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Chapter 51.2

The last jadeite was unraveled amidst everyone’s anticipation, and it was a blue blossom jadeite of the ice variety!

The entire jadeite was approximately spherical with a diameter of about ten centimeters, the texture delicate and as transparent as ice.

Tiny blue specks were scattered like stars in the vast space of it, at the same time resembling floating clouds in a blue sky. They were light and faint, giving a misty, ethereal feeling that made one fall in love at first sight.

Blue blossom jadeite of the ice variety was top notch quality even among jadeites of the ice variety!

“Gu Yun—! Gu Yun—!”

“Gu Yun—!”

The crowd erupted into wild shouts, the atmosphere no less intense than when the priceless imperial green glass jadeite had been solved before.

It was even more extraordinary than before!

Out of five rough stones, three had been rises in bets.

And a 60% rate of betting increase. Who could compete with this aside from Senior Stone Gamblers?

And among the three jadeites that had been rise in bets, all were high quality jadeites. Which Stone Gambler could achieve this?

Perhaps not even Senior Stone Gamblers!

What was even more frightening was that two out of the three high quality grade jadeites were rare jadeites!

And the most terrifying of all, the jadeite that Gu Yun had unraveled in the previous round was the priceless imperial green glass jadeite!

The crowds hearts were filled with nothing but shock. Gu Yun kept shattering their perceptions. Just when they thought he had reached the peak, this teenager proved with his actions that there was another peak.

This teenager had created too many miracles.

No one could be compared to him—

It was just like his fans said. He was the god of the Gambling World!!

The live streaming room was also nearing madness, with nonstop [God Yun is the strongest] messages flooding the screen, reflecting the ultimate sentiment in the hearts of countless people.

News of Gu Yun unraveling the rare Fortuna tricolor jadeite and jadeite of the colorless glass variety immediately spread on Starnet, then shot to the top of the hot search in just a few minutes.

Gu Yun Tri-Color Jadeite

Gu Yun Colorless Glass Variety

Gu Yun Genius Stone Gambler

These three hashtags overwhelmed countless celebrities and top influencers to take the leading spots, causing everyone to be in awe of the genius of the Gambling World.

Compared to Gu Yun, other Stone Gamblers who were known as geniuses were all overshadowed, giving off a feeling of having a reputation they didn’t live up to.

Who would dare call themselves a Genius Stone Gambler in front of him?

Obviously, such a ‘commonplace trash’ title didn’t suit Gu Yun. The other Stone Gamblers were simply not on his level!

Hence, the title ‘God Yun’ gradually replaced the moniker ‘Genius Stone Gambler’ and became exclusive to Gu Yun.

As a result, as long as ‘God Yun’ was mentioned, everyone knew they were referring to Gu Yun.

As for Gu Yun’s fans on Star Realm, their numbers shot up like a rocket, exceeding twenty million, more than the fan base of an intermediate Stone Gambler!

One could say that except for those long established Senior Stone Gamblers, Gu Yun was the Stone Gambler with the highest number of followers in the entire Star Realm!

On the high platform.

Qin Xin, standing on the side, had long been shocked into silence. All five of his rough stones had been collapse in bets, while three out of five of his opponent’s rough stones had been rise in bets. What’s more they were all superior quality jadeites.

What sort of gap was this when they were both level 2 Stone Gamblers?!

It was too terrifying.

Thinking of the teenager’s beautiful eyes that had a hint of chill in them, he shivered, and any thoughts he’d had before were instantly obliterated.

This time, Gu Yun had taught him a good lesson, and that was, to always rely on one’s own abilities to gamble on rough stones and to never, ever try to take shortcuts, otherwise, this would be his fate again!

Thinking about his rate of betting increase that had gone down, he regretted it immensely.

Having all five rough stones be collapses in bets this time, he didn’t know how long it would take for him to advance to being a level three Stone Gambler.

He desperately wished he could turn back time and stop himself from provoking Gu Yun!

After waiting for the cheering of the crowd to subside, the host announced the result of the betting war: “The betting war has come to an end and the winner is— Gu Yun!!”

The teenager under the spotlight had delicate features and a slender but not weak figure, his black trench coat adding a touch of casualness and coolness to him.

There was none of the arrogance and haughtiness that other Stone Gamblers showed after winning in his demeanor, his expression remaining as it had always been, seemingly unaffected by anything.

This calm and confident demeanor attracted everyone’s attention, their gazes filled with admiration.

Sure enough, he was worthy of being called God Yun. This god-like temperament should be unperturbed like this, unlike them who were so excited they were about to faint.

When several patriarchs saw this scene on Starnet, they couldn’t help but feel even more regret.

Such a strong ability to gamble on rough stones, such a firm character, such good mentality, why wasn’t such a promising prospect like Gu Yun theirs?

Thinking about how quickly Young Master Gu had made his move, they sighed deeply. Perhaps this was the insight and strategy of the Empire’s top financial plutocrat.

However, this didn’t stop them from wanting to acquire the Fortuna tricolor jadeite. After all, who wouldn’t want the fortune, prosperity, and longevity blessings?

The moment this jadeite had been unraveled, they had sent their subordinates to stake out the jadeite store, determined to bid for this jadeite!

At the scene of the betting war.

As usual, the host asked Bai Jing if he would hold the auction on the spot when at this moment, the tall figure of Gu Yuanzhao suddenly appeared on the high platform.

There was instantly a second uproar from the audience!

The usually elusive Young Master Gu had shown up on the Gambling Stone Platform twice!

At this point, the live broadcast was completely filled with CP fans.

[Young Master Gu has appeared again.]

[Where there is God Yun, there is Young Master Gu!]

[Zhao Yun CP is absolutely real.]

[It’s here, it’s here. Sisters, look at Young Master Gu’s eyes. Gif.jpg]

[Ah ah ah ah, it’s so sweet—]

That’s right. As soon as Gu Yuanzhao came up, his eyes were glued to Bai Jing, deeply affectionate and focused.

Everyone else next to him were treated as air.

Bai Jing also looked at him sideways, his beautiful teal colored eyes curved slightly, the corners of his pale lips lifted lightly.

Gu Yuanzhao had been very busy recently, making it so that he hadn’t seen him for two days. Huh, he did miss him a bit.

[Ah, this smile, I think I’ve seen an angel.]

[Fck fck f*ck, Yun Yun is too beautiful.]

[God Yun actually responded with his eyes, ah ah ah—]

[I ship them to death. Sisters, I don’t know why I’m so excited!]

[I’m also excited.]

Locking eyes with him for a few seconds, Bai Jing asked Gu Yuanzhao with his eyes what was going on.

Gu Yuanzhao turned his gaze back to the crowd below:

“Starting from today, all high quality grade jadeites from the Gambling Stone House and Rough Stone Area will be sent to the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction House for auctioning along with other precious items such as high grade energy fluids.

The next auction will be held in three days, and everyone is welcome to attend!”

After he finished saying this, there were cheers from below, with almost no one opposing.

The rough stones dealers looked at each other, very satisfied with this proposal.

After all, the jadeites that had been unraveled were originally from brilliant rough stones, hence there was no possibility of making a profit in the middle. However if the auction time was unified, there would be no need to camp out in the Gambling Stone House all day, which would greatly save the time and cost of camping out.

And while other viewers felt it was a bit of a pity not being able to see it now, the auction would definitely be broadcast live on the entire network at that time, so they could still enjoy it all at once, what’s more the bidding between the big shots would probably be even more exciting!

As for the Stone Gamblers, they didn’t have any objections at all.

Unlike Gu Yun, they didn’t know how many betting wars they would have to participate in to get a chance to unravel a high quality grade jadeite.

If they could unravel one, auctioning it at the Auction House would definitely fetch a higher price than at the scene, enabling them to earn more starcoins, so why wouldn’t they be happy?

The representatives sent by the patriarchs reported this news back quickly.

And the patriarchs immediately understood what was happening. The Gu Conglomerate was planning to enter the energy sector officially, thus heralding a competition with other Auction Houses in Proxima Star.

The wind was about to change.

The persons in charge of the large Auction Houses in Proxima Star were horrified. How could there be another batch of top grade energy fluid so quickly?

It had been only two weeks since the Gu Conglomerate last auctioned off energy fluids!

The Gu Conglomerate had definitely hired an unknown Master Energy Specialist.

Their market share was about to be divided aggressively!

With Gu Yun, the new rising star of the Gambling World and an unknown Master Energy Specialist assisting behind the scenes, no one could stop the expansion of the Gu Conglomerate.

The top three Auction Houses in Proxima Star were all backed by prominent families who operated chain like Auction Houses.

The headquarters of the Auction Houses were located in Capital Star Planet. Proxima Star was just a larger branch.

Seeing this situation, they reported it one after another, as actual operations had to and would be decided by the real decision makers.


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