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Chapter 45.3

Contestants, please press the confirmation key as soon as possible. Those who do not confirm within three minutes will be considered to have forfeited automatically and the corresponding points will be deducted.

Pressing the confirmation key on his bracelet, Bai Jing was instantly teleported to the center of a huge circular arena and a hundred meters away, he saw a white mecha, his opponent, ‘A Rookie.’

Glancing around, he noticed that the circular arena was half a meter above ground level, much like a stage.

And that there were a few scattered spectators in the circular seating area about ten meters away from the stage. This must be the so-called audience.

It seemed L1 matches weren’t very exciting, as there were only a few spectators.

Summoning his light blue mecha from the spatial button on his chest, he entered the cockpit.

After the two contestants took their positions, a resounding electronic voice rang out: “Attention to both contestants, the duration of this match is 30 minutes. If either party falls off the stage, faces a life-threatening situation or forfeits, they will be considered to have lost the match and will have the corresponding points deducted.

The countdown begins: 10, 9, 8….. 1, match starts!”

The moment the countdown ended, the white mecha opposite Bai Jing stumbled toward him, its shoulder-mounted cannon erect, ready to fire a low-energy particle cannon.

Directly maneuvering his light blue mecha at breakneck speed, Bai Jing got behind his opponent and placed his long titanium alloy sword against the mecha’s neck from behind with a light touch.

[Official Announcement: “The result of this match has been determined– Alpha wins, match ended!”]

When the electronic voice rang out, ‘A Rookie’ was still a bit bewildered. The match had ended just like that?

He had only seen his opponent’s figure flash for a moment then before he could react, he heard the electronic voice implying his loss.

Although he was a newcomer who had just started competing, this loss was too quick, right?!

At least he had won two matches before this one.

Thirty seconds later, Bai Jing returned to the lobby.

The top of the screen had already been updated with the new round of match pairings, while the bottom displayed the results of the previous matches:

Beginner category, match 608, Alpha vs. A Rookie, Alpha wins.

Beginner category, match 609, Red Wolf vs. I Can Win, Red Wolf wins.

Bai Jing glanced at it then looked away.

Just then, his bracelet vibrated and the points data was displayed on the miniature screen:

Name: Alpha

Affiliated Club: Ling Yun Club

Level: L1

Points: 200

His slender fingers tapped the ‘start matching’ option then he waited for the system to find an opponent.

Two minutes later, his bracelet began to vibrate as an announcement sounded: “Beginner category, match 623: Alpha vs. Red Wolf, venue 93.”

Red Wolf smiled provocatively at Bai Jing who wasn’t far away then disappeared from his spot.

Bai Jing pressed the confirmation button as well.

As the two entered the arena, there weren’t just more than ten spectators but also Red Wolf’s friends who were cheering loudly from the stands.

“Go, Red Wolf! Crush him!”

“Show him how powerful you are!”

Red Wolf looked at Bai Jing with an arrogant and contemptuous expression, “I, this young master’s mecha is the best level 6 mecha. Just see how I crush you to death.”

As he spoke, he mimed a ‘snap’ gesture with his neck.

Ignoring him, Bai Jing pressed the spatial button on his chest and a fifteen meter tall light blue mecha appeared behind him. He entered the cockpit quickly.

Glaring at him viciously, Red Wolf summoned his mecha as well.

His was an eighteen meter tall heavy red mecha, its color as fiery as a flame. Under the illumination of the lights, it shimmered, its surface clearly coated with a thick layer of protective material.

A golden whip over twenty meters long hung from its waist and it was equipped with a thick defense shield on its back.

Particle cannons and long-range particle guns were installed on its shoulders, arms and under its ribs, making it superior in both attack and defense.

After he entered his mecha, the electronic voice began to announce the match rules, followed by a 10 second countdown.

Down below, several people placed bets frantically.

“Quick, bet on Red Wolf to win.”

“How much?”

“What do you think? Let’s start with 100,000 starcoins.”

“Alright, alright.”

On the stage, as the countdown ended, the red mecha charged aggressively towards the light blue mecha, its whip making a loud crackling sound. It actually had a thunder and lightning attribute attached to it!

Simultaneously, all the cannons on its shoulders and under its ribs were aimed at Bai Jing’s cockpit as Red Wolf vowed to blast this detestable pretty white face into smithereens with their cannon balls!

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