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Chapter 38.1

Liao Guang was shocked in his heart, especially when he saw the little fatty, led by Bai Jing, walking straight towards the end of the row of lined up rough stones. Breaking out into a cold sweat, he stood in front of them as fast as he could.

These rough stones at the end of the row were all used by the shop for ‘fishing’ purposes and thus were full of rough stones that could even produce great gain that could be bet on. How could he allow them to pick out from them?!

Stopped in his tracks, Jin Mao looked at him with an unhappy expression on his face, “What’s the matter?”

The smile on Liao Guang’s face was no longer as calm and collected as it had been before, the corners of his mouth having become more and more stiff, making him look rather strange.

His tone was also very unnatural as he said dryly, “Haha, Young Master Jin, that, how about you take a look at the rough stones that have better performance?

The rough stones in this row are mediocre at best and it’s risking too much of a chance to gamble on them. What if you have a collapse in bet ……”

Not liking what he was hearing, Jin Mao glared: “Didn’t you just say I was lucky?

Now you’re saying I’m going to have a collapse in bet. What the h*ll do you mean?!”

Liao Guang was speechless for a moment. Wiping the cold sweat that kept beading on his forehead, he revealed a smile that was worse than crying: “This, this …… I’m doing this for your own good. Isn’t it because these rough stones here have a high probability of producing jadeite? “

As he said this, his voice was unconsciously a little weak.

It really wasn’t his fault; up until a month ago, Liao Guang was a proper Stone Gambler but hadn’t gambled on rough stones for a long time in order to maintain his pitiful rate of betting increase.

It was the shop owner Wu Xing who had approached him through some unknown channel, promising a heavy profit of 30/70 that made Liao Guang come here with the idea of giving it a try.

The first time he had done this he had been very apprehensive, afraid of being discovered, but after a few times he gradually grew bolder and his expression became more natural.

If nothing else, these people who came to gamble on rough stones were seriously too easy to deceive.

Especially for one ‘big fish’ in particular the other day. He had used two pieces of jadeite totaling 30,000 starcoins to con him back and forth to the tune of 600,000 starcoins.

And according to the ratio of the split, he got paid 180,000 starcoins in one go, which was more money than he made being a Stone Gambler!

It was just that all this time it had been smooth sailing, with the only difference being that he had been making more money rather than less, however it had never been like this before!

Sht, what the hll was he supposed to do?!

In the inner room of the shop, the shopkeeper Wu Xing had been watching their movements through recorded images.

These two young masters were ‘big fishes’ in his eyes and if this deal worked out, it would be much more profitable than selling a few dozen pieces of scraps.

However seeing that Liao Guang was about to be overwhelmed, Wu Xing frowned and immediately took out his light brain and sent a message: Go help Liao Guang take care of those two rich young masters.

Meanwhile, one of the ‘customer’s’ who was looking at rough stones tapped on the screen of his light brain without anyone noticing.

Yes, don’t worry. ‘The customer’ replied.

So, while little fatty Jin Mao and Liao Guang were at a standstill, this ‘customer’ came up to them holding a pear skin crust rough stone.

“Snort, Liao Guang, stop busying yourself with bickering and come help me look at this rough stone.” The customer said in a condescending manner as he stood to one side.

“It turns out it’s Boss Huang. You’ve always had a good eye.” Liao Guang was very relieved to see that help had come.

The shopkeeper had told him when he first arrived that he didn’t have to worry and to feel at ease whilst doing the job and that there would be another person to work with him in case he couldn’t get it right, and that person was the so-called ‘Boss Huang’.

‘Boss Huang’ nodded at Liao Guang then placed the rough stone in his arms onto the stone table next to Jin Mao. It was one of the two pieces of pear crust rough stone that Bai Jing had seen before.

Taking out a strong light, he moved it back and forth against the surface of the pine blossoms covering it. The beam of light passed through the thin crust of the rough stone and then one could see a light green color coming from within, what’s more the area it covered wasn’t small.

The color green under the skin basically meant that there was jadeite inside the rough stone!

There were a few people around who had come to join in the fun after hearing the argument just now and were a little excited to see this display.

“This rough stone is doing really well, you can see the green from the crust. It’s a good piece of material!”

“How much is this rough stone?”

“If it’s not too expensive, I’d like to buy it to try it out—”

All at once, the crowd next to them crowded over.

Hearing the voices around, ‘Boss Huang’ hummed lightly, his attitude condescending, “This is a 3,000 starcoins per kilo rough stone.”

Most people shook their heads when they heard this. It was too expensive for them to afford, so they should just go and buy the offcuts.

However there were a few middle-aged people who were moved. If it was only a few tens of thousands of starcoins, it seems it was okay?

Because it looked like the chances of it being a rise in bet was very high!

Jin Mao likewise stared at the pear crust rough stone in ‘Boss Huang’s’ hand, really moved.

A few tens of thousands starcoins was just a little less pocket money for him; it was nothing at all.

However though little fatty Jin Mao was confident, he didn’t think he could really have rise in bets in that pile of rough stones one after another, that was why he had just tried his luck while he could.

However this piece of rough stone in ‘Boss Huang’s’ hand was different. Judging from the green color showing through the crust, there was at least a 60% chance, not to say 100%!

Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing with glowing eyes, his tone taking on a bit of excitement: “Jing Ge, how about we go over there and take our pick!”

An Ge did the same.

He was also fascinated by the pear skin crust rough stone.

The advancement of a Level 1 Stone Gambler to being a Level 2 was contingent on rate of betting increase, and he now had over 800,000 starcoins in his account, so if these rough stones did perform well, he could bite the bullet and buy one.

Once Liao Guang heard this, his nerves dropped completely.

The boss was really good. With the cooperation of this ‘Boss Huang’, not only did this ‘fat sheep’ take the bait, he also brought along a few others. It seems he would get a lot of pay this time.

Thinking of the constant stream of starcoins, Liao Guang’s smile returned to its natural state: “Young Master Jin, this way please. This row has all the new good materials that the shop has just brought in.

By the way, in addition to the one Boss Huang picked out, there is another pear skin crust rough stone, right here—”

Bai Jing looked at him coldly, his eyes glowing strikingly behind his lenses.

He hadn’t expected this shop to be so deep in their schemes and tricks. It seemed they wouldn’t stop until they got the starcoins off of little fatty.

He looked at the ‘Boss Huang’ who was using a magnifying glass to carefully observe the distribution of the pine blossoms on the rough stone with a concentrated look, looking no different from an ordinary customer.

It was just that ……

In contrast to Jin Mao’s excited performance, he was clearly too calm.

As a wealthy businessman, shouldn’t a rough stone that was just a few tens of thousands of starcoins or a rough stone that was performing very well be purchased immediately?

He was just another tool used to sing the same coercing tune

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