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Chapter 3.2

The small knot in Bai Jing’s throat rolled a little; he hadn’t eaten meat in months.

The last time he had eaten meat was in the wilderness, when the team had managed to find a rabbit that hadn’t been contaminated by zombies, and everyone had scrambled to share it. He could still recall the deliciousness of that roasted rabbit.

After calculating the star coins needed, Bai Jing didn’t hesitate to place an order for three potatoes, a catty of beef, a bag of rice, and various condiments, spending a total of 1,500 star coins.

Instead of drinking tasteless nutrient solutions, he could satisfy his appetite by eating these delicious natural foods.

The courier arrived at the door in less than 10 minutes. It was incredibly fast.

The room had a full kitchen and cooking utensils, so Bai Jing tied on an apron and started to prepare rice and then porridge. Washing and blanching the beef, he scraped and cut the potatoes into hobnobs, planning to make a potato beef dish.

In a short while, the fresh aroma of rice filled the room, but in order to adapt to his chronically hungry stomach, Bai Jing intended to drink the porridge first. The bowl of rice porridge was covered with a thin layer of rice oil, the soup was clear and bright, and one could see the soft, crystalline grains of rice inside.

Perhaps because he hadn’t had a normal meal for a long time, Bai Jing thought it was the best thing he had eaten in nineteen years.

As he consumed the small bowl of porridge quickly, the warmth of the porridge passed through his esophagus, bringing a pleasant and comfortable warmth to his stomach.

In the meantime, the potato and beef stew was ready. The orange potatoes were stewed to perfection, and the large chunks of beef were brightly colored and covered with a rich flavor of the soup. When Bai Jing tasted it, it was so delicious that he almost bit his tongue off.

With the rich soup, Bai Jing ate most of the pot of beef and two large bowls of rice, but he didn’t dare eat more because of his stomach.

At night, as he lay on the big soft bed, Bai Jing closed his eyes contentedly: if this was a dream, he hoped he never woke up.

After a good night’s sleep.

Bai Jing woke up from the soft bed, his eyes instantly becoming alert as he sat up sharply, his hand habitually touching the energy gun beside the bed.

It was only when he saw the housekeeping robot standing by his bed and the clean white bedding beneath him that he reacted to the fact that he was no longer in the post-apocalyptic world.

This didn’t seem to be a dream.

Lifting the covers, he prepared to wash up. The housekeeping robot followed after him, squeezing the toothpaste in advance and putting on soothing music.

Cool droplets of water sprinkled on his face as he looked into the mirror.

His brown-black, slightly curly hair had grown long from infrequent care, covering his bare forehead and those unusually good-looking teal eyes.

The strand of dull hair sticking out of the top of his hair from sleep gave the teenager’s somewhat cold face a touch of cuteness. His face was thin, with a pointed chin and a slightly yellowish tinge from chronic malnutrition, but it didn’t detract from his delicate features.

After a few seconds of fixed attention, Bai Jing picked up the scissors and cut his hair a little shorter, revealing those beautiful teal eyes with a misting hue which made one’s heart shake and unable to help but be mesmerized.

Frowning, he used his light brain to order a pair of thick-framed, old-fashioned glasses, going for the cheapest style available, for 50 star coins.

By the time he was done washing up, the glasses had arrived.

Putting it on, he looked at it from multiple angles in the mirror. The heavy lenses obscured the mist and light in his watery eyes, his originally stunning appearance becoming ordinary and even a little rustic.

Bai Jing, however, was very satisfied; he had never liked being overly noticed, which often meant trouble.

After warming up yesterday’s leftover potatoes and beef and rice, Bai Jing sat on the edge of his bed and searched with his light brain, intending to find a job. Otherwise, with the current amount of star coins left in his account, he wouldn’t be able to sustain himself for long even if he saved his money.

Actually, what he liked most were the mecha-related positions. He thought about what he had seen on Starnet yesterday, of the hologram of a dozen meters tall, realistic version of the Mobile Suit Gundam. The smooth curves, glowing metallic appearance, tallness and ferocity was every guy’s dream!

If he could pilot a mech, even a level 5 zombie could be easily destroyed!

Bai Jing looked at the interface a few more times then closed the page, restraining himself. Whether it was his D-grade gene level or the fact that a mech could easily cost millions or even tens of millions of star coins, it wasn’t something he could even think about now.

His long, slender fingers darted across the interface. Energy master, mech builder, mech repairer, genetic fluid developer, senior jadeite appraiser…

The ones that could meet his daily food expenses of thousands of star coins were these positions that required professional skills and professional certificates. The other basic positions either paid too low or had been replaced by intelligent robots.

‘It seems that gambling on stones is the best option at the moment. ‘ Bai Jing put his light brain away.

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