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Chapter 5.1

If the odds were better this time, he would have made millions of starcoins! Hahahaha, what was the 100,000 or so he had lost before? If he was able to win this one, he could double it tenfold!

The host began to announce the final odds, with numbers 2, 3 and 8 being 3.1, 11.2 and 4.0 respectively–

Jiao Gui almost burst out laughing, as numbers 3 and 8 combined were 15 times the odds.

The battle this time was between level 3 Stone Gamblers, with many supporters and fans and from the time that the odds were tallied, one could hear the shouting from around the stage.

“Go for it, Miss Li Yu!”

“Miss Li Yu will get the jadeite today!”

“Young Master Si is the most handsome, Young Master Si is the strongest!”

“Si Chen will win–“

Bai Jing’s eyebrows knitted slightly. He hadn’t expected the Stone Gamblers to have such a large number of fans just like the celebrities before the outbreak of the end times. And looking at the expressions of the people around him, it could be seen that this was the norm.

What he didn’t know was that with the popularity of stone battles and betting on stones, the exposure of Stone Gamblers on Starnet had surpassed that of most celebrity actors and live broadcasters, with several top Stone Gamblers having hundreds of millions of followers in the ‘Star Realm’!

This was the top stream of top streams, considering that the total population of the entire Empire was just over 1 billion!

The fans of the two Stone Gamblers were shouting like they were fighting each other, their voices almost shattering the ceiling, causing Bai Jing to close his eyes in discomfort.

In the post -apocalyptic world, no one dared to shout outside as any noise would attract a zombie mob. Everyone moved carefully, even slowing down their breathing and he had long since gotten used to such an environment. 

Fortunately, the stone solving was about to begin and the two Stone Gamblers put their fingers to their lips as a signal, causing the frenzied fans to immediately quieten down.

Li Yu was dressed in a large red strapless dress, cut to an extremely flattering fit, outlining her perfect figure. Her brownish -red hair was pulled up high, the ornament on her head adorned with tiny diamonds, her lips a fiery red that glowed, her beauty shining unmistakably in the light.

She walked towards the No. 2 rough stone, the one most likely to yield jadeite and conferred carefully with the Stone solver, not allowing the use of the automatic cutter to cut the stone, instead choosing to polish it along the course of the pine and python bands.

Soon enough, an opening the size of a baby’s hand was rubbed out of the approximately one inch thick crust, revealing a layer of a slightly white, foggy crystal.

“It’s fog, it’s white fog!”

“Rubbing out a fog right off the bat, not bad for a level 3 Stone Gambler. Too strong!”

“I bet there’s definitely a high jadeite in this piece–“

“Ha ha ha ha, looks like I have a good eye, I’m going to make a fortune this time!”

Fog was a layer of material between the crust and the flesh of the jadeite, and a piece that produced fog had a clean base and a good chance of producing good jadeite, especially white fog. This was why many people would gamble exclusively on fog. [To be noted]

Jiao Gui’s eyes widened as he stared at the foggy cut on the big screen, screaming in his mind, ‘There can’t be jadeite in there!’

Yes, just because it was foggy didn’t mean it would produce jadeite. Maybe the interior had been damaged by a cracked lock or eaten by ringworm. In short, there couldn’t be jadeite in there!

He glanced subconsciously at Bai Jing, who was standing calmly by, unperturbed by the hubbub around him and his restless heart relaxed a little as he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. That’s right, there had been a lot of foggy jadeite pieces that had collapsed before, and the solving of the stone didn’t count as being productive, so what was he being anxious for?

As the white fog appeared out of No.2, other rough stones were being opened one after the other.

Seeing the apple green color that was revealed at the cut of the No.8 rough stone, Si Chen’s thin lips curled up into a smile, which, together with his handsome face, caused a commotion among the fans below.

“Oh my goodness, I’m dying, Si Chen is so handsome!”

“Young Master Si look at me, I bet 100,000 starcoins for you. “

“The color is right, Young Master Si is fantastic!”

Li Yu and Si Chen’s eyes met in the air, turned away at the first touch, then they lowered their heads and continued to solve their rough stones.

The two were both level 3 Stone Gamblers with outstanding looks, popular on Starnet and with a similar numbers of fans, hence they had always seen each other as rivals.

This battle wasn’t only about their ability to gamble, but also about their reputation and glory!

Li Yu picked up the grinding wheel herself and started polishing the No.2 rough stone. As she had already had hundreds of gambling sessions, she was very familiar with a rough stone, as demonstrated by her slow rubbing of it along the direction of the fog.

Si Chen also conferred with the Stone solver, intending to solve the No. 8 rough himself, then made another cut next to the one that had already been done, cutting the outline of the edge perfectly, with such precision that it showed that he was a veteran of many battles.

The jadeite in No. 2 was mostly unraveled in no time.

When Li Yu sprinkled water over it, the glistening green color was translucent, like an ice crystal, making the color even more pure, which looked dazzling in the light.

“Heavens, it’s a high quality ice variety, second only to glass!”

“The green is everywhere, this jadeite won’t be small!”

“This, this is a great gain…”

Everyone in the room was excited. This kind of high quality jadeite wasn’t seen often, even regular gamblers had only seen it a few times.

Many people had placed bets on this piece of jadeite, so when they saw that it had produced such huge gains, the feeling of achievement that they had bet on the right piece of rough stone came out, causing the whole hall to be lit up with excitement.

Li Yu herself was so excited that her hands started trembling. She had gambled hundreds of times, yet this was the first time she had ever solved a rough stone with such great results.

Taking a deep breath, she operated the abrasive wheel and carefully rubbed away at the rough stone, eventually unravelling about four kilograms of light green, high quality ice jadeite, the greenness of which poured through the near  transparent jadeite, all of which was of excellent seed and water 1For reference to excellent seed and water –

But Si Chen’s luck wasn’t so good. After a few cuts down, the lower part of the stone was full of flocculent white cotton, only producing an egg -sized apple green lucid jade. Although it was good, it was much inferior compared to the ice jade.

“Ai, the seeding and the color are good, but it’s a pity that it has such a large piece of white cotton.”

“Who cares? This one produced as well!”

“Did the jadeite come out of numbers 2 and 8? Hahahaha, I finally got it right for once.”

“It’s okay, Young Master Si, we’ll fight again next time!” Si Chen’s fans couldn’t bear to see their idol sad so they shouted, “We’ll always support you, young master Si!”

“Li Yu! Li Yu! Li Yu!”

Li Yu’s fans were overjoyed, shouting her name so loudly that many of them lost their voices.

In the midst of the frenzy however, there was one person who didn’t fit in with the crowd, as he stood frozen in place with a horrible look on his face. This man was, of course, Jiao Gui, whose dreams had been shattered.

How could this have happened? Wasn’t this kid’s luck the best! How could this have happened?

The result was decided just then, with both the No.2 and No.8 rough stones having produced jadeite, and Li Yu’s No.2 rough stone winning by an overwhelming margin.

After the host asked the two Stone Gamblers for their wishes as usual, the two pieces of jadeite were auctioned off on the spot, starting with the ice jadeite that Li Yu had unraveled.

“As everyone can see, this jadeite is a relatively rare high quality ice variety, weighing 4.25 kilograms and capable of allowing you to extract 8 -9 doses of advanced genetic fluid; if used in a mech, it can provide three years of energy for an advanced mech in its usual state, so let the bidding begin–“

“I bid three million starcoins!”

“Three and a half million!”

“Four million starcoins…”

“I bid five million!”

The high quality ice jadeite was very rare, so in the end, it was sold for six million starcoins.

Bai Jing pushed down his shock. A 50,000 starcoin rough stone had produced a jadeite worth 6 million. The price had increased by more than 100 times.

While he was marveling, he suddenly noticed a sight on the first floor that couldn’t be ignored landing on him. He looked over immediately, only to see a darkness.


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