai Jing: “Okay.”

Putting the mecha in the spatial button, he handed it over then without hesitation, transferred eight million starcoins.

Once again, Yi Lan admired her client’s generosity and looked forward to the upcoming mecha modification.

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